Video: What Happens When Straight Guys Are Tricked Into A Gay Rap Video

Video: What Happens When Straight Guys Are Tricked Into A Gay Rap Video

This setup shows how a group of macho straight guys act when faced with a gay rapper kissing in front of them.

Comedian Ben Bizuneh set up a detailed plan to lure in some straight guys for his social experiment. The guys were asked to dance in the background of a music video for a made-up artist named ‘Boss Quoss’.

The song, seemingly about ‘rolling dice’, was actually intended to be code for giving a handjob.

The filing for the video started off as most would expect, but later in the video, the artist and one of the guys simply start making out.

Unsurprisingly some of the men walk away, complaining about the kiss, one shouting: “We’re heterosexual men who love women. It’s as simple as that.”

However more unexpectedly, some stayed behind and were fairly accepting.

“I support Boss Quoss, the first openly gay rapper, and I ain’t mad at him,” said one man.

Given that the rap industry is known for having a questionable history on gay issues, this setup seems to prove that those in the industry can surprise.

Check out the video below:

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  1. ken
    December 18, 04:56 Reply

    Hahahaha…thanks for d laff this morning! ndiara!

  2. Mandy
    December 18, 04:57 Reply

    So much testosterone in this video. *fanning face* Drop me in the middle of them, Lord!

  3. Kenny
    December 18, 06:26 Reply

    I laughed hard when I first saw the video. Very silly men. But some were pretty open minded tho

  4. Maximus
    December 18, 06:34 Reply

    I know this video must be a thirst trap.. Will watch it later..

    • Mandy
      December 18, 07:02 Reply

      When you’ve sufficiently fortified yourself against all demonic forces of thirst and hoeism, right?

  5. Dennis Macaulay
    December 18, 07:18 Reply

    I saw it on Towleroad and I nearly died from laughter!

    We should throw a gay party on a ship and invite straight boys. By the the time they realize it’s a gay party we will be like; do you want to jump into the sea? Relax and enjoy nwanne!

    • Mandy
      December 18, 08:13 Reply

      Hahahahahahahaaa!!! Clever.

    • Brian Collins
      December 18, 08:29 Reply

      Dennis don’t even think some of those fishy okrika boys won’t jump into the water.

      • Delle
        December 18, 09:22 Reply

        Abi o. If they would reject a dick in an attempt to save their lives, who says their suicidal instinct won’t still kick in?

  6. Delle
    December 18, 07:39 Reply

    Huh? I really don’t think he’s the first gay rapper shaa. I think there was a time it was rumoured that Lil’wayne signed on one gay rapper…a young guy like that and he released a single (something about ‘bussy’) ie boy pussy. I’m sure that’s the reason he faded as soon as he was signed!
    Anyway, this is good. I just wish this rapper won’t let his sexuality swallow his career seeing as that’s what most of all these gay musicians do; Sam Smith, Frank Ocean and the likes.

    Those supposed straight guys that stayed behind seemed smitten by the whole kissing scenario. That was hilarious.

    • JustJames
      December 18, 08:16 Reply

      He’s not actually a rapper.. It was a social experument/prank just to see how far guys will go with another guy till they find out he’s gay.

    • JustJames
      December 18, 08:24 Reply

      And how did the artists you mentioned above let their sexuality swallow their music. Sam Smith uses gender neutral terms and I haven’t seen a music video of him smooching another guy.. I don’t follow frank ocean much.

      On the contrary I think once people found out they were gay or revealed it that’s all they ever became.. That gay singer/rapper. It’s not entirely their fault.. The public is to blame too.

      It’s also rather insensitive to say that they shouldn’t let their sexuality swallow their music. Being gay is an essential part of who they are.. They see life as gay men and it’d always colour their actions and writing.

      When you listen to another guy sing songs you can relate to talking about a him instead of her and even the struggles to be gay (Mikka comes to mind.. Bless his soul) you’d actually enjoy the music more.. That’s if you’re into lyrics and stuff anyways..

      • Delle
        December 18, 09:20 Reply

        Are you serious? So all that rapper-signing shit was just a stunt by Wayne? All these attention-seeking whores sef

        Well, like I said, I’m not trying to slam any artiste on the wall or anything, it’s just scary sometimes whenever I read about Sam and it’s either he’s talking about being single, not finding the right guy, being gay since whenever and all worth not. It’s more like his sexuality comes before his music. Truthfully, I do not want the gay artistes to always talk about their sexuality. The heterosexual artistes do not always talk about their sexuality as much, I want that for the gay ones to. Let it not be that it’s all that makes them up. Sexuality is only a part of you, doesn’t define your persona.
        Now, I wasn’t talking about the lyrical content of their song, heck I even would prefer it if they change the pronouns used to be more conforming to their sexuality.

        People already know you are gay, they are accepting of that to a reasonable extent. That’s that. Don’t always make it seem like it’s all you’re concerned about, forgetting it’s your music they are after first. Let it be ‘Musician before gay man’, not the other way ’round. An American/British magazine recently complained about it (Sam Smith was the pivot of the complaint), he is letting his sexuality overshadow his career. That’s what I’m against, not him being proud of his sexuality.

        • Keredim
          December 18, 11:06 Reply

          Delle, When Sam Smith’s album became a hit, he said he didn’t want to be a gay role model and only wanted to be known for his music.

          He was vilified for that and he softened his approach. He is gay. He knows it, everyone knows it, even a blind dog knows it. For him and his fans who actually buy his records don’t see it as an issue.

          So saying he allows his sexuality to swallow his music, is a bit off base.

          Then saying that Sam Smith is always talking about his relationships in interviews… Come on. He was asked a question and he politely answered. He just happened to be gay and you don’t feel its right. But it’s ok for straight artists like Justin Bieber or “No Direction” or Chris Martin of Coldplay to talk about theirs?

          Are we sensing a tad of internalised Homophobia? (Shit I hate that phrase?)

          • Maximus
            December 18, 12:03 Reply

            I was about to read out his internalized homophobia rights to him, which is: the “right to remain silent , for everything you say is balderdash”.

      • Delle
        December 18, 13:17 Reply

        @Max…internalised homophobia rights? Were you sitting on your head while typing that rubbish? You talk about one saying balderdash and yet you never have a point to pass across. Please learn to also shut your pipehole, I don’t even know you exist, ok? Mtcheew!

        @Kere…what I said was exactly what I thought and what the magazine wrote. I wasn’t castigating Sam in anyway (let’s not single him out like he’s the only gay artiste out there). You were talking like every gay man would but the magazine feels differently. They said Sam is all about his sexuality before his music, a statement I kinda agree to. I wonder how that translates to me being internally homophobic, cos last I checked, those two words are so far from my person.

        • Keredim
          December 18, 13:44 Reply

          Well it kinda does. IH (shit I really hate that phrase) maybe far from your person, but you say, think and now read things to the contrary.

          You and the magazine are now saying he should tone down his sexuality and concentrate on his music. And I wonder if you and the magazine would say the same if he was a straight guy and talked about his relationship with women.

          To me, that is homophobia or the very least onset of IH (fuck that phrase)

          And I only mentioned Sam Smith, because you brought him up.

          • Delle
            December 18, 15:48 Reply

            Okay, maybe you really aren’t getting my standpoint, Kere. I’m not in anyway implying he should tone down his sexuality, neither am I being homophobic (gosh, I also detest that word esp now that I’m being labelled as such!). I just want a situation where he won’t be defined as that gay musician, but just that musician. Don’t you get? I don’t want his sexuality to define him. No one sees Kanye and goes, ‘Oh, there is that straight rapper’, they just say ‘rapper’. Why should it be any different for our gay artistes? Please you guys should try understanding before crucifying. I am such an advocate to be labelled ‘IH’.
            *breaking down in tears*

            • Delle
              December 18, 15:57 Reply

              If there is anyone to be internally homophobic, it’s certainly not an effeminate lad whose aura and presence screams gay (so do people say). All these talks about being discriminatory is just shocking to say the least because you obviously understood my point in a different (overly different) light from what I meant, which is a shame by the way seeing as many of us here seem to claim ‘all-knowing’ and ‘never going off the track’.

              I wonder if you would donate cows and chickens at the altar if you are termed ‘Max, the gay banker’, rather than just ‘Max, the banker’ or ‘Dennis, the gay mogul’, rather than just ‘Dennis, the mogul’. How difficult is it to get that? And then you say Delle, (of all gay persons, Delle?!) is homophobic?! Please, y’all are hilarious!

              • Maximus
                December 18, 17:47 Reply

                Mental instability has no cure, however with proper care, it can be managed. If I lay my hands on you eh @Delle, I’ll knock off that 360 degrees swinging hips of yours with one blow, you’ll be begging for the police to come and whisk you away in their van. I’m glad I never agreed to that silly meet up your fairy amebo-god-mother planned, it would’ve been a disaster.
                Age is not an excuse to be unbearably silly and air headed. Some of your mates on this blog produce admirable write ups week by week wowing everyone.
                However you on the other hand only have one job- to show us how jobless you are and always playing the victim when you clearly have the thinking faculty of an 8 year old. Quit criticizing people and being unbearably naive, read and educate yourself so that you’ll stop feeling intimidated by people when they try to correct your frequent erroneous jargons. Self esteem isn’t sold in the market, its something you build up from wirhin , so you need to work on that and quit running your pie hole like some crazed person.

                If you’ve not done your homework properly (which is very clear that you haven’t), please do. You don’t wanna walk on this path for long… Thread carefully before your long puckered snout will put you in trouble.

                • Tarter
                  December 18, 19:43 Reply

                  well said Max, the guy just keeps typing and typing,at the end u read a long dose of crap and you start questioning your IQ. i don’t bother reading his comments, stinks of immaturity and childishness

                  • Delle
                    December 18, 22:50 Reply

                    @Tarter…you’re just the most confused person on this blog. Cheap popularity, huh?

            • Keredim
              December 18, 16:50 Reply

              Delle, if the magazines you read and believe in, don’t focus on his sexuality, he will not be seen as a gay musician.

              I have seen interviews with Sam Smith with both straight and gay chat show hosts and his relationship or sexuality have never come up. It’s all about the music.

              Like JustJames said his lyrics are gender neutral, and he doesn’t wear his sexuality in his sleeve.. To now say he is allowing his sexuality swallow his career?!? Haba?

              Again I ask you, would you be so quick to back the magazine, if they said Justin Wotsits, was allowing his relationships swallow his career?

              Also note, being effeminate (your words not mine) doesn’t preclude you from IH (fuck that phrase). Infact, it probably makes you a prime candidate. #Justsaying

  7. Chizzie
    December 18, 08:28 Reply

    Lol I thought they reacted ideally and in a civilized manner, even those that weren’t cool with the fact that it was a gay video shoot. Im not all for all straight folks embracing homosexuality, cause that’s unfair and intrusive to ask of them. What is completely unacceptable is homophobia. And just because a straight person doesn’t approve of you being gay doesn’t make him/her homophobic.

    I don’t think those guys were homophobic. This was funny but a stupid experiment to be honest.

    • Henrie
      December 19, 00:38 Reply

      Where do you draw the line between not accepting homosexuality and being homophobic, if i may ask. It’s not as if they were asked to kiss the gay rapper. In fact, they held and hugged him all the time they assumed he was straight. They left immediately they saw him kissing a guy. How exactly is this walking out of gay man’s video shoot not homphobia?

  8. JustJames
    December 18, 08:35 Reply

    This video was interesting. A bit funny but it revealed quite a lot of things..

    Those people that walked away.. They strongly wanted to belie that they weren’t homophobic and all but their homophobia stunk. The ones who weren’t homophobes stayed back and finished the video.

    It’s easy to talk and say “Oh.. I’m open minded and I don’t mind gay people”. Their reactions clearly show that they do mind gay people and they have homophobia.

    It’s a pretty common thing in this day and age to claim open mindedness and human rights activists and a lot of things but by the time it’s time to walk that talk you’d realise you’re not as free as you thought.

    What’s sad is that those men who left will still believe that they aren’t homophones instead of facing the truth that they still have some ways to go in learning how to be accepting.

    • Mandy
      December 18, 09:08 Reply

      And they were going all out of their way to get it on the record that they were clueless to the nature of the video shoot. That’s curious.

    • Chizzie
      December 18, 16:02 Reply

      Just because ppl are uncomfortable with your lifestyle doesn’t make them homophobic. Im not a fan of people who smoke and I wouldn’t want to be in a room full of smokers or a video for that matter that promotes smoking. Because i think its wrong and I am entitled to thinking that way. What I would never do however is attack a smoker or be violent with them.

      If ppl think your lifestyle as a gay man is wrong, they aren’t homophobic, because that’s just how the world works. And why we have different religions and political parties and different forms of government etc.
      And this is what gay guys don’t get, people are allowed to have whatever opinion they have about your lifestyle. What becomes an issues is when they take it a notch further and become homophobic and discriminatory. Its that simple

      • Tarter
        December 18, 19:57 Reply

        yaaass chizzie! most gay guys just want people to accept them with hands wide open! the world see’s being gay as wrong,so i don’t really blame them,only few educated and exposed people see nothing wrong with it,problem starts when they become violent,threats, and hurl insults at you .as an effeminate guy,i mind where i go,who i talk too ..generally careful about what i do because I know most people aren’t comfortable with it.

      • JustJames
        December 18, 21:20 Reply

        You’re probably right.. They might not be homophobic. Just intolerant.. Right?

        But then again if I say your being black and your blackness/black behaviour is making me uncomfortable.. Or what if the guy in the video manages to appear white and all the other guys were white then he reveals he’s actually black and they walk away.. Isn’t that like being racist.

        We could probably apply that ideology here. It doesn’t have to reach joining the kkk or beating up black guys to be racist and it doesn’t take kitoing gay guys or mobbing them to be homophobic.

        I agree that they are allowed to have their reservations about homosexuality.. It however doesn’t change the fact that they have a phobia for homosexuality. It is that fear that makes them uncomfortable and uneasy.

        My two cents..the floor is yours.

      • Henrie
        December 19, 00:47 Reply

        ‘People are allowed to have whatever opinion they have about your lifestyle. What becomes an issues is when they take it a notch further and become homophobic and discriminatory.”

        Interesting. So if all those straight guys walk out of the shoot for the particular reason of the rapper being gay, you think that is not discrimination and they’re entitled to behave that way? If all straight bosses refuse to hire gay men because they’re uncomfortable with the applicants lifestyle, you believe that is just fine?

        • Tarter
          December 19, 09:05 Reply

          you don’t actually expect people to welcome your lifestyle with open hands,people have the fundamental right to have opinions and believe in what they want,what they wish to support and stand for,i apply for a job,d employer says he can’t employ me cos I’m effeminate,i dust my shoes and get out,no be force, he’s not d only employer in the world, people leaving because he’s gay,its also their choice, problem is when they become violent,hurl insults and behave hateful in general. And James, i don’t like Indians, excluding Alex Parish in Quantico, i think they are disgusting, everyone has a race or tribe they can’t stand but can that discriminatory? perhaps, but in a bid not to come as discriminatory i should associate with indians i don’t like? i should displease myself? as long as i don’t hurl insults at you,become violent I’m good to go,let’s face it,most people don’t like Blacks or gays,they are just tolerant.its the reality,and something we have to learn to live with

  9. kacee
    December 18, 10:17 Reply

    omg this video is something else, the guy is gooooooood. Stroking hahahahaha the guys were stroking the air, omg I need to download this video. Those guys are homophobic and they are saying they have nothing against homosexuals mtcheww if i hear.

  10. Dennis Macaulay
    December 18, 13:54 Reply

    Sometimes I am tired of the things I read here! The game talks about the women he dates, shares photos of his eggplant and it’s fine.

    The media talks about Jlo and her men, Rihanna and her men etc and it’s fine.

    God forbid a gay man being asked about his relationship and he clarifies his dating status then he is “letting his sexuality swallow his career, because his sexuality is only one part of him”.

    The truth is that we don’t even realize it when we are being discriminatory! Oh well what do I know

      • Dennis Macaulay
        December 18, 14:51 Reply

        Assin eh!

        Was it not snoop dog that did that video where they were shagging by the pool side? He was not allowing his sexuality overshadow his music there?

  11. Dennis Macaulay
    December 18, 14:26 Reply

    It’s clear that deep down in our hearts a lot of people still recognise homosexuality as a deviant sexual behaviour.

    If this were a rap video with a man kissing a woman it will be fine! Will the gay men in the video walk away?

    It’s the same narrative as to when someone says you are shoving your homosexuality in theory faces! Well hello heterosexuality was shoved in my face all my life and I turned out alright! You will not die if you see two men kissing in public!

  12. Delle
    December 18, 19:27 Reply

    @Keredim…it’s quite unfortunate you don’t get my point even when it’s glaring I’m not on the wrong. And could you quit using the IH words on me? Thank you

    • SomethingBorrowed
      December 19, 08:40 Reply

      Stop this You’re not getting my point jargons. Your point is trash. Your point makes absolutely no sense. Understand?
      A gay man is allowed to discuss his sexuality EVERY CHANCE HE GETS IF HE WANTS TO. It doesn’t make him any less of an artist.
      You need to tuck your stupidity in. Tuck in it!
      Don’t black men talk about blackness all the time? Isn’t Kendrick’s TPAB unapologetically about blackness? When people are correcting you, take the damn correction and move on. Damn!

      Also, Chizzie, if people aren’t “comfortable with your lifestyle”, it is, indeed, homophobia. Educate yourself. Read.

      Thank you.

  13. Henrie
    December 19, 01:01 Reply

    We go out there and knock sense into the head of homophobes as often as we can only to come back here to meet the same need. This makes the struggle seem hopelessly frustrating. Some homosexuals need to learn to see their sexuality as just another sexuality like heterosexuality. They ought to learn to believe that their sexual orientation carries all the rights as the mainstream heterosexual orientation. That’ll be a huge step forward.

    On the video, I personally would love to think these guys were entitled to every detail of the video they were being featured in. But when i realize that that wouldn’t have mattered to them if the kissers were male and female, the only conclusion left is that this is homophobia. It’s that simple.

  14. gabbie
    December 20, 10:53 Reply

    *yawns* so what happened after some of the straight men stayed back?

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