Here are some fresh kito alert updates. First and foremost is this menace who, depending on which report you’re looking at, is based at anywhere between Ajah and Jakande, Lekki. According to Facebook (an account which he has now deactivated, it seems), he is named Ebuka Bruno Hasel. He operates with a gang, and there have been several reports that


Once upon a time last year, I told the story about the Love of a Boy. In that story, I mentioned that I’d initially attended a public school with no fence, a school which my mother took me out from after my junior secondary class to a private and mission school. Well, I had some experiences in this public school

Dear KD: How Do I Save Myself From His Blackmail?

I have always wanted to share my thoughts and experience with this great community, but time won’t let me. However, after what happened last night, I find myself urgently needing some perspective from you guys. There is this guy I used to be well-acquainted with in the hood (let’s call him X). I really can’t say how we became fuck

CARDBOARDSEXUALITY: Another Sexual Behaviour?

This write-up is strictly based on personal exploration and a need to inform in case there are those who feel the same. As a result, there are no projections, no statistical assertions and definitely, no assumptions. The nomenclatures used herein (cardboardsexuality, cardboardsexual, cardboard sex) were also coined by me. I am still thinking of something more refined, with an etymological


Sometime in June 2018, I had a terrible kito experience which made me withdraw from life, also causing me to suffer post traumatic stress so severe, I had to go for therapy. This is what happened. I’d lost a gay friend’s contact details. We became friends via 2go, so I decided to recover it from the app, because I remembered

Accommodation: Need For A Flatmate

Hello KD I am in urgent need of a male roommate at Jakande, Lekki, in a shared flat for a monthly rent that is very affordable. The rates are 40 thousand naira for a first payment, and then 23, 500 thousand naira subsequently. The apartment is already furnished, so you just have to bring your luggage and that’s it. For


FOREWORD: After reading Alté Jay’s story about possibly finding love with his dark-skinned Grindr hookup, I thought about someone whose voice hadn’t been heard, whose side of the story hadn’t been listened to. That someone is the BED! Alté Jay’s BED! So, after reaching out to the BED for His own side of the story, the following is what He