Kito Alert! II

Kito Alert! II

facebook-20160404-210953He has had many victims for this post to be ignored. Operating out of the Facebook account, David Gold D, this young man – who is reportedly gay – has been known to prey on guys who he has successfully extorted money and valuables from. I’m working on getting a couple of his victims that I know to tell their story. In the meantime, here’s the face of someone you really shouldn’t go visit on the premise of a hook-up.facebook-20160404-211056

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  1. Chizzie
    April 08, 07:39 Reply

    Hmm wonder what cream he is using…

    • Dennis Macaulay
      April 08, 08:01 Reply

      FunBactA is a mess, people should stay clear from it and all triple action creams unless for therapeutic purposes only and should use a little.

      The bleaching is caused by the antiinflammatory agent (bethamethazone) which causes a side effect of bleaching. It is a corticosteroid and WHO allows only 0.04% for steroid responsive skin conditions, but these companies add more than that so that it can bleach the skin wella and make the thing sell. It is a very well known carcinogen; everyone should be very wary of FunBactA and its sisters (Skineal, endix G etc).

      Buy single spectrum creams Like anti bacterial creams or antifungal creams or the steroids itself when prescribed because you are sure of the quantity added.

      Run far from these triple action creams

      • Francis
        April 08, 09:43 Reply

        Abeg which antibacterial cream you dey recommend? Na Endix G i dey use whenever pimple show face even though the dermatologist in my center hates it. She says na for doctors wey dey confused as for wetin to treat; fungal, bacterial or inflammatory condition. ??

        • Dennis Macaulay
          April 08, 10:20 Reply

          Topical clindamycin cream is your answer for acne, don’t buy ClinCap from Embassy Pharma tho, that shit doesn’t work. Find another brand.

          No dermatologist worth his salt will prescribe a triple action cream, it is a mess and Nigeria is nearly the only place where such nonsense is allowed to persist.

          • Colossus
            April 08, 15:24 Reply

            If only I was working in Embassy Pharmaceutical, I for sue.

  2. Dennis Macaulay
    April 08, 07:51 Reply

    Hair port? There is a salon on Evo road GRA called Hair Port! Is he based in Portharcourt? PP anyone?

    • Pink Panther
      April 08, 07:55 Reply

      He’s kito-ed folks across the country, DM. The friend I have was victimized here in Lagos. I’ve heard reports of Asaba and Abuja. The guy’s a busy guy

    • ambivalentone
      April 08, 07:59 Reply

      There’s one in Ife. Seen one at Ogbomosho *shrugs*

      My heart stopped. Scared it was someone I know. Can’t say I blame him. When ppl be gushing over him, his glaring kito tendencies keep being ignored.

      • Kenny
        April 08, 10:04 Reply

        But who will gush over this one now??? ??

      • Dennis Macaulay
        April 08, 10:24 Reply

        @ambivalentOne I take strong exceptions to your comment

        “can’t say I blame him, when people be gushing over him”

        It is tantamount to an endorsement of his behavior since people are “gushing over him” they deserve what they get. Its the same narrative that people tout in rape cases; “why was she wearing a short dress” “why was she at the club alone”, “what was she doing in his hotel room”.

        Arguments like this absolve the monsters of the crime somewhat and place the blame on the victims for not behaving properly.

        I am guessing what you meant to say came out wrongly and I ask that you clarify and retract please, we have young impressionable people here.

        • Francis
          April 08, 10:30 Reply

          DM read Ambivalentone comment one well. You’re seeing things.

          • ambivalentone
            April 08, 12:58 Reply

            Francis, I taya o. He prolly got too much into the Funbact-A critiquing and thot I was endorsing the fellow.

            • Dennis Macaulay
              April 08, 13:24 Reply

              Kindly clarify what you mean by

              Can’t say I blame him. When ppl be gushing over him, his glaring kito tendencies keep being ignored.

              I’m genuinely confused

  3. Masked Man
    April 08, 07:57 Reply

    He usually claims to be a doctor. My friend told me about him.

  4. Khaleesi
    April 08, 09:35 Reply

    Smh … He’s not even close to being attractive!!am not one to hate, but each time i see these flecks of scum, i feel a deep and intense hatred!! Please publish more details of this scumbag and if possible actual stories of his MO, and please, be social – share this widely even beyond the boundaries of this blog …

  5. KingBey
    April 08, 09:37 Reply

    He operates as a Medical Dr. My EX almost fell to his trap until he asked me about him and showed me pictures…i told him to run away ! He has pictures where he hangs a stethoscope in an office…apparently to deceive people.

  6. lluvmua
    April 08, 09:48 Reply

    he also has calabar and Benin in his network…….and yes DM he has been to pH……. he’s practically almost every where…

  7. Kenny
    April 08, 10:02 Reply

    Lagos, PH, Calabar, Aba, Abuja, Asaba just one person. I guess this kito business is now a full time enterprise for some.

    • Mandy
      April 08, 10:09 Reply

      The longer we remain criminalized, the more kito becomes a flourishing career for goats like this.

  8. Mandy
    April 08, 10:06 Reply

    Why’s the general consensus that he’s bleaching? Is that not his natural complexion, about as natural as the pond scum he is

  9. chuck
    April 08, 10:23 Reply

    It seems there is a shortage of gay men, if this guy is getting so many people to go visit him in so many parts of the country. Is he able to pull so many because he says he’s a doctor?
    Research is key.would you use drug without research? Don’t go exchanging body fluids with people you don’t know either.

    • Francis
      April 08, 10:28 Reply

      Very possible. The fascination with doctors baffles me. Na some gals no allow person see road for NYSC camp. Doctor doctor doctor ???

      • Dennis Macaulay
        April 08, 10:32 Reply

        See you, babes wey dey hustle future financial security. The idea is that doctors will get jobs easily and be well off financially lol.

        People who think that are living in 1980s Nigeria because now eh I know so many doctors without decent jobs, dey patch for private clinic earning 40k a month

        • Francis
          April 08, 10:56 Reply

          Assin eh! The situation is quite pathetic.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      April 08, 10:28 Reply

      How do you know them before you meet them?

      What I advocate is get a name ( a real name) and get on social media. Instagram and Facebook is good for research, if you don’t have many mutual gay friends with the person I suggest you tread very carefully.

      And I always say, trust your instincts; they always never lie and its also better that they lied and you are safe than they were ignored and you got into trouble, seeing as the law won’t be on your side

      • chuck
        April 08, 10:48 Reply

        Meet them at neutral, public places. Spend time with them and find out what they’re about. Do this before hooking up.

        • Dennis Macaulay
          April 08, 12:10 Reply

          Pardon me, I thought “hooking up” meant meeting the other person. Clearly it has another meaning I didn’t consider

          • Francis
            April 08, 12:13 Reply

            LMAO. I’ve always known it as the actual sex part

  10. Delle
    April 08, 10:52 Reply

    Look at him, apparently all he’s putting on is either stolen or bought with stolen money. I’m pretty sure he’s comfortable with this ‘business’ of his what with the horrible economy presently.

    He is not even my type so I wonder how a bleached ass someone like this can set me up. Sigh.

    • ambivalentone
      April 08, 13:05 Reply

      lol This, was my very 1st thot. I didn’t wanna sound bad-belle ish seeing as the 1st few comments complimented his ‘nice’ skin tone and apparently his market is selling well enough to have branches nationwide ROTFL

      • Delle
        April 08, 13:39 Reply

        Ahn my dear, you had better start saying it as it is o. Bad belle ke? That guy cannot read on my metre. If there are lots of me out there, his business would be worse than the fuel situation in this country right now!

        • ambivalentone
          April 08, 13:59 Reply

          nwoke m, d energy is just not there today. It was only amusing. Previous pics put up and the comments following wud make you pity the kito-er. This one had really mild comments. Shebi it is ONLY bleaching. I had to tread softly

          • Delle
            April 08, 14:06 Reply

            Well, I have to give it to this guy. At least, he got himself out of poverty through kito-ing people unlike the street urchins that are notorious for the horrendous act. He even has enough to maintain a bleaching routine…oh well.

  11. sucrescalada
    April 08, 11:28 Reply

    Wait ooo this guy still operates??? I know he almost kito(d) a friend of mine way back in the uni… Buh my friend was a hard meat to swallow.. I tot he was done with this life style … Na waoo pole would not go and find somefin better to do with dia lifes…

    • Delle
      April 08, 13:40 Reply

      ‘Way back in uni’? This guy has been around for long…hmm

  12. Lorde
    April 08, 12:24 Reply

    Ewww! Nigga is hideous sef

  13. Tiercel de Claron
    April 08, 12:54 Reply

    Keep seeing folks saying ewww,yet the guy’s ministry seem to be moving.I wonder who he preys on then,martians?

  14. prince
    April 08, 13:59 Reply

    PP, pls can I have your email address?

  15. posh6666
    April 08, 14:53 Reply

    I really do wonder about the peepz hooking up with this bleached pig.A person who bleaches can never be my friend talk more of shagging ewwwww…
    I’m curious after so many yrs of him kitoing peeps,he has never also been kitoed?luck or jazz maybe?people like these deserve a very tragic end and by his grace he will meet a very painful end.

    As for those who hookup with fat,bleached cows like this guy i really wonder for you oh..Like how do you shag an overweight guy who bleaches?the body odour must be off the hook lol….As for the unapologetic bleachers here on kd please what kind of a guy are you bleaching?you look stupid what happened to getting a good cream that suits your skin colour and looking good?self esteem issue i guess well watever!

    • Kenny
      April 08, 15:48 Reply

      Looool. Posh take deep breaths. This is about a potential ‘kito-er’ not fat people or those who bleach their skin. *hands you a bottle of cold coke*

    • Delle
      April 08, 16:22 Reply

      Ahn! Someone has taken this personal. Lol

    • Francis
      April 08, 16:35 Reply

      Focus! Focus! Focus! This is not about fat people or bleachers! Besides I don’t see any sign of bleaching on the guy. Maybe he went the glutathione way.

      Saying you can’t be friends with bleachers get as e be

  16. Stein
    April 08, 21:53 Reply

    @Dennis Macaulay: Nerd alert.
    Am I the only here who feels like he should get a taste of what kito feels like?

  17. Judgment!!
    May 31, 13:00 Reply

    David Gold. D!!! His very close to his grave… I know…

  18. Elo Chukwu
    January 02, 09:30 Reply

    Well well well, we have all said a lot about this said guy and up till now his still on top. 1st. Thing i have came to find out about this guy is that he is not hungry at all because if he was there is no way he can pull all this moves, 2nd, i think his careless of what anybody thinks about him because am sure he believes his not bad 3rd, we have refused to reach this guy and find out the way forward so that he can stop his rage and give us soft landing, 4th, i have heard of setup cases in this country before and its always serious with beatings and wounds too but there has not been one of such with this guy, why i just wonder. Let me advise us as tbs, dnt you think if we find away and reach this guy lets see how we can talk him down because we have been saying a lot about him from day one and nothing has changed till now. Its time to try the 3rd way and i bet you it will work out.

  19. Kvng
    February 10, 12:46 Reply

    I think the only way we can win this war is if we give these people a dose of their own medicine. Let’s stop being a victim but use this opportunity to stand up for ourselves. Since we cannot report to the police, i wonder how they will report that they tried to hook up with a guy but got mugged.
    Truth is, not every potential hook up is safe, u cannot go meet someone alone, when going for a hookup, go with someone, maybe two to accompany u to the place, it gives u some sort of leverage as well.

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