Lady Gaga Seems To Have Realized She Doesn’t Need The Outrageous Antics To Be A Success

Lady Gaga Seems To Have Realized She Doesn’t Need The Outrageous Antics To Be A Success

“This is the year I did what I wanted instead of trying to keep up with what I thought everyone else wanted from me. At the end of 2014, my stylist asked, ‘Do you even want to be a pop star anymore?’ I looked at him and I go, ‘You know, if I could just stop this train right now, today, I would. I just can’t. [But] I need to get off now because I’m going to die. I think for Adele it is (good enough just being an artist). I think for Bruno Mars it is. But that’s what I learned from working with Tony: If talent isn’t the thing, then you are way off-base. My birthday is in March, so these are the last moments of my twenties. I want to show women they don’t need to try to keep up with the 19-year-olds and the 21-year-olds in order to have a hit. Women in music, they feel like they need to fucking sell everything to be a star. It’s so sad. I want to explode as I go into my thirties.”

— Lady Gaga, reflecting on her career faux pas in an interview with Billboard, which named her “Woman of the Year”

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  1. ken
    December 06, 06:36 Reply

    Uh huh! Preach sister!
    Lady gaga my heroine! Nobody will tell u wen ur body parts start falling off

    But mark my words…she’s gonna come back with the most shockingly crazy gesture/dressing very soon. cos once u go GAGA u cant go sane!

  2. ken
    December 06, 06:38 Reply

    Btw pp u better start prepping my award for always being FTC! 🙂

  3. Mandy
    December 06, 07:06 Reply

    Lol. Adele, schooling other pop stars on how it’s done since 1977.

  4. Colossus
    December 06, 07:39 Reply

    It’s about damn time. She is really talented, let the talent speak.

  5. Max
    December 06, 09:05 Reply

    She should take it easy on the fried chicken though, else she’ll be rolling in the deep with Adele real soon..

  6. Delle
    December 06, 09:33 Reply

    She was just too many. Very plenty a human being, with all the outrageous and overly busy costumes, the red carpet wears (that horse costume had me in stitches), her edgy and SCARY demon-inclined videos…Lady Gaga was just like a thrilling movie that keeps you at the edge of your seat in excitement but one you knew would come to an end (it’s a movie after all).
    She may have run out of ideas, that’s not a surprise seeing as I am not intrigued by her anymore. I just pray she finds her footing or she’d just fizzle out like Iggy Azalea.

  7. Chizzie
    December 06, 11:12 Reply

    Hmm don’t know how I feel about this, Gaga isn’t exactly a vocalist, it’s her over the top antics that make her Gaga. I think she needs to find a balance between making good campy songs and relying on her Gaga crazy girl shtick like she perfectly did during her Poker Face days, plus she needs to go back to working with RedOne!

    I get that she’s in a jazzy phase with Tony Bennett but pls we need old Gaga back

    • Tarter
      December 06, 11:56 Reply

      lady gaga is a vocalist, she can actually sing,a good one at that, she doesn’t need to hit the high notes,head voice, and other vocal acrobatics to be a vocalist.. hell,adele isn’t even a great singer,she just has massive emotion and sensitivity while singing

      • Peak
        December 06, 13:13 Reply

        @Tarter, I sort of agree with you. Gaga is not a naturally gifted singer, but you can tell from her techniques and vocal executions that she has indeed gone through extensive vocal training which invariably makes her a vocalist. She may not have a big voice, but she sure knows how to navigate and work with what she’s got beautifully.

    • Ewedu
      December 06, 14:42 Reply

      I disagree, Lady Gaga is actually a vocalist and she is one of the only female vocalists relevant now, the other ones being Beyonce and Pink only. She has an incredible lower register, and she is technically trained. Her vocal placements are to be envied, plus she is very versatile. Part of my anger with her is that she is very talented, she can write, sing, dance, perform. She is a Total package, I don’t know why she chose to rely on gimmicks. If it’s someone like Rihanna, Katy Perry, etc, I’d wouldn’t be mad but she doesn’t have a reason.

      • Mirage
        December 07, 00:00 Reply

        This is where u peeps use sentiments,vocals pink I know but please exclude beyonce cos vocally she is not there she is more of a performer she does more of booty shaking than sing,I thought singing was more of ur voice being the instrument?and on this note I call mariah,Jennifer Hudson, pink,Barbara, celine,j Blige …

        • Ewedu
          December 07, 00:05 Reply

          Beyonce isn’t there vocally? Do I Laugh at this statement or just ignore it. Please leave vocal discussions to people who actually know about vocal pedagogy. You might not like her booty shaking, etc but girl can SANG, and vocally she is a technical beast. Do not come for Beyonce when it comes to vocals. Hate on another thing, but not that.

  8. KryxxX
    December 06, 11:19 Reply


    Still trying to wrap my head on this her “woman of the year” award though………

    This year or “Poker face” year?

    • Delle
      December 06, 12:20 Reply

      I swear! I was wondering the exact same thing. Oh well *shrugs*

    • Peak
      December 06, 13:15 Reply

      My brother, I smell bullshit. Her and her team are probably prepping for 2016

    • Chizzie
      December 06, 14:20 Reply

      Her team obviously paid Billboard off. That award should have gone to Taylor Swift, I’m not a fan of hers but admittedly she had major music gains in a single calendar year than any other female musician. Billboard lost my respect after this.

      • E.G.
        December 06, 21:25 Reply

        Taylor won it last year!

    • Ewedu
      December 06, 14:32 Reply

      Lady Gaga should just suck it up. She has been saying the same thing since Artpop “flopped”. I love her, but she should do less talking, go away for sometime, let people miss her. Then come back with something fresh. She is one of the few talented women in the industry and talent always makes a come back. Thank God she has realized her mistakes but she has flogged that dead horse for so long

  9. Uziel
    December 06, 12:26 Reply

    Like all actors, she’s gotten tired of the character. I actually don’t her her argument about not competing with younger musicians. She feels better thinking knowing she’s out of their league? For some reason, that makes me uncomfortable. I liked Lady G, and I wouldn’t have gotten tired of her venture. She could still handle it. Whilst they aren’t exactly the rave of the moment, Madonna and Cher have somewhat maintained the craziness associated with them which is part of their whole gimmick. Just find a balance.

  10. Peak
    December 06, 13:26 Reply

    Sorry Gaga, but I am not buying what you are selling. She ran out of steam simple. When ur whole career isbuilt on outlandishness and gimmickry, its only a matter of time before the chips starts falling off. I knew she was done when she went as far as allowing her self to be puked on during a live taping of her BTWT, just to cause controversy and extend her 15 minutes of fame.
    Like most iconic pop stars, she is trying to reinvent herself. I’m just not sure if the general public is here for it. Her outlandishness was what set her apart from the other pop gjrls, her lane that the others can touch. Comparing urself to Adele who is on her own lane is not a good look. All the best to her nonetheless. Gaga lost me after “The Fame monster”.

  11. Dickson Clement
    December 06, 13:38 Reply

    I think she can sing *somehow*, in one of the academy awards, she performed soundtracks from sound of music. If she deletes her whole theatrics, she may find it difficult to find her footing in the ever changing industry! *Goodluck to her though!*

  12. Delle
    December 06, 15:48 Reply

    With all the statements and comments above, one can conveniently and confidently say that, whilst Gaga may have fans, she doesn’t have anyone crazy about her in anyway. So much for all the expensive costumes and regalia…

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