Opinion: Why Do We Feel the Need to Transgender the Dead?

Earlier this month, a list of vaudeville-era “non-binary and transgender public heroes” compiled by actor Jeffrey Marsh was circulated widely on social media. The accompanying photos are fascinating, which helps explain why the list has been re-Tweeted more than 7,000 times. But notwithstanding the above-quoted title, only one of the listed entertainers are actually transgender. Nor did any of them


I remember when I was 14. This was the age when I was sent off to live with my uncle by a mother frustrated by my unquenching homosexuality. (Read my Coming Out Story for the full gist) My uncle had a wife and a son, Duke, who was gay and much better than me at keeping his sexual orientation a


There comes a time in every parent’s life (I imagine) when (s)he is confronted by the reality that the outside world has contributed to his child’s education with knowledge he doesn’t care for. There are all these kids in my compound, grandchildren and extra grandchildren of my landlady. Families who had congregated to celebrate something. And these children are chattering

Kito Diaries Public Announcement: Rental Notice II

Hello, Good morning. Maybe this could help someone. Flat/House mate needed as detailed below. Location: Okota Type: Very conducive 2-bedroom apartment Rate: 200 k/year   Potential occupant should be: *Male *Neat *Employed *Open-minded   Interested peeps can send a mail to this address: saintkalida@gmail.com   Thank you.


I met Michael on Grindr in August last year. I was in school, Nsukka, at the time for my induction ceremony, and he was in Ebonyi State University. He thought I was of course based in Nsukka, but I wasn’t. I was only there for a short period, and then had to return to Lagos. So, we couldn’t meet. But

‘The Color Purple’ is coming to the London theatre and its main cast member, Seyi Omooba, is exposed to be a homophobe

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Alice Walker, The Color Purple – the Steven Spielberg-directed, Academy Award-nominated 1985 movie that earned Whoopi Goldberg her Best Actress Oscar nod, and which later went on to become a hit Broadway production – is getting a theatre production in London. Directed by Tinuke Craig, the production will play at Curve, Leicester June

Tumblr Suffers 150-Million Dip in Traffic After Porn Ban

Last December, Tumblr made the decision to ban all explicit content from their blogging platform. As of February, the total amount of Tumblr’s monthly page views has plummeted from 521 million to 370 million, PinkNews reports. Tumblr made the controversial decision after Apple banned its official app from the App Store because of the unmoderated sharing of child pornography. Instead