Morning Humour XXXIV: The Girlfriend/Wife Question

Morning Humour XXXIV: The Girlfriend/Wife Question

Aunt: My son, when are we going to see your wife?

Me: Soon. As soon as I finish establishing myself.

What about you? How have you reacted to/dodged the question about your girlfriend or future wife?

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  1. Foxydevil
    November 25, 08:43 Reply

    Marriage has never made it to my bucket list.
    Everyone around me already sort of knows that, so they wouldn’t waste their breath asking me such.
    I’m gonna be ridiculously successful .Then I would adopt seven girls.
    Men are good for a little rumble in the sack, but that’s basically all they are good for. I can’t stand them, their annoying snore or their morning after smell (tsk)
    Having one as a live in partner is not on my bucket list either.
    Training girls that will one day rule the world, that gives me multiple orgasms. ?

    • Delle
      November 25, 08:50 Reply

      Just because you have bad hygiene that resulted in your getting body odor doesn’t mean that story is for everyone. There are men that take their bodies very seriously.

      Thought to let you know. ?

  2. Delle
    November 25, 08:48 Reply

    Mum: So who’s your girlfriend now? *cheeky smile*

    The woman is exhausting.

    Me: I have two actually.

    Her eyes shoot open.

    Mum: Really? You? Two girlfriends? Ngwa, who are they?

    Me: *straight face* You and my little sister.

    Mum: Yoozless boy! Something told me you were lying. Ozu! (dead body)

    Me: *carefully hides smirk*

  3. Lorde
    November 25, 08:58 Reply

    Lol lawd knows how many times I’ve answered that first question like that

  4. Bibi g
    November 27, 21:17 Reply

    Dad : who is your babe show us the babe

    Me : No Babe oh “continues pressing Phone “

    Dad : I know u are chatting with those boys either ik or dm ……

    Me : Yeah

    Dad : ehen how is Ik how’s his job

    Me : verry fine he’s recently got a promotion etc

    Dad : ok oh well “ANYBODY” you are sleeping with
    Use a condom sha

    Me :: ?????

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