The Proposal: A Queer Woman Is Looking For A Gay Man Interested In Having A Family

Hello Are you a lover of kids? Are you someone willing to put in effort to raise a family in a drama-free arrangement? My name is SB and I am a 30+ female looking for a very responsible gay guy who will love to have a kid for co-parenting purposes. Interest in an arranged marriage will be an added advantage,


I was already quite a sojourner before my thirteenth birthday, not by any design of mine; my dad was a police officer and also a very devote family man, which meant that for every transfer to a new station he got, he took his family along. My father isn’t a practicing Christian, even though he claims to be a Catholic.

Is There A Right Time To Say “I Love You”?

Is there a right time or wrong time for one to say “I love you”? During a first date? Second date? During sex? After a few chats in your DM? After two weeks into your relationship? Six months into your relationship? What time do you think is best for someone to tell you they love you – or for you

One Action Foundation Has A Roll-out Of Events For Pride Month

One Action Foundation has some interesting affairs lined up for Pride Month. First is the Liberation Awards. This will be the foundation’s first awards program which recognizes persons/organizations who have been fighting to ensure that LGBTQI+ lives are valued in Nigeria. To vite your favorite advocates, kindly click HERE. Voting ends on the June 13. Then, there’s its annual Pride


The thing with being subjected to queerphobic violence by a socially-constructed heterosexual majority group is that amidst the violence, you’re expected to accept the barest minimum from the ‘decent’ ones among them, even if their act of decency is performative and only serves to line their pockets. You’re not allowed to call them out on the violence of their exploitation.

Dear KD: How Can I Take Down A Homophobic Gay Man Who Won’t Let Me Be?

I have known this guy (let’s call him X) for some time. We are not lovers, not even friends, just two people who are acquainted with each other based on work and the fact that we’re both gay. We often find ourselves working on the same projects. However, for some time, X has been antagonizing me. This started during one


We were both quarreling that day. Our voices were raised and angry. My voice especially, a sharp tongue scissoring the air, had not a single pause in it. How could I not keep talking? When I’d just found out that Chukwuebuka, my boyfriend of seven years, was still very much active on Grindr. And upon confronting him about it, he’d