Make me yours!

Those were the words that ran through my head the day I first saw you

Forcing myself to concentrate on my books was all I could do

To stop myself from staring, from appreciating your sheer beauty

The raw power of your manliness had me reeling as if drunk on strong wine

And when you said hello, taking my trembly hand in yours to shake

My cells turned afire and my body screamed, Make Me Yours!


This feeling is strange to me, a sentiment for the past years of gauche jejunity

I should not still be able to feel this way, heart pounding, face flushed

But there it was, my traitorous self betraying me upon your presence

What have you done to me?

What spell have you spoken through those lips that look as soft as berries

And surrounded by a thicket of beard that beckons for my fingers so

How have you come to wield so much power over me?

Would you not Make Me Yours?


We are very different, you and I, yet I know you are all I will ever need

With your roguish charm, you have stolen me from me

You climbed over my defenses and broke down my walls from within

And no, I did not wish to resist nor a struggle put up to your invasion

Who would have thought that a heart made so cold would thaw this fast

Can you not see through me, can you not Make Me Yours?


My favorite soldier, I call you, when in reality you are my only soldier

My heart skips every time you say my name

A quickening of my pulse, a surge of heat through my marrows

I stand vulnerable before you, asking, yearning for you

To breach my castles and take me captive

Make me your prisoner and never grant me parole

For surely, the gods have sent you my way, soldier boy, to Make Me Yours!

Written by Queen Blue Fox

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    • Mandy
      October 24, 06:43 Reply

      I can just imagine that when you and your Kenny reunite again, the clothes on your back will not live to tell the story of that reunion 😀

      • Di-Navy
        October 24, 06:58 Reply

        Mandy you have gone haywire . honestly , we won’t know how to act . rorflmho.
        soon come anyways .

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