Homophobic Trolls are not happy that Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black are having a baby

Homophobic Trolls are not happy that Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black are having a baby

It turns out that in 2018, a lot of people still aren’t happy about two men having a baby together.

Yesterday, Valentine’s Day, Olympic diver Tom Daley and Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black announced they are having their first child. The married couple, aged 23 and 43, are believed to be having the child via surrogate, posting a selfie with an ultrasound scan to Instagram.

But plenty of people on social media are furious with the news, criticizing the men and claiming gay people shouldn’t have children.

One commenter wrote: “Someone has to stop this. One day your day will come. Leave innocent children out of it. By the way, who out of you two gay guys is carrying the child? Disgusting.”

Another added: “I’m sorry but I do not agree with same sex marriage couples having kids it ain’t normal a child should be born a man and women [sic] relationship end of they need there heads dipping into ice cold water”.

The pair had announced the news on Instagram, sharing a picture of themselves with an ultrasound scan.

Daley wrote: “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!”, followed by an emoji of two men and a child.

Black added: “A very happy #ValentinesDay from ours to yours.”

The celebrity couple got married in May 2017, and recently sold their London penthouse flat, presumably to make way for a new family home.

In a recent interview, Daley had hinted that he and Black plan to start a family. He said: “It’s not a question of ‘if’, just ‘when’. I’ve always said I’ll keep diving as long as my body lets me. But the beauty of being an athlete is you retire young and you’ve got your whole life ahead of you. Once I’ve finished with diving, there are going to be other avenues I’d like to explore. Family has always been a massive thing.”

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  1. Francis
    February 15, 08:38 Reply

    Homophobia everywhere you go. Sad ? ?

  2. Wale
    February 15, 11:59 Reply

    In a perfect world where all humans are sensible, I won’t have any qualms with gay couples having children. But (what you hear are the unsheathing of claws to attack me), we do not live in such world and the child(ren) can be the butt of jokes from homophobic people and we can’t tell how the child(ren) will react to it.

    Also, I’ve noticed we (KDians) tend to be supportive of gay people/couples abroad wanting to and having children but tend to demonise people who want same here. Surrogacy is uncommon and expensive here.

    First time commenter but avid follower of the blog.

    • Pink Panther
      February 15, 13:16 Reply

      Which gay people who want children here have KDians demonised?

      • Wale
        February 15, 13:33 Reply

        Wait until any MGM post is put up and you see KDians saying the man got married only due to societal pressure (may be true) and not that he may want kids which a marriage will provide.

        • trystham
          February 15, 13:40 Reply

          Please, help me differentiate between GAY COUPLE and MGM. We should start ur dissection from there

        • Pink Panther
          February 15, 14:03 Reply

          You do realize you have lumped two very different issues together. There is GAY COUPLE and there’s MGM. Try to set your record straight before you lampoon KDians

          • Delle
            February 15, 18:58 Reply

            He clearly knows nothing. So much for “I’ve been an avid reader”

            • Victor Ukpa
              February 16, 07:25 Reply

              And you had to say these? Mgbeke like you! You totally repulse me!

  3. Dunder
    February 15, 12:52 Reply

    It’s not sad at all, in my opinion. This is textbook “Pepper them Gang” from the sweet couple on their way to more fulfillment. This hater follows them and is all in their business and now, they have provided him passive employment as a newscaster. The day his balls finally descend and he embraces whatever romantic or sexual idiosyncrasies he has, they will be his inspiration.

    With more gay couples starting and merging families, people who have opted to be traumatized by something that does not in any way concern them or hurt anyone have their adrenal glands put on notice- STRESS IS COMING!

    There are many heterosexual couples who have taken this route to parenthood and i’m sure they also heard similar sentiments aired by poke nosing in-laws and Neanderthal neighbors. In this life, we have to actively make our happiness, walk that road rarely traveled and put ourselves first. No one would find your happiness for you and everyone has a plan drawn out for your life. It is left for you to choose you and not the crowd.

  4. Colossus
    February 15, 17:46 Reply

    One day homophobia shall be a thing of the past, a relic never mentioned.

  5. Quinn
    February 15, 17:56 Reply

    All I see are old bigots talking nonsense! Step into the light people it’s 20_fucking_18!!! Good thing the wave of change is already in full force… It’s only a matter of time.

  6. Quinn
    February 15, 17:56 Reply

    Congrats to the couple. Such wonderful news!!!

  7. Delle
    February 15, 19:00 Reply

    Like all the kids being bred by heterosexual couples have grown to become amazing icons.

    I mean, look at the Homophobes. See what their lives have turned to because of irreparable hate and bigotry. Who begat them?

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