Author Roosh Valizadeh Suggests That Men Who Like Women’s Butts Are Likely To Become Gay

Author Roosh Valizadeh Suggests That Men Who Like Women’s Butts Are Likely To Become Gay

Author Roosh Valizadeh has taken to his twitter account to insist that men’s butt obsession is a gateway to homosexuality.

Roosh, a self-proclaimed dating expert, posted a video on his Twitter where he proudly proclaims himself a “boob man” before nonsensically claiming that “being a butt man is just a gateway to homosexual activity.” He then goes on to explain that he has “never done anal sex” because he knows what “comes out of that hole.”

Roosh is best known as the author of the highly criticized dating book, Game, which was banned by Amazon. Additionally, the book was labeled as “anti-feminist” by the Anti-Defamation League, and his books have been described as “how-to manuals for sexual predators” by The Huffington Post.

Despite criticism, Roosh has maintained a sizable fanbase online, but in this case, his video was met with far more criticism than praise.

Twitter of course had many things to say to Roosh about his assertions.

While it’s unlikely that the hundreds of tweets mocking him will do anything to slow down Roosh’s penchant for spouting offensive opinions that have no basis in fact, at least we can all have fun laughing at a man who sincerely claims that liking a woman’s butt is making straight men a relic of the past.


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  1. Mandy
    February 01, 16:00 Reply

    It’s no surprise he writes books nobody wants to read. A mind that gives birth to nonsense like this won’t write anything worth appreciating.

  2. mike
    February 01, 18:29 Reply

    Biko, his right in a way, the only thing standing between the average straight male who is obsessed with butt and homosexuality is ego, plain ego, he clearly expressed that when he said, he couldn’t get down with a female butt cause he know what comes out of it.

    If the same said straight male were a teenager, one in his early teen, obsessed with female butt, and by coincidence he discovers a male butt can give him the same pleasure he is looking for in a female, he would most likely turn gay.

    But the term gay varies on what yhu define been gay as, as a love for the same sex or having sex with the same sex. Two different sides , line between them is blurry.

    I have a straight friend, who loves getting rimmed, the straight community has a different term for it analungus, I think. How many ladies r kinky enuf to try that on a man, very few infact in his life he has only met one, that nigga would have been gay if at his early phase in life he had discovered its an exclusive gay thing, than straight n had actually gotten it from a guy.

    I told him anyway, nigga love aside, if yhu wanna get satisfied properly opt for the gay thing , his response to that was not a no, but more of excuses, ego ridden excuses, am sure he lost sleep that night, picturing himself as a gay or something.

    His stance is also not entirely different from Freudian theory of psychosexuality, where if a childs development is stucked at the anal phase or something, he would mostly turn out to be gay, been gay here is inferred it is never clearly stated but it was centuries ago.

    That author is right in a way, his not entirely wrong he just needs a social filter, because the truth is not as fun and sexy as people claim to want it, he should trying not being too opinionated.

    • I.L
      February 01, 18:45 Reply

      Are you freaking kidding me Mike? You think the hole a person is fucking or their sexual practice makes their sexuality. Even worse, you think that sexuality is determined by the sex of the person you can fuck. And that Freudian theory stuff, is not research based, is no scientific law, and mainly has a place in the historical aspects of psychology.

      • mike
        February 02, 00:42 Reply

        I never said yhur sexuality is determined by who fucking, I said it depends on how yhu see it, the act or the attract/love.
        I choose to define main based on love, I don’t subscribe to the yhu fuck guys yhu must be gay thing.
        By the way, the word he used is gateway, meaning can LEAD TO, he never stated his theory or stance on stone, can means its a possibility, if yhu think about it, his kinda right, if the only thing a woman can offer yhu is buttocks, look around yhu there are men with amazing buttocks.

        Freudian theory as said is a theory, with regards to homosexuality its usually mentioned in close context, but it too is not set on stone. Freudian theory is not wrong in itself, just like Roosh Valizadeh is not entirely right.

        When it comes to humans , nothing is set on stone we are too complex, to be understood by one theory, but this things, theories have there place.

    • E
      February 01, 18:54 Reply

      You are wrong.
      You are so wrong, you don’t even realize you negate your own point in the same comment.
      Once again, no.

  3. mike
    February 01, 18:33 Reply

    Yhu should a lady cause she is a lady, a man cause he is a man not because of something as flimsy as nyàsh,butt cause there men who posses better sexier butt than females.
    I think objectification is a gateway to a whole bunch of things.

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