Patient Falls In Love With Doctor, Says “I Don’t Mind Sharing Him With His Wife”

Patient Falls In Love With Doctor, Says “I Don’t Mind Sharing Him With His Wife”

An asthmatic gay man went to his doctor for help… only to have his breath taken completely away. Now, he’s seeking advice for what he says is much more than just a crush.

“I am 38 years old,” the man writes to advice columnist Andy at the blog Queer-Voices. “I had asthma as a kid and it went away. I’m a little overweight of course. For the past three years, I’ve been having difficulty breathing.”

The man says he visited four different doctors, but none of them could figure out what was wrong with him, until…

“I got a new doctor eight months ago,” he says. “For the first time, I felt like I was being heard. He listened to what I was saying and was concerned. Over the past six months, he has put me through multiple steps to figure out what is wrong with me.”

These steps included a series of tests, x-rays, MRIs, and other procedures. And in the process, the man caught feelings.

“I have spent so much time with him that I might be in love with him,” he confesses. “He’s been through this with me. He’s nice, caring, and funny. I feel there’s a connection. He’s always happy to see me and reminds me that if something’s wrong to call and make an appointment and he’ll see me.”

The man continues, “I know he’s married and I don’t care. I don’t mind sharing him with his wife. I sent him a box of chocolates for Valentine’s; he thought it was for the staff.”

He signs his letter “Conflicted Patient.”

Andy responds by first assuring the man he’s not alone in his longing for his doctor.

“Falling in love with your doctor is a very common problem and it’s called transference,” he replies. “Because of your physical (he examines you half naked) relationship with your doctor, you feel that he’s touching you with a sexual overtone. You think it’s intimate because of the physical contact, the attention you’re getting, and probably his smile.”

Andy continues: “Don’t be worried about it. You don’t necessarily need to change doctors. Just remember that you’re not actually dating him and don’t assume that he wants you in a sexual way.”

“This may pass soon,” Andy assures him, “maybe when you have an intimate relationship with a man that will respond to you.”

“Some people have this problem for a couple of months, others go through it for almost a year,” Andy concludes. “Be patient, try not to focus too much on him. Focus on yourself as a whole person. You have to be whole to find your other half.”

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  1. Kenny
    April 28, 08:31 Reply

    Instead of pining over someone else’s husband, he should work on not being overweight. The doctor was just doing his job and he caught feelings!

    The man continues, “I know he’s married and I don’t care. I don’t mind sharing him with his wife. I sent him a box of chocolates for Valentine’s; he thought it was for the staff.” ????????

  2. Eggsy
    April 28, 08:32 Reply

    Hehehe. This reminds me of 2014 when I was hospitalized for 3 weeks, during which I fell in “love” with my doctor. He was the whole package: older, salt and pepper hair, a respectable gut, the most seductive voice I’d heard. *siiiigh!*
    Long story short I got his number and we continued chatting after I was discharged. There were nights we would spend over N200 each on SMS charges, discussing everything from politics to movies. Suffice it to say I came out to him and while he was cool with it, he let me know that nothing was ever going to happen as he had a wife and three kids. Bummer.

      • Eggsy
        April 28, 14:07 Reply

        Mandy serious ouch oo.

        Let me even say hi to him and know if he still remembers me. Lol

  3. Peak
    April 28, 09:09 Reply

    Please can someone tell me what’s the special pull about doctors cos they stay catching people’s attention all the damn time.

    • Keredim
      April 28, 10:27 Reply

      @Francis, your Royal Hotness, I beg come and answer o!!????

    • Mandy
      April 28, 11:47 Reply

      As in eh. The appeal in doctors be reigning since 19AD.

  4. lluvmua
    April 28, 09:12 Reply

    and where is Francis kwa???? lol *runs off*

  5. Delle
    April 28, 13:48 Reply

    Lol…totally understandable. Fell in ‘lust’ with the doctor that read my results out to me at PC few days back. We didn’t even spend 10 mins together.
    Doctors are quite an appealing species. The composure, that suave attitude, that sexy outlook the Lab coat gives them. Oh doctors…*staring dreamily at Francis*

  6. Francis
    April 28, 19:26 Reply

    ???? @ all of una. Where Dickson, Simba and co them dey sef?

  7. Terra
    April 29, 08:50 Reply

    I blame Grey’s anatomy ??

  8. KingBey
    April 29, 11:01 Reply

    Never found a Dr attractive. Always wanna leave the hospital premises asap. Same situation with Church premises.

    • Pink Panther
      April 29, 12:59 Reply

      Heheheheee. Wetin dey pursue u from church premises? Your gay sins? The Holy Ghost fire?

    • Williams
      April 29, 23:40 Reply

      Never found a Dr attractive? Kingbey!!!

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