CHARLES The ability to hold a conversation for me is more than ordinary talent. It’s also one of the things I seek in any man, especially a potential partner. For Charles, this was not just a skill, it was a gift. But we were not always chatty. As a matter of fact, besides the random talks on the WhatsApp group

The Proposal: Here Are Two Queer Men Are Looking For Long-Lasting Connections With Interested Queer Women

1. A Germany-based Gay Man Looking To Co-Parent With A Lesbian or Bisexual Woman Hello, I’m Felix, 30 years old, and a Nigerian gay man based in Germany. Sadly, I am under pressure to start my own family. My older siblings are all married with a kid or two. And so, all eyes from my family are on me to

BLUNTS & CHIMNEY (Utali Ekwensu)

PROLOGUE Many things happen when two or three are gathered with weed and smokes. And I have decided to share some of those experiences, those tea that get spilled in between drags, that side of life that happens when brothers just want to de-stress with a smoke or two. And today’s episode begins with Utali Ekwensu. * I met Chijioke


FOREWORD: Following the publication of the long-list, a very kind-hearted KDian donated some money to the prize giving, which has lengthened the finalists from four to six. So, at the end of this competition, we shall have six winners of the Kito Diaries Prize for Writing. And so, from last week’s long-list, the judges have been able to determine a

LOVE . . . Or Something Like It (Entry 2)

January 16 CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF OHA SOUP Dear Diary, you should know one thing. Kai is not rich. He is far from rich. But he always finds ways to spoil me. In typical zaddy behaviour, this man strives to ensure that I don’t lack anything. I’m not an unreasonable guy of course, but everything I asked for, I


My friend was getting married on the twenty-eighth of December, and I needed to give myself some beauty treatment in preparation for the event. So I went to this beauty shop I like to frequent to get it done. The salon is my favourite for one reason: Joy. She is one of the attendants and I really like her. As

Donald Trump Becomes The First US President To Be Impeached Twice

Donald Trump has become the first president of the United States to be impeached twice, as the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday passed an article citing him for inciting the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol last week. The 232-197 vote came after just two hours of debate, reflecting the urgency of House Democrats to impeach the president before his