We’d been seeing each other for about a year; Sagir and I met in October 2021, and the relationship was particularly based on sex. No commitment other than whenever any of us was horny, we’d reach out to the other person and get our rocks off. It worked perfectly too, because we weren’t beholden to each other; we could meet

Kito Scum and Their NEW Instagram Catfishing Strategy

It would seem as though kito scum have devised a new way of catfishing their targets. The usual method is to open an Instagram account filled with the stolen pictures of some handsome stranger who probably doesn’t even know his identity is being used to target queer men. They will routinely update this profile with these pictures, add up followers

The Trauma Of Being Dike

I had a dream this morning. A very weird dream that woke me up. I am back in Enugu, at the home of some of my family’s friends — the Onweluzo house in Trans-Ekulu. Only, it doesn’t seem to be in Trans-Ekulu. It seems to be somewhere around Milken Hills, judging by the hilly terrain right outside the windows of

Kito Alert: Oyigbo Has Become To Port Harcourt What Ojo Is To Lagos

We have held so many online conversations – in Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces – where we talked about kito, the way they work and how we can stay safe in the community. One of the topics we have talked about often is the red zones in the different urbanities in Nigeria. Lagos, Owerri and Asaba are some of the places

The Proposal: A Queer Women And Queer Man Are Looking For Serious Commitments

I am Stella (not my real name of course), and I am in my mid-30s, ready to settle down with a gay/bisexual guy and also build a family together. I recently moved to Rivers State for a job, so I’m gainfully employed in one the industries over there. My primary aim is to have a stable, traditional home where we


If He is Black, Then He Must be Top I have read and heard from a lot of gay guys over here of how there is a stereotypical belief that all Black men are hung. I know I will not raise my hand if men are asked to indicate if they have a big dick by a show of hands,

What Wilfred Wills (Part 2)

Previously on What Wilfred Wills… * I smiled to myself as the events of the previous night began to unfurl in my head; I could remember being spooned against Wilfred’s rock-hard body, his deep thrusts taking up speed and sending waves of pleasure rippling across my entire being. My body began to tingle at the mere recall of the wet