Actor Terry Crews reveals he was sexually assaulted by “high level” male Hollywood exec

Actor Terry Crews reveals he was sexually assaulted by “high level” male Hollywood exec

You wouldn’t necessarily think of 6’3″, 200-pound actor Terry Crews as likely target of sexual assault, but his story goes to show that anybody can be taken advantage of at any time.

As the tsunami that is the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault charge spreads, the actor, on Tuesday, posted a series of tweets describing an incident between himself and a Hollywood executive, who took advantage of Crews and somehow didn’t get pummeled into a steaming pile of vaguely humanoid mush.

Terry Crews is 6’3″ and well over 200 pounds of pure muscle. As funny and friendly as the actor seems, it’s really hard to imagine anyone ever putting their hands on him without his permission and surviving the encounter.

Here’s his story:

As he explains, the exec eventually called to apologize but never bothered to explain his actions. So, as these things almost always go, the former NFL star decided to “let it go.”

A lot of people, both in the industry and out, have applauded Crews for coming forward with his story.

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  1. trystham
    October 12, 08:14 Reply

    Sometimes I can’t help wishing some kinda experiences on ppl to make em more…humane, especially our homophobes and societally privileged men, but it is annoying with humans that each day brings hopes and dey quickly 4get

  2. Henrie
    October 12, 08:31 Reply

    The effrontery to grab a grown ass man like Crews by the crotch. Disgusting. Must be a pathology.

  3. Mandy
    October 12, 08:31 Reply

    “As the tsunami that is the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault charge spreads…”

    Lol. It’s not a small tsunami. The way this scandal is rippling over Hollywood and America, I wonder if Harvey Weinstein is ever going to come back from it.

    Meanwhile, let us keep the conversation about male sexual assault going. ??

  4. Foxydevil
    October 12, 08:56 Reply

    Can’t forget when I once tried to be an actor in Nollywood.
    Not only were my acting skills horrendous but the events I witnessed changed my perception forever.
    Women were treated like rags ,constantly harassed and treated like filth .One particular case still leaves me in tears.
    A girl that the director kept in his room throughout the duration of the movie which by the way lasted 1 week (yeah one week to produce a movie, that had 1 ,2 ,3,4 ) the girl was kept there for that one week with the promise of a movie role, the director kept promising her she would get a role the next day and then the next……… When the director rounded up his shoot, he didn’t even inform the girl he was leaving, just abandoned her at the hotel.
    The men I met weren’t sexually harassed, but psychologically they were messed up. Running errands, calling actresses far younger than them “mama” all in the bid to secure a role.
    After that one production, I packed my bags and never came back.
    Now, I’ll stick to writing and production.
    Once I’ve accumulated enough finance to produce a respectful movie, I’d get to work.
    Create a production outfit where women and men are free from harassment, where people will be judged by their talents and not their acrobatic bed room skills(which BTW is a talent ? just not related here)
    Sexual harassment cannot be completely eradicated but I believe and pray I can make a difference from my very small corner.

    I sympathize with” Terry crew ” if what I witnessed during my short stint in Nollywood was any indication, I can only imagine what happens in Hollywood, with bigger stakes, much more money and wider reach. And this is an actor with a respectable portfolio, imagine what happens to the ones just starting out.
    Decasaghi andranata. ?

  5. Delle
    October 12, 09:30 Reply

    Na wa o. What did the Harvey guy hope to achieve? Grabbing someone by the balls in the presence of his wife! These white mongrels don’t fear at all.

    This is just sexism.

    • Pink Panther
      October 12, 09:38 Reply

      Um, Delle, it wasn’t Harvey who grabbed Terry Crews’ balls.

      • Delle
        October 12, 13:43 Reply

        Yeah just understood that now

  6. Nel
    October 12, 10:09 Reply

    I was studying rape in our criminal code last year and no mention when a man is raped by another man came up,i hope someone would put up a post on KD concerning this

  7. Cleopatro
    October 12, 11:08 Reply

    what I don’t understand is why the actors that were reached out to for comments on the Harvey case chose to keep quiet.

  8. himbo
    October 12, 15:04 Reply

    But Terry if it were a female executive who did it would you still consider this sexual assault? Not condoning the perverts disrespectful actions btw, especially as Terry’s wife was there. Also if you’re not going to name him then how are you helping future victims?

  9. Cleopatro
    October 13, 10:15 Reply

    a number of them. Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt (he might’ve said something if he was still with Angelina), and others.

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