1. His name (according to Truecaller) is Yar Zuma, and he operates in the North, Katsina and Kano according to the reports we got. His number is 08034936555. 2. His identity has come up severally in connection with various setups, mostly in Ajah, Lagos. Unfortunately, none of the reports we’ve gotten about him came with proper identification (i.e., name and


His profile is blank, showing nothing but 39. I am having a bad Grindr day. When I send him “Hi”, he takes ages before he responds, and then we start conversing. I am horny and my dick has been protesting all day, so I don’t ask him “how are you doing?” or “how is your day going?” Grindr is a

Straight? No! Bisexual? Maybe.

I did not have much exposure to the LGBTQ+ community, when I was growing up. Then again, very few people of a generation were. I was also very sheltered in my upbringing. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I was born-again for a good many years in my teens and early 20s. In other words, sexuality as far as I

OnlyFans Releases Details Regarding Ban On Adult Content, Responds to Creators

News broke last week that OnlyFans would be banning all sexually explicit material starting in October 1. OnlyFans confirmed the news shortly thereafter, stipulating that the platform — which made billions largely due to sex workers who utilized the service to sell sexually explicit content — would be releasing details shortly. For a while, speculation rose amongst creators that the

Kito Alert: Toyin Street In Ikeja, Lagos Is Becoming A Regular Kito Haunt

There have been past kito reports/stories (read HERE, HERE and HERE) that involved the victims getting lured to places on Toyin Street in Ikeja, where they got set up. This kito alert isn’t about the previously exposed face of Toyin Street Kito. It’s about another guy who may even also be part of the gay community himself, judging by the


During my three-year stay in Abuja, I got employed as domestic staff to make some cash while on holiday. I went in every two days to clean the apartment. He was a strict boss who simply gave me instructions and left me alone. We hardly talked to each other unless it had something to do with my work. But it

After The Fire Comes My Cry For Help

On the 21st of April, 2021, I got up from an afternoon nap and decided to boil some rice for my dinner. I had a small 6kg cylinder, which was sitting in a corner of my room, and this was what I was going to use to cook. I must point out that at this time, I had been in