Previously on DON’T CALL ME BIGGIE… * Brother Ebenezer of the Most High! Mighty in Tenor and Powerful in Worship! Singer-songwriter walking out half-naked in the pastor’s house! I can’t even put into words the thousands of thoughts that crowded my head in that moment. Is Pastor queer?! Did he fuck Ebenezer?!! Wait, was there a threesome here?!!! WHAT AM

Which Facilities That Cater To Queer People Do You Know? Help Us With This Questionnaire

Center for Health Education and Vulnerable Support (CHEVS) is a youth-led organization with a mandate to improve the health and rights of LGBTQI persons and other key populations. They are putting together a resource material that would serve as a directory of health facilities that cater to the health needs of Key Populations such as LGBTQI persons, Sex workers, people


I would like to lead by apologising for our hiatus from updating the kito alerts. There have been a ton of reports that have been coming in to us, and in the following days, we will get to post all of them. For now, these are the information we have been able to put together. Two out of the three


Man: Maxwell Location: Uyo Situation: National Youth Service Wahala: Everything Maxwell: Handsome, tall, chocolate-skinned, gap-toothed, a gym rat, nice punk hair style, nice outfits – But absolutely JOBLESS! Jobless as in outrightly refusing to work, because “I’m a spec and I should be taken care of.” I met Max at a gym I registered in around my Ewet Housing Estate

The Proposal: A Gay Man And Woman Are Looking For Partners For Marriage

Hello, my name is Bath. I am from Imo State, but I’m based and work in Lagos State. I am a gay guy looking for a lesbian lady for a relationship and marriage. I am turning 40 and the pressure to settle down is just otherworldly. I am open to any arrangements as long as it favours us both. I


I am barely settled in his house, my visit just about 7 minutes old, when my friend gets a call. His face lights up when he looks at the screen and I know the caller is someone who is about to offer him something he really wants. “Hey, what’s up?” he croons into the phone. He listens for a few


Two years ago, I talked about my dilemma over the issue of coming out to my best friend, Dominic. (Check HERE for the full story). * Dominic is my best friend and I’d been torn over coming out to him, especially after another friend of ours, Wilson – who I’d come out to and became closer to as a result