Photo: Straight Women And Gay Men

Photo: Straight Women And Gay Men

KD pic 2LMAO!

I remember many years ago when the two men below began dating and the news was all over the internet.reichen lehmkuhl and ryan barryThe one on the left is former reality show winner, Reichen Lehmkhul and the one on the right is model Ryan Barry. There was quite an internet buzz when they began dating, and I recall a female cousin of mine reading a report with me online of their relationship. And the meme above is exactly how she looked when she read what I read. And then she was like, ‘What a waste’, before hissing and turning away. I just chuckled and continued dreaming about a threeway with the hot couple.

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Anybody getting off at this stop? 😀

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Oh, the sheer satisfaction. lol

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Photo Of The Day XIX

A KDian went to have his car washed, and got thirsty in the process. Lol. *shaking my head* All these KDians sef…Y’all be roller-skating your way to hell…


  1. ken
    February 09, 04:51 Reply

    Hmmm..end time dating! Choi

  2. ken
    February 09, 05:07 Reply

    Single women often feel disgruntled by gay couples bcos they see it as “golden opportunity” lost. Lol.
    But ask which one of them is ready to marry a gay man, and you will hear “God forbid”, “tufiakwa” etc. Smh

  3. Mandy
    February 09, 05:10 Reply

    LOL. The vex is real. Women be thinking how they no longer have to drag for men with their fellow women, but with other men too. The husband/boyfriend material market just got more crowded for them.

  4. kacee
    February 09, 08:14 Reply

    lol her face. That’s the same look straight men express when the see a Tom (Stud) and a femme. They gave me and Django the look when we hangout at the mall a few weeks back… (for those who think girls have it easy they don’t at all.)

  5. Ichie RedEyes
    February 09, 08:46 Reply

    @kacee at all at all. makes me really conscious when im with my female friends. I just feel like everyone is staring and judging.
    ( )

  6. Khaleesi
    February 09, 11:21 Reply

    Reichen Lehmkuhl; one of my rare white crushes, that man is sexyyyy!!!!

  7. chuck
    February 09, 12:02 Reply

    No wonder some people are fine with domestic abuse. when you see marriage as a competition/ sport you’ll be willing to accept being tackled and injured regularly

  8. Geeluv
    February 09, 17:29 Reply

    Don’t mind them…. they wouldn’t wanna marry a gay man and still will not allow us do our thing… drinking Panadol on peoples headache… Rubbish!!!

  9. Atrocious
    February 10, 09:50 Reply

    Dat couple is hotttt!!! Who will marry me? ???

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