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Man Crush Saturday: Michael Bonny Bassey

The former BBA star turned actor/model who got signed to one of the biggest modeling agencies in Nigeria Isis Modeling agency is fast making a name for himself. Touring the

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So You Think Homosexuality Is A Sin?

I saw this photo awhile ago and I thought to share. It’s pretty hilarious and yet another strike at the seemingly unflinching homophobia that plagues the world. Check it out.

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Photo: When Taylor Swift And Justin Bieber Became A Lesbian Couple

You can thank (or blame) Miley Cyrus for bringing this to our attention — face swap Taytay and the Biebs and you’ve got yourself one adorable lesbian couple. Taylor’s response?

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  1. Kenny
    March 27, 09:13 Reply

    Looks at flavour, *unlooks*

    Happy Easter

    • Pink Panther
      March 27, 09:15 Reply

      Why are you unlooking this Easter gift the good Lord has given unto us, eh? 😀

      • Kenny
        March 27, 09:24 Reply

        I’ve seen it one too many times jare. That doesn’t take away from its beauty though

    • Mitch
      March 27, 14:54 Reply

      *picks up a baseball bat* Who mentioned my Wes?

  2. Theo
    March 27, 10:29 Reply

    He better be a grower coz this package I’m seeing is not all that flavourized. ????

  3. Eddie
    March 27, 10:33 Reply

    Still waiting for the day that i’ll get to lick the whipped cream of his pecs!!!! #lovethatflavour

  4. Mitch
    March 27, 11:29 Reply

    Not today Satan, not today!

    Jesus is RISEN, HALLELU!

  5. Marc Francis of Chelsea
    March 27, 11:59 Reply

    You shoulda included that very hot suspect pic of him in a pool with another hottie wearing sagged speedos.

  6. bruno
    March 27, 12:12 Reply

    er… how about the cakes?

  7. Richard Moore
    March 27, 13:20 Reply

    You know that I have a massive crush on Flavour and you decided to bring this up on my way to His Presence. Diaris God oooooo

  8. Khaleesi
    March 27, 14:42 Reply

    Hotttttt!!! Beautiful man!!!! A major victory to pussyville if he’s straight!

  9. ambivalentone
    March 27, 15:42 Reply

    That third pics tho…His breasts are beginning to sag o.

  10. Zol
    March 27, 23:29 Reply

    Nope, does nothing for me.
    He’s not all that and I don’t think he even deserves to be the Man Crush Sunday this week. Just saying.

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