Somebody recently reminded you of a good friend you used to have. A female friend. A very lovely girl, whose smile possessed the wattage that endeared her to many, and whose amiable personality hid the ugliness of her prejudice, until it could stay hidden no longer, until all it could accomplish was fracture the friendship between the two of you.

How Does One Mistakenly Walk Into An Orgy?

A Cross River State legislator has decided (unsurprisingly) that his first point of duty to his people is to refocus the attention of Nigerians on the “crime” that is homosexuality. In a press statement released and which has been circulating on social media, the Honorable Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem got his


Madam Theresa Omemgbojiso, a woman of pristine pulchritude and power, a woman without prejudice, began her most recent viral video with, “Your husband might be a homosexual… Ụnụ na-anụ ndị homo!” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kito Diaries (@kito_diaries) And no people, in my opinion, does it apply to better than Port Harcourt people. That video

‘All I Know’: Kindly Vote This Short Queer Film In TheWrap’s Shortlist Festival

A few months ago, the movie, All I Know – written and directed by Obinna Robert Onyeri, and starring Chimezie Imo and Delroy Norman as its leads – made the rounds on Facebook, quickly garnering praise for the tensions surrounding gay hookups it accurately represented. Ebube and Dapo (played by Imo and Norman respectively) are friends who go out to dinner


There is something about this city, something that draws you in and repels you at the same time. For people like me, people from towns and small cities — places where everybody knows everybody else: retirement towns like Enugu, academic and administrative towns like Awka — this city is a slap on our senses in the way it feels like

The Curious Case of Porn Star, Mike Mann

A few days ago, a post surfaced on social media of adult film performer, Mike Mann clarifying – for what is reportedly the umpteenth time – that he is gay-for-pay, not gay. Mann, who became popular in the 2000s from working for studios like PapiThugz, has largely dropped off from mainstream porn in recent years, filming mostly on OnlyFans and

Confronted By The Uniform

I still think about this unusual experience I had back in March. It was the oddest encounters I’d ever had and I felt the need to share with you guys. So, on that hot afternoon in March, I was feeling frustrated from waiting two hours to get inside the bank and have my issue attended to. There was a crowd