“Harmless Intentions Doesn’t Exonerate Anyone From Homophobia.” A Teachable Moment on Twitter

“Homophobia does not need to be violent or extreme. It does not always mean you hate the gays. Sometimes it’s just you interrogating them in ways that you will never question a heterosexual person.”   These formed part of education that Twitter user Uloma with the handle @ulxma gave to another user, Lolo Cynthia, when she posted a thread decrying

Kelly Rowland criticizes cancel culture, urges fans to “stop trying to be God”

Kelly Rowland has spoken out against cancel culture in an Instagram post, saying that she could have been cancelled “many-a-times.” The former Destiny’s Child singer posted a Notes app screenshot to the social media platform, asking her followers to “remember NOT to judge others.” Rowland wrote, “In this ‘cancel culture’ we live in, I am SO grateful God NEVER canceled

Should I Mind My Business? (The Pressure Of An Older Gay’s Responsibility)

There are two teenagers that live in my compound. They’re about thirteen or fourteen. One is Igbo, Obinna, and he stays with his much older brother who is loud, aggressive and has a shop that he takes care of. The other is Yoruba, Seun, and he stays with his widowed mother who is loud, aggressive and has many mouths to


Being queer is complicated. Being queer in Nigeria is uniquely complicated – and difficult. Every day, members of the LGBTQ community in Nigeria find themselves navigating a myriad number of challenges and obstacles which exist to hinder them in several aspects of their lives: self expression, finding love, accessing healthcare – the list goes on. In the 2019 edition of

“Can We Stop Saying Allies Are A Part Of The LGBT Community.” Criticism Follow After Someone On Twitter Tried To Rearrange The LGBT+ Acronym

A Twitter user decided to rewrite the LGBT+ acronym, and it very much didn’t go down well. The user, Unicorn March, unveiled their new acronym, explaining that they wanted a “pronounceable” version and coming up with QTIPAL+. Pronounced “cutie pal”, the first three letters stand for queer or questioning, transgender and intersex. The P represents polyamorous/bisexual/pansexual. The A represents ace/aro/agender/ally.


EDITOR’S WORD: This is the third installment in the story titled JUST LIKE OLIVER TWIST. Just to recap, the writer, Tony, was in a relationship with Prince – Prince, the aromantic who doesn’t fall in love. They dated, and then Tony cheated on Prince with Kore, a guy he shagged in a restroom, a guy who readily told Tony what

Kito Alert: The Face of Kito Scum Who Works With The Police

Not much is known about him other than that his name is Isaac (probably fake) and that he steals from people who he hooks up with. But with his latest target, it would seem as though he has now graduated to working with the police to entrap gay men. According to the community member who he set up: *** “Someone