The Proposal: An Overseas-Based Queer Nigerian Is Looking For A Lesbian/Bi Woman To Make A Family With

Hello everyone I am Jerry, a medical doctor based in Chicago. I am in my early 30s. I am looking for a lesbian or bisexual woman from any ethnicity who is open-minded enough to want to have children by whatever arrangement we can come up with. It is my desire for this woman to also be based in either USA


My last semester in university was a roller coaster, but it turned out better than I thought it would be. At first, I wanted nothing more than to just graduate and leave the place, seeing as I’d been outed by my homophobic ex-lover and was feeling the tenseness that came from being in such a spotlight. Then something unexpected happened.

“Disagreeing Doesn’t Mean That One Wants To Deprive People Of Their Rights.” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Elaborates On Her Views Amid Cancel Culture Debate

In Christiane Amanpour’s words, author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is an “important writer and thinker” whose views “people follow very closely”.  And in June, the Half of a Yellow Sun writer proved the scope of her impact when a scathing essay she penned titled It Is Obscene: A True Reflection In Three Parts sparked a furious debate that encompassed the issues

Yesterday’s Shawarma

In the soft gleaming night of stars, I thought of you. Your eyes that told a story of sleep, your perfectly manicured fingers, and the unison of the color of the skin that covered your phalanges. LMAO! Who am I kidding? What night stars? Baby, this happened in the day time, and it was because I was hungry. I left

Three People Were Kito Victims This Week

It’s been 3 people this week. 3 people who know about Kito Diaries and the kito alerts we put up. 3 people who know about how some parts of Lagos, especially Ojo and its environs, are no-go areas for hookups. And these 3 people went on to get victimized in Ojo-Iyana Iba-Iyana Ishashi by people we’ve already posted about. 3


Failure to plan is planning to fail – by some pretentious motivational speaker I like to think of myself as a comforter of some sorts. Newlyweds or about-to-be-wed couples have their marriage counselors, addicts and the traumatized have therapists, and the sadly heartbroken and shattered have, well…me. Of course, this isn’t a natural gift of mine though. As someone who

Porn Star Donte Thick Comes Out As Straight, Insists His Adult Film Work Is Only Gay-For-Pay

Even though no one asked, gay porn performer Donte Thick would really, really, REALLY like you to know that he is straight. The adult film star took to took to Twitter to announce his heterosexuality and reveal that he’s “never once” had sex with a man outside of porn. He also said that he hasn’t filmed a gay scene in