KITO ALERT! IV – The Kito-er’s version

KITO ALERT! IV – The Kito-er’s version

So another Kito alert story broke earlier this week here on Kito Diaries. As usual KDians came out, handbags swinging and with pitchforks to gut the alleged perpetrator – and rightly so too. Whenever Kito is involved, I’m all for rooting out the Gorgon, severing crucial parts of the Neanderthal’s reproductive organs, dragging him behind a truck at 60km/h along a hot tarred road and then cutting off his head.

However I felt this story was one-sided. Because of the way it was presented, it felt like the KDian involved and Edidiong Sandy were having a jolly conversation prior to what was presented. Somewhere in the conversation, one of them yarned rubbish and things were said. It could easily have been an angry threat by one gay person to another taken out of context, but when presented in a certain way, could cause an online furore.

I felt the Edidiong fellow needed to have his day in court before being hung, drawn and quartered. And if indeed this guy is a kito-er, it would be interesting to know what motivates him to mete such evil on gay men. To understand his thought process. And perhaps established whether there is a correlation between him being vertically challenged and pure evil.

So in the spirit of avoiding “the danger of a single Story” and furthering fairness by pursuing “a balanced report” (In short, Gbeborun…plus it was Sunday, business was slow), I dusted off my Christian Louboutins, threw my black silk Persian shawl over my head, summoned my inner Christiane Amanpour and sent a Facebook friend request to Edidiong Sandy, to get his version of the events.

The following screenshots show the conversation:IMG-20160906-WA004IMG-20160906-WA005IMG-20160906-WA006IMG-20160906-WA008IMG-20160906-WA009IMG-20160906-WA010IMG-20160906-WA011

Oh well, there goes my Pulitzer Prize. I will stick to my day (or night) job.

Note to self: Don’t wear heels in pursuit of the truth. Trainers are better when it comes to avoiding trailer jam.

Written by Keredim

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  1. MagDiva
    September 08, 07:09 Reply

    ” I got into it 2 years ago”

    ” I do it once in a while”

    ” the guy that converted me”

    Wow! Just wow! jesus take the wheel.

  2. Harry
    September 08, 07:09 Reply

    You two seem to have been heading somewhere and he was being quite frank with you.. Why did you decide to spoil it by being rude? This your investigation skills sha..

    • ambivalentone
      September 08, 07:42 Reply

      He was rude? Biko, direct me to d portion of the chat where rudeness was exhibited.

    • Mandy
      September 08, 07:51 Reply

      He was rude? You’re kidding, right Harry?

  3. Masked Man
    September 08, 07:14 Reply

    “That’s a shame”

    I just knew it had to be Keredim.

  4. Dim
    September 08, 07:26 Reply

    The guy is yet to discover himself and he is a potential kito material. Caveat Emptor

  5. ambivalentone
    September 08, 07:39 Reply

    Wait!!! You want to ask questions from an alleged kito-er, a Nigerian no less and u are asking direct questions? O ti pe ju ni UK mehn. Your investigative game is weak mehn. What happened to dangling the carrot before the horse???

  6. wiffey
    September 08, 07:43 Reply

    That guy is gay that’s the simple truth. He may not have been schooled on acceptance but nevertheless queer. Most people are dragged into their sexuality without understanding it which builds fear that make them react with violence when poked.

    • Delle
      September 08, 12:04 Reply

      I don’t know mehn, but it seems Google is loosing customers by the minute.

  7. Mandy
    September 08, 07:54 Reply

    LMAO @ talk carelessly and insultive.
    Shame on you Keredim. Christiane Amanpour would be so disappointed at your careless and ‘insultive’ investigative skills.

  8. Kenny
    September 08, 08:17 Reply

    ????? Dude wasn’t even interested in what Keredim was selling. You’re not my spec? ????

  9. posh666
    September 08, 08:17 Reply

    Shey I told you guys that this useless mortar looking dwarf of a guy was absolutely gay and the macho Mary type who can easily be fucked by 5guys at a time. I can smell it frm miles away!

    Niggah pls stop lying you know you are the one who gets screwed and you know you love it.So stop with the lies of the person that converted you has traveled abroad and this niggah said he screws but only enjoy it sometimes really???

    Hahahaha pls who calls himself a top and say he doesnt enjoy fucking ass?you don’t have mb but you are chatting on facebook? He’s an opportunist and a setup see the way gist was flowing immediately he heard Keredim lives abroad.

    • Pink Panther
      September 08, 08:24 Reply

      And then when Keredim revealed his purpose, suddenly he was not his spec. Lmao

      • posh666
        September 08, 08:39 Reply

        Imagine the desperado oshi for him mind market don sell…Honestly I really really hate these setup guys and I sincerely pray they all get what they deserve eventually.

        Kito is one of the most horrible thing that can ever happen to you.You feel powerless and it does a major damage to ones psyche.

        I don’t even wish it on those I don’t like…Well except those few arrogant pricks who feel invisible and believe they are super human and it can never happen to them.

  10. pete
    September 08, 08:47 Reply

    This guy has got issues. And to think I gave him the benefit of doubt when the kito alert was posted.

  11. Rapum
    September 08, 09:19 Reply

    Maybe dude misunderstood “that’s a shame.” When I chat with my country people I cherry-pick my expressions. Olodo rapata is not a joke.

    Also, I feel that kito story was one-sided. It would have helped if the preceding conversation were made available to us.

  12. Kerr
    September 08, 10:13 Reply

    If only Keredim was a little bit patient , you almost got to him before you dropped the link. If you wanted to extract such info, you should’ve kept the joviality coming….. Eventually, asking him the question as some sort of comic relief would’ve brought out the truth effortlessly.
    If only you had waited a little …

    • posh666
      September 08, 10:56 Reply

      Honestly Keredim did just fine.From the little chat they had its clear he’s a setup and obviously gay too.I don’t think there was any point in wasting time chatting with such a low life being life is too short for you to be wasting it anyhow…Keredim doesn’t live in naija and he has done the little he can.

      Some kdians here obviously know his location and they said he’s a corper so if they want to treat his fuckup here is all the evidence they need.

  13. Delle
    September 08, 12:00 Reply

    Why you even continued the convo after he said, “I just got into it 2 years ago” beats me. Shaaize! Such demented fellow.
    This is eet o. Those wans dat tink being gay is a station on TV dat you can change at will.
    “I do the screwing”…MTCHEEW!!!

    • posh666
      September 08, 12:04 Reply

      I’m telling you the boy looks and sounds like an asshole!

    • posh666
      September 08, 12:05 Reply

      I’m telling you the boy looks and sounds like an asshole!I want to stab him like 100times

  14. Canis VY Majoris
    September 08, 14:49 Reply

    LMAO!! that went from -0.00 – 100^5 real quick! .

    Imagine if it was caught on tape.

    So there’s Facebook in Middle Earth.

  15. fresh
    September 08, 20:06 Reply

    Loooool….ohh this magot is a gay and adore setting up sweet guys up. Most homophobic are one and some have potential to be one. Most gym centers are occupied by this dead corpse that will react as if they don’t get screwed# macho mary#

  16. Brian Collins
    September 08, 22:01 Reply

    Lmao, Umu KD are just a viciously evil. Kilode? Posh, Delle you pipu shud camdan na

  17. Nel
    September 09, 07:52 Reply

    To think I was just trying to meet people. Now this scares me_ “homophobic gay? “

  18. johnjimiflex
    September 09, 19:38 Reply

    there’s a war going on in that guys mind and trust me, it’ll destroy him…. for a lowlife necrophilic confused machomary, he sure has a loud mouth and a bloated ego! inukwa “not my specs”? ewo!

  19. Kennedy
    September 11, 12:28 Reply

    The guy is a real queer and a btm… Just obsessed by kito…as a means of making money.

  20. Lord Naughtiness
    September 13, 03:36 Reply

    …I do the screwing…

    Seriously???… The dude is obviously kito….

    carelessly and insultive… I am still looking for the insult oooo…if u see it abeg tell me oooo….

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