It’s been 17 months since you embarked on the journey, your fourth journey and the longest so far. You look at yourself in your mirror and while you can say you’re proud of how far you’ve come, you can’t help but hear that niggling voice in the back of your head reminding you of all the things you’re missing. You may be proud of how far you’ve come, but it doesn’t change the fact that you crave the touch of a man.

So, when Zeke tells you about this guy he met in school and about how they fucked and how his bussy quivered for days at the guy’s stroking skills, you find that your interest has become somewhat piqued. Zeke sends you a picture of him and his face is somewhat familiar. It’s a face you’ve come across a lot of times in school but never bothered to speak to. However, now you want to meet this guy, to see if he’s all that. To maybe know if he’s worth your giving up this long and, quite frankly, very tiring journey of celibacy.

With how much of a bitch you are however, you can’t bring yourself to send him a friend request on Facebook, despite the fact that he seems to pop up on your People You May Know list every single time you come online. You keep quelling that desire to tap that button and see what happens from there. Then, one sunny day, you come online to see a friend request from him. You smile inside as you quickly accept the request. Now, it’s a matter of time before you make the logical step from the timeline to the DM.

However, he surprises you in this regard as he slides into your DM a few minutes after you accepted his request. Chuckling to yourself, you keep up a light banter with him while doing a number of other things online. Within minutes, however, you’re hooked on him. He’s intelligent, interested in quite a number of topics of deep importance to you – to the educational and political sides of you, that is – and conversation with him comes really easily. Your conversations have an almost otherworldly enthusiasm to them and you soon find yourself looking forward to meeting him.

Meeting him isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, you put in the effort (read: you ditch quite a number of meetings, both important and unimportant) and you meet him. Jake is everything he promised to be in your conversations and more. You spend the whole afternoon picking his brain, trading ideas on different topics. Before long, the currents around the table change. Tingling with electricity and an animal magnetism, you marvel at how everything you feel is mirrored on his face. His heightened breath, the quick dart of his tongue to lick at his lips, his eyes darting here and there in a bid not to give away how attracted to you he is.

You feel everything he’s feeling. And with this feeling rushes back all the pent-up desire to have sex with him. Your conversation at the table takes a turn from the intellectual to the sensual and covertly erotic. You both converse in metaphors and you can’t help the glee that fills your heart as he insinuates the many ways he’s going to bring you pleasure with his joystick. His double entendrés, heavily laden with sexual connotations, leave your dick straining against your briefs in your jeans and it’s all you can do not to strip off your clothes and lay yourself on that table for him to ravish.

However, good sense prevails over you and you recall you’re not prepared for anything of the sort. So, you both schedule a meeting at his place for the next morning. On your way to your friend’s house, where you were crashing in the meantime, you continued your salacious chat with him. His words leave you heady, with a quivering anticipation for the morning to come so you can end this journey of celibacy on a perfect note.

The day can’t break fast enough for you as your wildly-anticipating mind keeps racing through the night and wakes you up earlier than usual. All for the love of dick, you muse, laughing within yourself. You take your time with your routines, from your exercises to your anal ablutions before your bath. Finally done, squeaky clean and fresh, you don a large green polo shirt and blue jean shorts and your shoes, stuff your bag with a roll of condoms and your lube bottle. And off you go.

Your taxi journey to his place isn’t as fast as you want it to be. First, the taxi takes a long time to get full. Then, the driver takes his sweet time collecting his fares and remitting the necessary balance to the necessary passengers. To cap it all off, his driving is as slow as the crawl of a tortoise. Maybe not as slow, but to you, he is. It is all you can do to not scream out loud at him to hurry up, so great is the pent-up need in you. At the junction to his house, you quickly alight and taking a measured pace, you make your way up the hilly road to his lodge.

As you walk, you call him and tell him you’re almost there and could he please come down to the gate. You’re a few metres away when you see his ebony features emerge from a gate to the left side of the road. You smile and quickly make your way to him. It is all you can do not to kiss him right there at that gate. His face is creased up with a broad smile, a smile that is mirrored on yours as you both shake hands and you follow him into the compound and up the stairs to his room. As you walk behind him, you keep your eyes on those firm buttocks of his and allow yourself to imagine what it would feel like to hold onto them as he slams into you.

The moment you both get inside his room, you run into each other’s arms as he bolts the door behind him. You attack each other’s lips in a kiss so sensual, it feels like you’re both trying to meld into one being. The electricity crackles around you two as you divest each other of your clothes, barely breaking your fervent, feverish kisses. Static crackles on your skin as his mouth latches on to your nipple. And when you grab him to keep yourself from falling over at your different case of jelly-legs, you feel the static on his skin. The feelings churn around inside you, threatening to erupt, as you claim his lips again in a passionate kiss.

Before long, you’re both on the bed, gloriously naked, dicks weeping copious amounts of precum. You rub against each other and you feel the blaze of the fire reaching a new high. One moment, you’re rubbing against each other, the next, you’re spooned in a perfect 69, fellating each other. For the next few minutes, only slurping sounds and the occasional moan can be heard in the room. Suddenly impatient, you beg him to fuck you. He obliges and takes the lube out of your bag and, pouring some on his fingers, proceeds to fuck you with his fingers. Through the blitz of sensations rolling through you, you rip open a condom wrapper and roll it down his 6 inches. You lube him up and tell him to lie down so you can ride him.

Finally ready, in position over his dick, you lower yourself onto the hard shaft beneath you. It normally takes you three to four slides to take a dick fully up your ass. However, seeing as you haven’t had sex in forever, you brace yourself for the pain. His mushroom head pokes against you and instinctively, you push out. Immediately, his head pops in, you’re filled with an excruciating pain, but you ride it out, giving yourself a few seconds to get used to it. Some moments later, you slide down lower and stop again. You hear him moan under you. Again, you slide down over him and you feel his pubes tickling your ass and you know it’s all in. Settling on your knees, you start to move your waist in gentle, undulating movements, all the while counting in your head.

His moans seem to reach a crescendo when you start undulation number 5, and you feel him start to quiver and shake under you. Reveling in the pleasure you’re giving him, you continue your movements. Then, you feel something go very wrong.

His formerly rock-hard dick suddenly goes soft and starts slipping out of your ass. You grab it before it’s all out and without looking at it, try to get it erect again. That’s when you feel the squish of liquid inside the rubber. Glancing down, you meet the confirmation of your worst fears.

He has come!

Suddenly tired, you climb off him and curl up into yourself at one end of the bed. He gets up and faces you, apologizing for how quickly he came. Talking about how sexy you are and how much your sexiness made him lose control and all that. He asks you for a few minutes to regain his strength so he can show you the good time he promised you. His placating words had gotten to you so you agree.

A few minutes, a new condom and a short make-out later, you’re on your back with your legs pressed down to your body all the way to your knees. He kneels in front of you and proceeds to penetrate you. Your ass screams in protest but you shut the pain down, opening yourself up to him. When he’s fully encased in your channel, he begins to slide in and out of you, slowly and gently fucking you. Your breath hitches every time he bottoms out inside you and your hands run all over his body. You finally start to feel like you’re about getting what you bargained for.

Only for him to start quivering and shaking again before he reaches stroke number 15. You stare at him in shock as he unloads another round of cum into the condom. As he slumps against you, you pull back from him, a mixture of distaste, disappointment and anger running through your system. You quickly get up from the bed and go to his bathroom to wash him off your body, thoroughly disgusted with yourself and at what has just happened. A few minutes and a few civil but chilly words later, you’re on your way out of his room.

As you plug your ears with your earpiece, you click the play button on it and the sounds of Pink’s Hustle fill your ears. Truly, you muse, you’ve been hustled. However, you too can be a hustler. On that road, under the hot sun, you decide – in line with Genesis 2 verse 19b, which says, “…And whatever Adam called every living creature, that was its name.” – that this was a make-out session.

Not sex.

A makeout session.

And so shall it be!

Written by Mitch

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  1. Net
    June 07, 07:16 Reply

    As I read the story I was like either Mitch or Delle wrote this and I was right ?

    • Mitch
      June 07, 07:46 Reply


      Is my writing now that predictable? ??

  2. J
    June 07, 08:03 Reply

    ??? Poor cow if only you were not too sexy, he would have lasted ?

    Oya get some tribal marks on your face and make abolo your new haircut

  3. Francis
    June 07, 08:05 Reply

    ???? Shit happens. Always expect the worst to reduce disappointment

    • Mitch
      June 08, 11:31 Reply

      After all the fabu?
      My dear, we reserve the right to be angry.

  4. Keeva
    June 07, 08:35 Reply

    This is funny & relatable.
    The time & energy put into preperations for sex automatically seems wasted after such an experience.
    Try giving him a second chance,or a ‘third’?lol.

    • Mitch
      June 08, 11:32 Reply

      You clearly don’t like me or my self-esteem.
      I should goan resubmit myself and my dignity to that?

      Wehdone sah!

    • who cares
      December 02, 01:02 Reply

      @ Keeva I totally agree

      @ OP … sorry for the explicit language and opinion:

      Do you think that outcome was Jake’s intention?
      Are you complaining that not everything goes the way you plan or hope? Disappointment is always a result of your expectations. Plus, you don’t care for why it might have happened.
      What kept you from staying? … guys usually take longer to cum in succession.
      For me – until you left – the date at his home didn’t seem to be a sheer sex date. Why not cuddle and fuck again?

      Why all the ‘same wavelength’ stuff when it was just about a fuck?

    June 07, 08:40 Reply

    Eyaaa. Sowi. ED is real. Dude shld get help. I can imagine how unsatisfied u felt. 2 minutes instant noodles. Sha gaan wank @ home

    • Mitch
      June 08, 11:33 Reply

      If it was ED, it’d have been a completely different story.
      This one is Churchill’s senior brother.
      The original one minute man.

      • Pink Panther
        June 08, 12:07 Reply

        ????? @ Churchill’s senior brother.
        You and Tonto should open a club together then.

        June 09, 06:29 Reply

        Wow. LMAO ??? So mean. But actually, since there is no pointer to use of psychotropic drugs here, this case of premature ejaculation is most likely a part of the spectrum of erectile dysfunction or performance anxiety.

    • Mitch
      June 08, 11:34 Reply

      Keep sipping it oh.
      Just keep sipping it and be wakaing away.

  6. Saucebutton
    June 07, 10:54 Reply

    Well done Mitch. While reading couldn’t help shake off the feeling that this was going to downsouth. Was nice read.

    • Mitch
      June 08, 11:35 Reply


      “Down south” sure is one way to describe this fiasco.

  7. Buddha
    June 07, 10:58 Reply

    That’s how you put an end to 17 months of being a fapstronaut? You deserved better, perhaps another fapstronaut. Like me. (Today is Day 1556 on this journey). I take consolation in my night emissions while I pray for the right one.

    • Pink Panther
      June 07, 14:42 Reply

      Damn. How do you people do this? Willfully sign off sex. *shudder*

      • Mitch
        June 08, 11:40 Reply

        If I reply you now, eez thunder and lightning that you’d send to find me.
        Biko, I’m not doing.

    • Mitch
      June 08, 11:38 Reply

      Well, seeing how we’re about to hit 19 months without sex, I can say it’s been a jolly good ride.

      We shall do more!

  8. Lopez
    June 07, 12:13 Reply

    You are counting the days??? Yesu almasihu.

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