Can Porn Stars Become Successful As Mainstream Actors?

This may be an unpopular opinion, but it is one I have nonetheless formed, after watching gay adult performer, Andre Donovan, in some films that asked for more dialogues and actual acting than is required for adult films. There was of course raw sex scenes in these films, but even more than his impressive cock, I was impressed by Andre

JK Rowling Praised By ‘Harry Potter’ Star Following Her Exclusion From HBO Max’s 20th Anniversary Amid Trans Controversy

JK Rowling was noticeably absent from the guest list when HBO Max announced the 20th reunion special for the Harry Potter cast. This comes after the trans controversy and insistent cancel culture that has dogged the author since June last year after she shared several comments that many deemed transphobic. But one star of the franchise isn’t holding that against


Sometimes, it can be easy to exist in the world with a jadedness that comes from being a gay person in today’s society. But then comes along someone who shakes up everything you believe about being gay and makes you realise how precious life still can be. That afternoon, I was in a shuttle going about my business in Lagos.

Eternals reigns with $161.7 million global opening weekend despite international hurdles

Mixed critical reviews and international locations dropping the title from theaters didn’t stop Eternals from becoming No. 1 at the box office. The latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was the highest-grossing movie in theaters this weekend, despite heading into its worldwide opening with chatter around conflicting critical consensus and international territories dropping the title from cinemas. The film

Could You Kindly Take A Moment To Participate In This Survey?

Hello guys, warm greetings! My name is Samuel Atilola, a practicing clinical psychologist and a student (MSc) of the University of Ibadan. My research interest is in the psychological realities of queer individuals in the Nigerian context. Are they thriving psychologically on a level expected and comparable to their heterosexual counterpart? If not, what psychosocial and sociodemographic factors could be


This guy is named Nelson Michael. He is on Facebook with the same name. According to reports, he is based in Uyo. He is queer and has become known in some circles in the community as someone who will come to your place, possibly to spend the night, and then drug you so he can have the chance to rob


I’ve always wondered what the concept of love at first sight means. Is it souls connecting? Or the desires of the flesh reaching an apex of utmost certainty? Or a rapid and wondrous secretion of chemicals exploding all at once in the body? All of this telling you how much you want and need the other person, more than your