Chapter 4: Ejike and Other People

As Ejike pulled me into that dark empty classroom, we first shared a light kiss before proceeding to dry-hump each other fully clothed, this time with more passion and intensity. After going at it for a full ten minutes or so, I got bored because I wanted us to be naked. I sensed Ejike was getting bored too, and we both stopped what we were doing and stood there in awkward silence. We knew that taking this thing further would be very risky, because just like in the real world, we also had problems with students who seek to expose those who “practise homosexuality” in the boarding house. So, we had to be careful. Bearing this in mind, we didn’t go on to do anything. We simply reordered ourselves and proceeded out of the classroom to the assembly hall for Socials.

Surprisingly to me, that intimate encounter didn’t change my relationship with Ejike, the way things changed between me and Wale. Ejike and I still goofed around like nothing happened. Life was going on as normal. The attention I got from boys not only in my dorm, but also from other dorms, kept waxing strong and my glow kept getting yummier by the day. One Saturday night, our school generator had a fault and technicians were working on it, so the whole school was in pitch darkness. As a result of this, almost everyone was out in the field, lounging and gisting under the moonlight. Very few students were in the hostels. I was among some of my mates, chattering about general stuff, when Ejike came to where I was seated, grabbed at my “boobs” and then fled in a run toward the hostel. I didn’t understand that this sudden play-play was Ejike’s attempt to get me to leave the group. And so, I didn’t chase after him. It was when he grabbed at me the third time that I understood his intent and gave chase.

He led me to a coded spot, where there was no one in sight. He grabbed me, pulling me close to him. We started kissing, more passionately than we did that night of the Socials. There was even tongue action. Pressed against him, I could feel his erection as much as I was sure he could feel mine. I dug into his boxers and grabbed ahold of his throbbing dick. He too dipped his hand into my boxers behind me to grab a handful of my ass. I quickly got tired of the dry-humping and got down on my knees, yanking down his boxers and stuffing his erect penis into my mouth.

This would be my first try at giving a blow job. I had no idea how many blowjobs Ejike had gotten, but from the way he was moaning and grinding against my face, I felt confident that I was doing a good job. I’d been getting my education from watching my eldest brother’s stash of mojo (porn CDs). I kept sucking and stroking Ejike, till he picked me up from my kneeling position and led me to into the dormitory, which was empty. We found a bed in a corner and carried on with our passion. He pulled my shorts down and held me steady on the bed.

And suddenly, I started to freak out, because I knew what he wanted to do and I hadn’t ever been penetrated by anyone. I tried to relax myself for what was coming next but it was futile, because when he tried to penetrate me, I gave a choked half-scream and writhed out of the bed and his grasp.

“You haven’t done this before?” he asked, as he smiled and stroked his manhood.

He sounded like I was supposed to be experienced in anal sex IN JSS 3. I wondered fleetingly just how many boys he’d been this sexually active with.

“No,” I replied, embarrassed by my inexperience.

He pulled me close to him again and asked me to lie down, put my legs together and relax. He wasn’t going to try penetrating me anally. Instead, he put his dick in between my thighs and began to fuck me like so, with me moving my body in tandem with his strokes. We kept at it for some minutes while deeply kissing each other.

And then, we heard voices coming down the verandah, and just as we sprang apart, Bode and Busayo walked into the dorm.

Bode and Busayo were my bunk mates. Since we slept in the same part of the dormitory, we were close to each other, often together whenever we were in the hostel. Even though it was apparent that they didn’t do boys.

Bode was the first to sight us with his torchlight catching Ejike and I in our mad scramble to right ourselves. The sight of my guilty nakedness made him freeze on the spot. Busayo followed after him and froze too. I pushed Ejike off me and was looking away from them as I adjusted myself. Without a word, the two of them left the room. Ejike left some moments after they did without exchanging any words with me. I stayed back inside, wandering about the room, in shock over my exposure. Even when the lights came on and other students began trooping back to the hostels, I didn’t go to my corner, because I didn’t want to face Bode and Busayo. I waited until Lights Out before sneaking into my bed, somehow managing to catch some sleep that night.

When I woke up the next day, Sunday, I lay on the bed, listening to the sounds of my dorm-mates moving around and chattering. I could hear Bode and Busayo conversing but it wasn’t about me. I didn’t rise from my bed; just lay there, immobile, still too ashamed to face them. I was however relieved that they’d obviously not told anyone what they saw, because no one had come to drag me out of my bed in disgrace.

Things became uncomfortable and awkward between me and my bunk mates. We lived in the same space, but we stopped saying anything to each other, not even a word of greeting. They refused to speak to me, and this silent treatment worsened my anxiety. They’d be having a conversation and when I’d try to join, they would get up and leave, shunning me. Their attitude really got to me and caused me to start being withdrawn. I wasn’t talking to anyone and I kept mostly to myself. Ejike tried to keep things normal between us, but I stopped being as responsive to his goofiness as I was before. He quickly got the message and began staying away from me. It was all so very depressing.

This situation went on for over a week, and then I decided to put an end to it. Since Bode and Busayo wouldn’t speak to me, I decided to write them a note. In the note, I apologised for what they caught me doing. Later that evening, I was out on the verandah, staring blankly at the compound, when my bunk mates came to join me. My heart skipped a beat when I saw them. They both put their hands on my back, and Busayo asked, “Why did you do it?”

“I don’t know what came over me,” I answered, suddenly close to tears.

No other word was said. We just stood there together, their hands on my back, the three of us staring out at the hostel compound.

After that day, things improved between us and we never talked about that night again. I was happy and returning to my old self. At some point, I remembered Ejike and how I pushed him away. At this point even, our hostel mates had noticed the deterioration of our friendship.

“Ejike, you and your wife dey quarrel?” some would teasingly say to him whenever they observed us in the same area not goofing around.

But there was no time to dwell on how bad things were between Ejike and I. Junior WAEC was approaching fast and we were all getting tensed and anxious with all the preparations for the exams. When the exams were looming, we had to spend our second term holiday in school, doing extra lessons called JSS3 Extensions. The boarding house became open to day students to come stay in for the JSS3 Extensions. I was excited by this, as I was eager to see a fresh set of naked bodies during shower time.

And then, something happened that made me even more grateful for the kind of people Bode and Busayo were. I witnessed for the first time someone’s kito.

I had just gotten to my class one morning, when I heard lots of raised voices coming from the classroom behind mine. I went out there to investigate, to see a group of boys gathered at a spot, all of them shouting and assaulting someone trapped in their middle. I pushed through the crowd to see who it was, and beheld Chidera. He was a day student “queen” turned temporary boarder. His face was swollen from bruises, and he was struggling with tears and speaking in a shaking voice. His assaulters were shouting questions and accusations at him, oftentimes slapping him.

I recoiled from the violence and called aside Tope, a boarding queen from another house, to ask him the reason behind why Chidera was getting assaulted. He told me that Chidera had been caught at Lights Out grinding on Victor, a boy from his class. The boy that caught them claimed he saw them romancing themselves. What stunned me even more was that the bastard who caught them had extorted them, promising not to tell anyone, only for him to broadcast everything to everyone the next day, which had now led to this – their ultimate disgrace. I couldn’t see Victor anywhere, but maybe, he had managed to escape the fury of this homophobic lot.

I left that classroom immediately, feeling inordinately full of fear. As I hurried out of the room, a loud voice from the back of the class shouted at me, “Bunny, your turn go soon reach. We go catch una one by one.”

Startled, I turned to see that the person who’d just threatened me was Uche, an overgrown, sluggish retard in my class. I looked at him with such loathing, before stalking off, not bothering to respond to his stupidity.

I got to my class and sat at my desk, thinking about how I could never trust anyone. I’d heard stories about kito, but witnessing this suddenly made it very real to me. As I sat there, feeling my dread wash over me, my thoughts went out to Chidera and Victor. I couldn’t imagine the trauma they must be going through. To be so betrayed and exposed viciously. Learning from their experience, I made the decision to spare no time for romance and simply focus on my studies and acing my JSSCE.

Written by Pleasure Bunny

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  1. King B
    May 04, 08:31 Reply

    LMAO at Sluggish Retard. Those set of guys were the most annoying. They were always looking scruffy, never on clean blazers, smelly mouth and hardly had their bath before coming for class. Basically nuisance. Memories!!!!!!

  2. Peace
    May 04, 09:34 Reply

    This reminds me of my own experience. On how I was beaten to a pulp, when I was caught too.

  3. KryxxX
    May 04, 10:31 Reply

    Boys hostel…….

    The worst place to experience a set up, being caught or falling into any sort of kito stuff…..

    Experienced it twice….. Secondary school and University.

    If there is a lobotomy procedure that could just take out that part of my brain lobes without harming me I’d sell my father’s house and go for it.

    The horror…. The torture….. The shame…. The fear…. The emotional trauma….. The fall in grades….. I just wanted to die but couldn’t kill myself. ?

    Boys are evil ?. Boys are evil ?. Boys are evil ?.

    • Mandy
      May 05, 07:23 Reply

      KryxxX, twice kitoed in secondary school and university? Nna, is it too traumatic still to tell the story? Cos I’d love to read it.

      • Pink Panther
        May 05, 07:33 Reply

        Especially the one of secondary school. Try as I can, I struggle with imagining kito in secondary school. As someone who grew up in a secondary school environment where gay sex was a way of life that wasn’t threatened by tattlers, this is really new to me.

  4. chryx
    May 04, 21:55 Reply


  5. Mandy
    May 05, 07:25 Reply

    To be expected to already know anal sex in JSS3??? ?? Lol. Omo men, na so una bad reach for that level? Some of us were only kissing and smooching at that level o.

  6. Delle
    May 05, 18:09 Reply

    At JSS3, you were expected to know all about Anal Sex and the guy, Ejike, obviously is a pro at it?

    At JSS3, mob attacks were already being carried out?
    You guys grew up fast and I do not know if it’s a good thing.

    I like this series. It’s very organic. Please, keep it coming.

  7. Cooper
    May 06, 00:59 Reply

    I can relate to this…. My best friend was kitoed twice in our senior sec school… They were always on the look out for me… Waiting for me to fall prey that some of them came in disguise… Was a horrible experience I must say… If only I can share the story…

    Pinky, give me your email, a friend got kitoed on Saturday by a gay guy he had sex with… With his permission I would like to share the story and info.

  8. PleasureBunny
    May 08, 17:17 Reply

    I’m glad you guys enjoy the series…
    Hypocrisy in Nigeria didn’t start today… You’ll find out that these peeps that set people up, turn out to be queer also. Some even do it to spite those that rejected their advances… Stay tuned, more gist is coming ?

    • Temi
      May 12, 16:20 Reply

      I as a person can’t wait ?? it brings back memories i had in Mayflower School.
      I sympathize with anyone who has been kitosized I have never experienced it but I’ve heard all sorts from people.

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