Colton Underwood Says He Was ‘Blackmailed’ Before Coming Out As Gay

Weeks after coming out as a gay man, Colton Underwood is continuing to talk about his decision to live authentically. The former Bachelor star graces the cover of Variety’s May 12 issue and, in the accompanying interview, speaks at length about the events that led up to his emotional Good Morning America appearance last month in which he addressed his

Ellen DeGeneres is ending her talk show next year after 19 seasons

Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show reign is coming to an end. The comedienne announced on Wednesday that she is bringing The Ellen DeGeneres Show to a close after 19 long seasons. “When you’re a creative person, you constantly need to be challenged — and as great as this show is, and as fun as it is, it’s just not a


Dennis is in his late thirties and works as a university professor in one of the universities in Southern Nigeria. He is married with two children, but since his family is based in the U.S, only a few people know about them as he doesn’t talk about them often. Unknown to his wife and family, Dennis is gay. He is

UNAIDS Ambassador Says Eliminating Bans On Gay Sex Is Crucial To Fighting Spread of HIV, Even As Uganda Criminalizes Homosexuality Again

The new UNAIDS ambassador says that eliminating bans on same-sex relations is crucial to fighting the spread of HIV — a comment sure to provoke negative reactions from leaders of countries with statutory prohibitions on homosexual sex. Lord Norman Fowler, the former British health minister during the 1980s, who oversaw the United Kingdom’s response to the early days of the

KITO ALERT: A Very Busy Catfish

These kito organisations (because that’s what I believe they’ve become) have been busy, very busy. Ever since we busted the popular catfishes they’ve been using to entrap gay men from Lagos to the East, it would seem that they have produced another catfish, one that fits the description – handsome and wealthy looking – that they believe works best to


Around 2009, I had just relocated to Abuja and had moved in with a couple of my friends. They had a neighbour, a Calabar man who worked as a bricklayer. This man (let’s call him Usen) lived in the next compound, an attractive young man who always had my friends excited. Saturdays were special because of Usen – because those


You know how we think we’re living, yet we’re slowly dying? That was me in 2014. January saw the signing into law of the SSMPA, an act that led to me majorly outing myself in church, turning me into a pariah in my choir, my family, and the church at large. I returned to school, not knowing who I was,