Bisi Alimi slams Nigerian actors, says Genevieve Nnaji can’t act, fans of actress savage him online

Bisi Alimi slams Nigerian actors, says Genevieve Nnaji can’t act, fans of actress savage him online

On Friday, gay activist Bisi Alimi updated his disdain of the performers of the Nigerian movie industry on his social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram. He appeared to be weighing in on the outrage of Nigerians surrounding the scam featuring of Nollywood actresses in the MCU movies, or perhaps on whatever online conversation has been going on about the featuring of Nigerian actors on specifically the just released Black Panther.

He posted: ‘The idea that there should have been a Nigerian actor in Black Panther is ludicrous. I am going to say this, as a matter of fact, there is no actor (male or female) in Nigeria that can act at such quality. Black Panther was not about “screaming and shouting”. It was about “acting” and those are not the same thing.

‘And don’t get me started on Nnaji. She can’t act.’

And as you would expect, fans of the actress, some of them who may be homophobic as well, swarmed Alimi’s Instagram page to take down the activist for his nasty opinions.

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  1. Mandy
    February 25, 07:53 Reply

    Shouldn’t Bisi Alimi be above shenanigans like this? I mean, this is an obvious attempt to trend and stay relevant. Even if he has to have an opinion about Nollywood, does he have to be so tasteless about it?

    • Lizzy
      February 25, 08:17 Reply

      Bisi is tasteless always. I have never understood is hunger for fame and wanting to trendy at nothing. Why discredit an entire film industry for 1min fame? But again, this is Bisi, the real bisi. I have always seen through this man for long that this activism thing na wash wash. Bad representation for the community

  2. KingB
    February 25, 08:22 Reply

    Hahahahahaha. Epic replies from Nigerians as usual. The hate for gay men by Nigerians knows no bounds.

  3. Dubem
    February 25, 09:25 Reply

    My own is that poster up ? there. Look at Genevieve looking at Bisi like, “What’s this fool talking about?”
    ????? Pinky, you’re evil.

  4. Wytem
    February 25, 10:41 Reply

    That Bisi should just go and nyansh down. How dare he talk about Genevieve? What does he know about good acting?

    • Lizzy
      February 25, 11:14 Reply

      As in proper famehoe. The guy like attention, so insecure that he only gets secure online

  5. WhoIsUgo
    February 25, 13:25 Reply

    How dare this cumslut come for my woman? I will not take it!!!!!!!!

  6. Francis
    February 25, 14:12 Reply

    Last last some of us still think Genevieve is a just a popular rangeless actress. She was quite good in Road to Yesterday sha so hopefully she comes out with something stronger next.

    • Lizzy
      February 25, 14:38 Reply

      I advise that we be careful the way we discredit people hard work and talent. None of us has good knowledge about film, not even that fucking bisi who claim to be a theatre art student. When people come for bisi we always defend him without looking at how badly behave bisi as a person, forget sexuality dude is an issue to the struggle of lgbt people. Let us tell it as it is biko

      • Francis
        February 25, 17:12 Reply

        I’m not discrediting Genevieve’s hard work or siding with Bisi cause he’s gay. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

        I’m just stating my own opinions that I think she’s overrated…..for now. Just like some people think the Kardashians are overrated. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

        You can always disagree with someone on these things without going all personal about it. The personal attack was totally uncalled for.

        I just dey imagine me dragging somebody just because he/she doesn’t fancy the Kardashians. It’s not that serious abeg. When it’s not as if person is on their payroll

        • Pink Panther
          February 25, 17:21 Reply

          Payroll or not, anyone who comes for Beyoncé, especially when you’re just being a petty troll that’s unfairly discrediting her hard work as an artist, if I’m in a good mood, I’ll drag all the edges that belong to you and your offspring going forward 3 generations.

        • Lizzy
          February 25, 18:58 Reply

          I get you but let us forget Genevieve for a second brother.

          Read the msg again, he said no male or female Nigeria actor can act in such a film because they can’t give quality acting.

          Please let be honest, that is out of line. That is an entire industry there for heaven sake. How can you bring down an entire industry to nothing because you wanted to trend and I thought who might be best to draw into the discussion or trend agenda, he then added her.

          My problem is dude has never been a good representation locally. It’ is easy to throw jabs from across. He has nothing good to say , never ever. It is always hateful, bitter and think is ideal is better. Sometime you keep quiet to learn, not everytime you talk talk talk.

  7. Tiercel de Claron
    February 25, 15:07 Reply

    Just the usual attention seeking stunt.
    Nothing important to see here.

  8. trystham
    February 26, 00:31 Reply

    Smh. The respondents did get that he actually meant NOLLYWOODIANS…who truly are a pathetic set of thespians. If they’s gonna act in world class movies, they really do need the training he suggested.

  9. Quinn
    February 26, 11:22 Reply

    …Wow so many opinions?

    • Bee
      February 26, 14:00 Reply

      I so swear ???

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