But How Gay Is ‘BBNaija Double Wahala’?

But How Gay Is ‘BBNaija Double Wahala’?

To be frank, I’m not a steady fan of BBNaija. Sometimes, I tune in to see if there’s any drama going on – like that ghastly day they danced one corner. Eww!

And then came the day when I tuned in, and there wasn’t any drama. Just a bunch of 20 people talking. I don’t know why I paid attention to this episode, but I did, and it turned out that K-Brule and Lolu were having their guy talk, you know, the usual bitching about girls and all that jazz. Like play, like play, the show went to the bed.

And so, this bed bro talk carried on…

And then the weather got hot…

And then Lolu’s shirt came off.

I would say that was why K-Brule was opening teeth upandan, but I don’t want someone to come and say I’m assuming.

Anyway, nothing more happened. They just talked about average bro stuff such as happiness and love and finding the one. They even exchanged thanks. K-Brule said, “Thanks for everything.” To which Lolu replied, “Thanks for letting me in.” (Ahem. No pun intended, I guess).

So yes, just basic stuff. They kept looking at each other (or kept eye-fucking each other, depends on who you ask)…

And then there was some skin to skin.

One might say they’re definitely going to get together after the show for more “bro talk.”

Or maybe it’s just my mind going crazy again.

Written by Kayode

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  1. Kenny
    February 19, 10:54 Reply

    Lol. You’re just reaching

  2. Mandy
    February 19, 11:32 Reply

    ??????? This is hilarious.
    “Thanks for letting me in”? Oh Lolu, how could you? ???

  3. Net
    February 19, 16:10 Reply

    Lol it’s definitely ur mind going crazy

  4. aAyaaH
    February 19, 18:14 Reply

    Whoever wrote this piece is so funny.

  5. Bibi
    February 19, 18:30 Reply

    Thanks for letting me in deep … although im in pains and i need that anusol cream *crying***

  6. trystham
    February 20, 05:43 Reply

    Toh! Pjay wee be calling me conspiracy theorist now

  7. yazz soltana
    February 20, 14:09 Reply

    Anytime I just see that K’Brule my gaydar just goes Skrrrr par par….

  8. yazz soltana
    February 20, 14:11 Reply

    Asking for my village people…

    Is it against the law of the show to engage in gayism….

    • Pankar
      February 25, 17:52 Reply

      Truly I’ve always thought about being gay on bb

      And K. Brulé is always about ” my towel, my this, my that” …like a gal. And isn’t it amazing he ain’t aware of any singular girl on that show.

      I think (read, wish) that Ifu is gay. She insinuates being a virgin and having an ‘inactive’ sex laif

  9. Pankar
    February 25, 18:00 Reply

    This k brule- lolu scene was so warm…Kbrule oozing much warmth. There was eye contact and gratitude. Lol

  10. Anita
    February 26, 04:08 Reply

    Lmao..jack reacher ??..I think k brule is tho ..my gaydar hardly fails

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