THE PROPOSAL: Two Queer Women And Three Queer Men Are Interested In Marital Partnerships

Hello, my name is Chinedu, I’m Igbo and in my early 40s. I am a career-driven person with side interests in arts and entertainment. I need a partner for a marriage of convenience. My preference is a feminine-presenting lesbian/bisexual woman, preferably of Igbo extraction and based in Lagos. She should be between the age of 25 and 35. She should

A Researcher On A Topic About LGBTQ People Needs Your Help

Hey guys, My name is Emmanuel Ogamdi. I am a Masters student in the Department of Psychology, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. And I am doing a thesis research on “The Relationship Between Personality Traits and Religious Orientation in LGBTQI+ Individuals.” It’s a multicultural research and there are participants from different countries around the world. I would really need

I Dove Deep Into The Darkness To Find The Release I Needed

I feel like everyone has that one ex, a former love that holds some kind of overwhelming power over you. It makes almost everything they do around you at once heightened and unbearable. It is bad enough when they don’t know they have that much power over you, but when they do and choose to exploit it, it’s mental, making

There Is An Organizing To Help The Queer Community Fight Kito Scum And Human Rights Violations

Many a time, during the process of reporting a kito situation that they have suffered, victims who are more angry than traumatized, who want some sort of consequential action taken against those who have harmed them, want to know if there’s anything that can be done. And oftentimes, the answer is regrettably in the negative: there is nothing we can

The Social Media Trend That Mocks Toxic Masculinity and Homophobia

The dog-in-a-rainbow meme is often used to tauntingly speculate on someone’s sexuality on social media. And in the past several days, it trended as what started out as a perpetuation of homophobia and toxic masculinity and homophobia turned on its heel to mockingly point out the ridiculousness of these structures that hold up masculinity and to question their validity. Some


“I will love you till the day that I die,” Gabrielle Union’s Inez says to her son, Ellis (played by Jeremy Pope), the 25-year-old who’s just graduated from Marine boot camp. He starts to smile at what appears to be his mother’s first show of maternal affection for the first time in nine years. That smile freezes out at Inez’s

THE PROPOSAL: Three Queer Men (One Of Them An Arab) And Two Queer Women Are Seeking Partnerships

My name is Adam, I am 29 years old, Arab, Muslim and I live in the UK. I know my nationality is not one you’d expect to read about in these requests, but hear me out please. Like I said, I am based in the UK and I am currently looking for a femme Muslim lesbian between the ages of