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LOL! Well, no time-wasting there. Related

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Photo Of The Day XXXI

Any Power Bottoms in the house to testify to this? 🙂 Related

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Photo: Bests Of Online Hookups VIII

LMAO!!! Someone held in the clutches of konji will be jejely looking for a quick fix, and someone else from another universe will coman say Hi. Related

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  1. Kenny
    March 03, 06:42 Reply

    ???. They don’t supply versatile?

  2. Mandy
    March 03, 06:57 Reply

    So the top comes with a price and the bottom is a free bonus? Lol. Such political incorrectness from this clothing store.

  3. JArch
    March 03, 07:28 Reply

    The classic case of “too many bottoms and not enough tops”???

  4. Delle
    March 03, 08:17 Reply

    And the in-between (versatiles)? #askingformyPOM

  5. KingBey
    March 03, 08:23 Reply

    Can I have 5 Tops pls ? Thank you. ☕

  6. teeboi
    March 03, 08:39 Reply

    lolz, Our Terms Shaaaaaaa, I’m Sure If Someone Notifies them About What the Real Illustrations Are……..,

    The Store Owner Is Gonna go on A Fasting Marathon,

  7. Mitch
    March 03, 14:49 Reply

    That’s very insulting and not in the slightest bit hilarious!

  8. Brian Collins
    March 04, 15:41 Reply

    Aha, I thought we’ve had this here before or have I just had this pic on my phone for a long time?

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