Random Questions

Random Questions

IMG-20170328-WA0019Do indulge us please. 😀 Did you cut up his boxers? Move some things around? Have sex with the man he left you for? (Guilty as charged here.) Seduce him when he’s clearly in love with someone else and leave him with a guilty conscience? (Also guilty here. My goodness!)

Tell us, people. How did you let the devil use you in the event of your breakup?

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  1. Canis VY Majoris
    April 28, 07:15 Reply

    On my way out of his place, I picked his iPhone and dropped it in the gutter. It was my Angela Basset moment??

  2. Magniva
    April 28, 07:22 Reply

    Placed his number in a local advert offering his “services”.

    Not my finest moment but it sure as hell made me feel good.

  3. Mandy
    April 28, 07:27 Reply

    One of my exes is an MGM. He was a real asshole when we were dating. So when we broke up, I opened a Badoo account in his name, stated that he’s gay looking for a gay hookup, and put his phone number up there. He loved to fuck around on me; well, I decided to help his ministry along.

  4. Johnny
    April 28, 07:33 Reply

    He blocked on WhatsApp, forced him to unblock. He unblocked, I blocked him .
    He started disturbing my life with calls. ???? I am a very nice person.

  5. Simba
    April 28, 08:29 Reply

    Sincerely u wouldn’t wanna know… Shrugs, shudders at how the Devil used me.. But today, we still friends and definitely fucking

    • Jerry
      April 28, 09:03 Reply

      It is the name of a cow that has no horns.

  6. sinnex
    April 28, 11:02 Reply

    I just came here to read comments.

    I have never broken with someone…if I do, I am sure it will be mutual.

  7. gBibi
    May 01, 01:29 Reply

    So this lad cheated on me,I was 18 my first relationship
    we were so close I had his Fb password +email passwords this was like 2011 when Fb was a big deal
    He was so conscious about being in the closet
    Logged into his account and posted
    “I am Gay”+other vile stuff
    Changed password and logged out
    Plus I was in Dubai on holiday so different time zones
    Did it 7am Dubai time ,he started calling about 5 hours later
    Picked up the phone some time later and demanded he returned everything I got for him during the relationship

  8. DI-NAVY
    May 01, 05:47 Reply

    Moving on to 100% upgrade . I got better and hotter making myself the best he ever had .. ????

  9. Gag
    May 01, 13:21 Reply

    Its a 2 way thing, tell us yours, then we can divulge ours too.

  10. Rich
    May 01, 18:41 Reply

    I helped him secured a job in my daddy’s firm. After the break up he received his sacked letter the following day and I embarked on my forest vacation.

  11. doe eyed monster
    May 02, 18:59 Reply

    I pretty much invited a grindr hookup the day he was coming… Ugh.. .Imagine his horror when he learnt I just did the do. Better than with him.

  12. Mitch
    May 12, 12:52 Reply

    Had sex with 10 different guys in 2 weeks.
    Not my finest moment.
    Still am pretty ashamed of it.

    • Francis
      May 12, 13:11 Reply

      ?? Some serious purging! 5 guys per week. I think say gays no plenty for naija. Where you source them from? Grindr?

      • Mitch
        May 12, 15:05 Reply

        E be like say you no sabi my school. This is a gay zone. High class one for that matter.

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