What’s The Worst Date You’ve Ever Been On?

Charlize Theron appeared on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the Oscar-winning actor and host Jimmy Kimmel discussed their obsession with The Bachelor. Things took a sharp swerve into Bonkers Town, however, when Kimmel asked the Bombshell star if she’d ever gone on any dates that were as cringeworthy as the ones seen on the popular dating reality show. “I went

TIERs Wants Your Take On Conversion Therapy In Nigeria

We are aware that conversion therapy happens around Nigeria to LGBTI+ persons. However, data on this issue is limited and almost nonexistent. The Initiative for Equal Rights is carrying out research on conversion therapy practices in Nigeria to understand its reach, effects and perpetrators. And your participation is needed to enable the progress of this research. Simply click over HERE

What Would You Do If The Lover You Spent The Night With Died In Your Bed?

Some years ago, someone I knew was murdered by the guy he brought home for an overnight lay. I never got to learn anything more about the case because his murder ignited a scandal (he’d been engaged to marry a woman and the guy he spent the night with disappeared before the rest of the house woke up and discovered


Not having sex for some months in 2019 was starting to take its toll on the psyche of a self-acclaimed hoe like me. All year long, I’d been engaging in several raunchy conversation with friends and acquaintances, daily flirting with guys. Every now and then, these conversations would lead to getting asked out for a hook-up, but due to my

Kito Alert LIII

This is mainly for those in Port Harcourt and surrounding environs. His name is reportedly Dante Ibinabo, and he hails from Rivers State. On Facebook however, he goes by the Modrich Somina. His number is 08183736349. He resides in Port Harcourt and operates with a gang around Peter Odili Road and Trans Amadi Layout. Their M.O. is to lure gay


I have always thought about how my coming out to my family would be. Call a family meeting and just tell them: “Hey Fam, I’m gay. I’ve known since I was really little.” Or just type it in the family WhatsApp group. The former wouldn’t be possible though, seeing as we all don’t live in the same country. Even with

“Bottoms Call More Shots than Tops.” Porn Star Bruce Beckham Shares Industry Secrets In Twitter Q&A

Do looks matter for one to be a porn star? Is there bottom-shaming in the industry? How do Tops stay hard for such long periods of time? Why are all the bedsheets white? These are some of the questions that long-time adult film performer Bruce Beckham answered during his most recent Twitter AMA. Bruce announced that in honor of the