Real Madrid president bans Cristiano Ronaldo from travelling to Morocco to spend time with friend

Real Madrid president bans Cristiano Ronaldo from travelling to Morocco to spend time with friend

Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez has reportedly banned star player Cristiano Ronaldo from traveling to Morocco to see his best friend Badr Hari. According to a report by El Espanyol, transcribed by Spanish paper Sport, Perez banned Cristiano Ronaldo from his Morocco trips due to his worry that the player could lose form from exhaustion and fatigue from his frequent travels.

It is well known that Cristiano Ronaldo frequently flies to Morocco to spend time with his heavyweight kickboxer friend, Badr Hari. Sometimes he flies in with his private jet four times a week to Morocco, a frequency that had some media outlets suggesting a gay relationship between the pair.mgid-uma-image-logotv

From Monday to Thursday, Ronaldo gets his £14m private jet at 3PM, after Madrid training finishes, to Marrakech before returning to Madrid at night. Whatever his reasons are for doing this, Perez wants it to stop as he believes it’s affecting Ronaldo’s contribution on the pitch, despite scoring 27 goals in all competitions so far.

Perez has even asked his friend, Mohamed VI, the King of Morocco, to inform him whenever Ronaldo comes into the country. If this is true, it could affect Ronaldo’s relationship with the president and spark fresh rumours of the player’s exit from the club.

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  1. JArch
    January 27, 06:23 Reply

    ***stirring my tea sloooowwwwlllyy***

    Odikwa very serious…. On the flip side though, am finding it hard to believe this El Espanyol report. Something just doesn’t sit right. Especially the bit where it says

    “Perez has even asked his friend, Mohamed VI, the King of Morocco, to inform him whenever Ronaldo comes into the country.”

    • Mr. Fingers
      January 27, 08:28 Reply

      Exactly. That’s what I thought the first time I read this story

      I don’t believe the king of morroco is that jobless.

  2. ken
    January 27, 06:31 Reply

    Why cant this hateful homophobic haters just let love be. Anyway, the ban is meaningless. Christiano is soooo hooked on the bulging morrocan 3rd leg. Lol

    • #Chestnut
      January 27, 06:52 Reply

      Lol,shey they said he suffers from “exhaustion” and “fatigue” anytime he comes back from that his friend’s house…

      • Pink Panther
        January 27, 07:01 Reply

        Exhaustion and fatigue from the frequent flying 4 times a week na. Not so? 😀

        • JArch
          January 27, 07:09 Reply

          Exhaustion and fatigue from frequent fly and frequent ….. (You know the rest boo)


        • #Chestnut
          January 27, 07:15 Reply

          Is it easy to …*ahem*…”Fly” 4 times a week,every week? Immediately after training,no less.

  3. #Chestnut
    January 27, 06:50 Reply

    Na wah o! Sotey dem drag their King enter d matter. Why won’t these ppl let CR7 and his bf (by “bf”,I mean “best friend” oooo…*sips tea*) be great,ehn? Why? Why? Why?

  4. Promise4all
    January 27, 06:51 Reply

    choi Father Lord see this relationship destroyer iiooii. I just hope ronaldo’s friend can come visiting(banging).

  5. bruno
    January 27, 06:58 Reply

    4 times a week! ?. i don’t even get to see my boyfriend 4 times a week though we both live in the same city.

    really though, 27 goals in all competitions is low by ronaldo’s standard i can see why his club’s president would be concerned but then again most old men in european football are homophobic fossils that need to be phased out.

    • #Chestnut
      January 27, 07:18 Reply

      But wait o,if it were his wife or gf he was flying out to see regularly,would they stop him? I don’t think they’d react the same way if it was a woman he was going to see.
      And that alakoba King wee now leave his throne and goan spread mat at the airport, waiting for when Ronaldo will sneak in,so that he can goan report him…issokay.

    • #Chestnut
      January 27, 07:21 Reply

      @Dennis: those are the REAL Yoruba demons,lol.

  6. Max 2.0
    January 27, 07:20 Reply

    You can’t ban someone from traveling out to wherever they wanna go. If you’re concerned about his performance, you can only advice him about the frequent trips, not ban him. Banning seems like a tall order to me. The entire football community are largely homophobic, so I’m not surprised about this. This isnt about Ronaldo’s performance, its about the rumors.

    • Promise4all
      January 27, 07:45 Reply

      just Imagine a football pitch filled with KDians.

      • wiffey
        January 27, 09:30 Reply

        lwkmd…. Meaing………???

      • Max 2.0
        January 27, 10:04 Reply

        Yeah we’ll all be ogling at their firm butts and their VPL’s screaming their names to come and take us.. Yes, just imagine. @Promise

  7. Delle
    January 27, 10:55 Reply

    Oh really? Lose form from exhaustion due to the trips or lose form from the bedmatics you think he’d be engaging himself with? Please let’s not deceive ourselves, these people think he’d be engaging in homosexual activities with the Badr guy and they can’t have that seeing as it would dampen his image as a star athlete. Homophobia is just reeking from all of these, can’t handle!

    So this is how the hotness these two create when together has ceased, ehn? More reasons to hate that club!

  8. Eggsy
    January 27, 11:41 Reply

    I mean God forbid it be anything other than homosexual liaisons. Everyone can’t be a homo, people. If I had that money I would be flying out every week to hang out with my straight bestie.

    • Max 2.0
      January 27, 14:10 Reply

      Your internalized homophobia is so glaring.

      • Pink Panther
        January 27, 17:43 Reply

        His internalized homophobia is so glaring? Really, Max.

    • Delle
      January 27, 14:55 Reply

      Seriously Eggsy, you’ve got to get a grip of yourself. You are way too intelligent to be battling with yourself, it’s so evident you have the IH factor. Fight it sweetheart

      • Brian Collins
        January 27, 20:51 Reply

        But Delle, this was very ignorant. I don’t care to reply the one that first wrote about IH. You are trying too hard really. Get a grip. There was nothing internally homophobic about what Eggsy wrote. Read it again and then think again.

    • bruno
      January 27, 15:23 Reply

      ironic you are using yourself – a homo – as the example to prove your point

      • Mandy
        January 27, 17:47 Reply

        Is he not a human being first? Couldn’t he be using himself as an example of a human being to prove a point that not all bromances are homosexual in nature?

        • bruno
          January 27, 19:21 Reply

          oh silly me. i could have sworn i saw the words “everyone can’t be a homo, people” before the said example. i guess i just imagined that. oh well…

    • Eggsy
      January 27, 15:27 Reply

      So I’ve got internalised homophobia now. Nice! It’s always good to find out new things about yourself.

    • Max 2.0
      January 27, 21:36 Reply

      @PP, BC and Mandy, Maybe you guys have some IH to sort out yourselves, thats why you couldn’t see the IH all over that comment. Read it again, I never make mistakes about people with IH. My IH-detector is always spot on.

      • Pink Panther
        January 28, 02:17 Reply

        The fact that you just mentioned me in that incredibly inane comment just tells me that you DO NOT know very much about Internalized Homophobia. You’ve become so obsessed with that affliction that you see it, smell it and drink it everywhere you go.

        • Max 2.0
          January 28, 08:05 Reply

          ????.. He has IH and thats it, doesnt matter if you believe it or not. I was annoyed /disappointed with you for not seeing it and therefore calling me out, so I had to mention your name and the word in the same sentence.

  9. Tuto Dee
    January 27, 12:23 Reply

    Probably Florentino doesn’t want Badr getting all the attention he (Florentio) deserves. Someone has been getting some on the dl

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