Do You Want To Be A Part Of Change? ‘Safer Nudes’ Is Calling For Your Contribution

Do You Want To Be A Part Of Change? ‘Safer Nudes’ Is Calling For Your Contribution

Safer Nudes Nigeria is calling on queer individuals in Lagos and Abuja who are interested in participating in a one-day meeting to discuss in real time and find solutions to:

Safer ways of meeting dates online and offline

Sending nudes safely

Dealing with revenge porn, blackmail and extortion

Avoiding kito and other stories that touch.


Interested in sharing your past experience or learning from others what to spot and avoid? Then send a DM to @safernudes_ng on instagram or an email to with the following information.




Sexuality (optional)


Deadline for Notice of Interest is 24 Feb, 2019.


It will be confidential, safe, and a thoroughly fun learning and teaching experience.

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  1. Canis VY Majoris
    February 16, 17:36 Reply

    Weird name choice, doesn’t exactly depict discretion and confidence.

    • Stretch
      February 16, 21:24 Reply

      I think they were going for effect hence the oxymoron

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