Man Crush Wednesday: Kenneth Nwadike

Man Crush Wednesday: Kenneth Nwadike

Model Kenneth Nwadike 13I was busy minding my business at work one day, when this dude walked up to me, an incredible TALL drink of water. You see him and you see those three clichéd terms spring to life – Tall, Dark and Handsome. Kai! And he has quite the down-to-earth manner about him, as evidenced by the banter he and I soon got going.

Plus, do you know that in the modeling industry, word has it that he’s known simply as The Body? Well, check him out below, and you’ll have no doubt about that.Model Kenneth Nwadike 14Model Kenneth Nwadike 12Model Kenneth Nwadike 10

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LOL! So, whose relationship here ended because he or his ex got a new job in this bank?

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Caption this.


  1. October 01, 05:58 Reply

    Very nice shirt @first pic

  2. king
    October 01, 06:30 Reply

    Hmm “tall drink of water” yes he is tall and?….next!

    OK ok ok just kidding he’s ok sha!!

  3. Dominic
    October 01, 06:38 Reply

    #Team black. My souls says yes Lurd!

    • s_sensei
      October 01, 11:18 Reply

      I love you, Nick! I’m on the floor, laughing!

  4. Neon
    October 01, 07:16 Reply

    Is he this big now! Met him a couple of times (at Arise and AFWL). Thought his shine ended with the Model of Africa thingy *just saying* His body is one piece that gets me cooing though… but he’s really not my type *singing Jay Z’s On To The Next One*

  5. Dennis Macauley
    October 01, 07:23 Reply

    I always find men like this shallow and self absorbed. I could be wrong tho!

    Too much muscle for me!

    I will pass

    Was gonna use the “Akpan” line, but Pink Panther (who is obviously in love with him) and chestnut will kill me, so lemme just shut up and sip my tea!

  6. daniel
    October 01, 07:26 Reply

    I love the serenity of the pool…..

  7. Metrosexual
    October 01, 07:35 Reply

    *whispers* Mehnnnn.. The blouse in d 1st pic didn’t do well in covering his boobs……*runs away*

  8. Samaurai
    October 01, 07:55 Reply

    Sorry to say, Pinky, but there is nothing really spectacular about this guy. He is muscular, though. And that’s all

  9. gad
    October 01, 08:18 Reply

    He looks okay with clothes on

  10. lluvmua
    October 01, 08:28 Reply

    *phew* I guess I would just leave him for khaleesi *combs hair and sips tea* Next!!! #dennis plz chk ur mail, #HAPPY INDEPENDENCE!

        • pinkpanthertb
          October 01, 09:07 Reply

          All these things you people are sending…
          Diaris Mrs. Macaulay oo!

      • Mrs Macaulay
        October 01, 10:14 Reply

        I will be screening messages and deciding the ones that get responded to and the ones that will go to junk.

        Pink Panther, you did not ask of me! You are taking sides!

    • s_sensei
      October 01, 11:21 Reply

      Relationship drama! Hahaha! Never ceases to amuse me.

  11. Lothario
    October 01, 09:49 Reply

    Of course he’s down-to-earth….look, when you’re an Agbonma and your roots aren’t all that, you can’t afford to have airs about you. You better be down-to-earth or there’s someone from your past just waiting with a bucket full of cold reality to take you down a notch. Everyone knows how he managed to get to where he is today, so he has to be nice so no one feels hurt or used or whatever.

    As for being known as The Body….these pageant queens make me tired.

  12. Remy Dubois
    October 01, 10:28 Reply

    Shallow kor, shallow nii..Kenneth nwadike come n eat me biko…just eat me up!…pheeeew!…d dude is smoking hot jare

  13. Khaleesi
    October 01, 12:58 Reply

    oh lawd!!! breaks out in cold sweat & fans self vigorously*** HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!!! YUM YUM YUM!!! bitches, hes mine! ! **cocks shotgun*** and that blouse! ! I lovvvvve the plunging neckline and the buttons down the side! a totally stylish hunk who isn’t afraid of being in touch wt his feminine side!! Perfect!!! biko who can hook me up????

    • simba
      October 01, 16:12 Reply

      Kaleesi, u should come with pinky.. If possible.. ask him wht I mean, he ll tell u dear

  14. Ace
    October 01, 13:45 Reply

    Funny, he is my friend on Facebook. I have had my fill of viewing his incredibly hot busy. I am tired of virtual window shopping, I want him for real

  15. enigmous
    October 01, 16:33 Reply

    Whatever you people say…Kenneth please come and do me 24/7/366…I will be ready and waiting. Khaleesi get ready for fight *readying my witches broom*

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