My friend, Blessing, is someone I’ve known for years while growing up in Lagos. Even after I moved to Delta State some years ago, a new job and a new relationship being the major reasons for the relocation, our friendship of course thrived, with online interactions and her occasionally visiting me. So, when Blessing started dating some girl named Teni

Sarah Paulson faces backlash from Gay Twitter over the Use of Pronouns

Sarah Paulson is on the receiving end of a Twitter storm after shutting down a fan demanding that she add her pronouns to her profile. The drama started on Twitter an online user tweeted the star: “Put [your] pronouns in your bio, it’s not that hard.” Paulson quickly replied to the tweet saying it wasn’t anyone’s job to tell her


Every single time I do a HIV test (an RVST), I spend the fifteen minutes before the result is out thinking about every nasty, skanky-ass, ball-slappingly-shady piece of sex I’ve ever had. And everyone’s got a few of those. Like the time the condom wasn’t enough or you had cuts on your groin. “What if that one time I skinny-dipped


Good day, guys. My name is Kingsley and I am based in the South. I just recently got a job in Lagos, in Ikeja, around Allen Avenue. And I am hoping to get linked with someone who’d be willing to shelter me for at least two months. Things to consider: I have a health challenge. I’m battling cancer. But I


Previously on Suits & Ties: “Wait first, Rosemary,” I said, cutting her off. “How do you know all these things? Can you explain how you became knowledgeable of the different marriage scenarios involving gay men and straight women? I really want to understand how you were able to intelligently categorize these scenarios. I’m waiting. I’m just waiting for your answer.”

Some Of The Best Twitter Reactions To Lil Nas X’s Montero #CMBYM Music Video

On March 25, Lil Nas X released the much anticipated video for his song, MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name), and it went instantly viral. The video features and unabashedly queer Nas, ending with the rapper giving a lap dance to the leather-clad devil, before he snaps Lucifer’s neck and claims his crown. Following its release, the video has been

“The Truth Is I Am Pushing An Agenda.” Lil Nas X Shares His Coming Out Story in Empowering Letter to His Younger Self

At 21 years old, Lil Nas X is doing something his 14-year-old self never thought possible. The Old Town Road superstar never imagined he would come out publicly, he explained on Friday, March 26. He wrote a powerful letter to his younger self, reflecting on why he wanted to release his latest song, MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name), which