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Well, looks like we have an address in London. 😀

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Photo: A KDian Eye Candy

Remember Chuks Bass? Those of you familiar with the KD archives will remember him from such written pieces like That Weird Moment. When a friend of mine read his Just

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Man Crush Monday: Ryan Gentles

Queer Mike woke me up by 2am in the morning to tell me about this hot Jamaican model. He had finally found his man crush, and I had to be


    • McGray
      May 15, 05:41 Reply

      Absie Dear, dis one agreeing like this *sips pammy*

  1. Ringlana
    May 15, 05:30 Reply

    Power BTM is a Good Accommodate,#jussitonit. Good PP

  2. Masked Man
    May 15, 05:40 Reply

    I swear, I admire bottoms. You guys are really powerful. Some literally take in a pestle. To think of fisting again. I doff my heart.

    • Max
      May 15, 06:41 Reply

      @MM, I thought you don’t believe in labels?

      • Masked Man
        May 15, 06:49 Reply

        Max dear, I don’t oh. But the house is filled with bitches, to the brim almost.
        People do what they like in bed. That’s my take.
        Whoever takes in a dick the size on that photo is very powerful. Shikena!

      • Masked Man
        May 15, 05:58 Reply

        PP, he says he’s not a learner.
        These are the category to avoid. They can take in one’s limb and spines. Ringlana, I fear you.

      • Ringlana
        May 15, 11:09 Reply

        Don’t underestimate the Power of a Good Bottom,MCGray “My Church is Empty”

      • McGray
        May 15, 10:40 Reply

        Ringlana u mean u can take in MM as a whole?? *AskingforMcGraypeaceofmind*

  3. JustJames
    May 15, 06:02 Reply

    I’d be running away along with the girl.. *shudders*

    • Masked Man
      May 15, 06:10 Reply

      Run dear, run as fast as your legs can go. Lol.

  4. Ringlana
    May 15, 06:24 Reply

    That’s Why I Love ,”Turnoff the Light”Plisss

  5. KryxxX
    May 15, 06:41 Reply



    Am long legged nd all oh but I guess I would have to borrow extra legs to run! Inukwa! D death that would come from this definitely won’t b onwu chi gi, it would b d death u brought on urself! Tufiakwa!

    And from d look of that D, d owner definitely would be d Fola(previous story) kind of guy! All rough nd mean!

    Over to d power sisters! Weak ones like us go pass biko……

    • Nero
      May 15, 11:08 Reply

      Kyrxxx u kwa ee! You just got laughing so hard

  6. Dennis Macaulay
    May 15, 06:46 Reply

    Lemme just waka pass before they will say I have talked. Eku Top, Bottom oshi!

    Max hun, care for breakfast?

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 15, 06:52 Reply

      Quick question, Dennis. For all your posturing about the (to borrow Max’s favourite word today) ‘rubbishness’ of sex roles, have you ever Bottomed? You know, fluidly moved from one lane to the other?
      And be careful how you answer that question. It’s a fellow member of the Lipstick Gang asking here, remember. *smiling sweetly*

      • Masked Man
        May 15, 06:57 Reply

        PP, are you letting us in on something we should know about DM.
        Lemme sit properly.

      • Mercury
        May 15, 07:51 Reply

        *sips tea* if I hear say Dennis answer that question…

      • Max
        May 15, 07:58 Reply

        Oh Pinky, you just ventured into uncharted territory.

      • JustJames
        May 15, 12:58 Reply

        I’ve also wondered the same thing.. Dennis the fifth ammendment (whatever that is) doesn’t apply to your case.. Oya spill the cu.. Sorry, beans

  7. Sinnex
    May 15, 06:51 Reply

    Hian…nice to look at and feel….nothing else.

  8. Mercury
    May 15, 07:05 Reply

    Didn’t think this was gonna end up here, Pinky best caption ever.

  9. Eros
    May 15, 07:12 Reply

    Whoever tries this snake, Anusol shall be your companion in the darkest hour.

  10. A-non
    May 15, 07:29 Reply

    Know your limits and respect them!

  11. kacee
    May 15, 07:54 Reply

    Chineke gini bi efa *Opening my eyes wider*,this one na DIE. Its gonna leave someone sore for weeks LMAO…@pp Nice one

  12. Mercury
    May 15, 08:36 Reply

    More like, this enters you and comes out dragging out most of your lower digestive system with it.

  13. Sage
    May 15, 08:44 Reply

    Jeeeeeeez. Dat Dick z xo. Lyk OOOMG

  14. Chris
    May 15, 09:31 Reply

    That is probably a prothestic. You can buy them online these days.
    Dont be be fool by all bulges you see.

  15. Ruby
    May 15, 11:18 Reply

    I died
    Power Bottoms… More Lube to your Man-P***y

  16. Nero
    May 15, 11:35 Reply

    Brothers please you all need to hear this. Yesterday I went to see a friend. We came to know through a mutual friend. After the normal talks and all (we had known for quite long now) we proceeded to do the do. He was all over me,likewise me. But I discovered his erection never lasts long, its always getting limp. Even when I had to blow him. Of course a limp dick can’t be up there in my cakes. I had to bring together all the skills I had gather over the years to resurrect the kporo. The dick will rise n go down again. Hehehe. I will go back to foreplay n all, if it rises I will tap him to enter fast so he could sustain the erection. For wia! Normal me would have being so pissed off but i just looked up to see the brother crying that his junior is failing him. He was so humiliated. I have to console him to just calm down n try to wake up his libido. He was asking if its a sign of weak erection or impotency. I told him I sincerely don’t know but maybe he met someone who matched him power to power and he couldn’t perform. But I have to sit him down and teach him how how to kiss because he is so bad in that area. Anyways because I was stranded and I needed to calm my spirit down I headed over to black breeders fo any of Champ’s porn clips.
    So brothers my brother is asking for solutions do you guys know any?

    • Max
      May 15, 12:46 Reply

      You could’ve put this down as a story and sent to Pinky, instead of littering the comment section with a long detail of your frivolous affair which no one (but me) cared enough to read or reply.
      Hope you’ve learnt your lesson.

      • Max
        May 15, 14:45 Reply

        Yesss..? *adjusts white hat**

      • Brian Collins
        May 15, 14:47 Reply

        MaX na lie, i read it too and i am reply also. So stick it to the moon.

      • Max
        May 15, 16:10 Reply

        @Brian, you’re just looking for unnecessary trouble.
        ☺☺.. I’ve noticed you ok.
        *blows kisses to you in the air*
        *now run along**

      • Max
        May 15, 16:49 Reply

        That was supposed to be a joke.
        Stop the chaperone persona already!!

  17. Diablo
    May 15, 12:21 Reply

    If a woman, with a vagina, that self expands and self lubricates and through with a baby comes out of, runs at the sight of a dick that size. Then so should a bottom, one with common sense dt is . Its an anus at the end of the day. It doesn’t dilate nor does it produce its on lubrication and it certainly wasn’t meant to accommodate a dick of that size or a dick- period. It might seem like an entitlement- this power bottom thing, but what the top isn’t telling you is that he can’t really feel anything when he’s inside.

  18. kacee
    May 15, 12:25 Reply

    lmao,seriously i can’t stop laughing *cleaning tears from my eyes*.ohhhh I feel for ur friend dear,I didn’t know somepple experience stuff like this.

  19. Brian Collins
    May 15, 14:52 Reply

    Everybody be acting like they didn’t see the picture of the D as a profile pic on manjam and gayromeo and salivate about it. Lemme just say when i came across it, i fantasized about sucking it. It looks like the kinda dick i would like to suck all day. As for taking the D, mbanu, rara, lailai, tufiakwa, not in this life time

    • kacee
      May 15, 16:50 Reply

      Brian Collins ur so funny,I can’t stop laughing at what u said *red eyes(crying) “As for taking the D, mbanu, rara, lailai,
      tufiakwa, not in this life time”
      Ohhhh my God,Ohhh my God *breathe in breathe out,breathe in breath out ahhh *

      • Brian Collins
        May 15, 17:26 Reply

        I just had to say what was on my mind man. How am i going to carry that baby for my bae after my mangina gets hit with this. The baby’s head will be falling out all the time.

  20. Gad
    May 17, 01:27 Reply

    This is a well thought out advert.

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