I finally got a weekday off of work and I decided to spend my day getting some much-needed sleep, finally catching up on all the Queen Sugar episodes I had saved on my DVR, and cooking myself some chicken and a few burgers on the grill out on my apartment balcony. I was just about to start eating when someone pressed the buzzer downstairs for my apartment. At first, I ignored it because I had a feeling it was my annoying on-again-off-again ex-boyfriend Treshawn. When the person kept pressing the buzzer repeatedly, I finally jumped up and hurried inside to the buzzer system communicator on my wall.

“What?” I asked angrily, thinking it was Treshawn.

“Dorien, let me come up,” said Hassan’s raspy voice through the speaker.

“Alright.” I hit the button that unlocks the front door to the building and told him, “Come on up.”

Hassan was my cousin Monica’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her daughter. Whenever something went wrong between those two, one or the other would show up at my door trying to get me to settle their mess. I always tried to help them because Monica was like a sister to me and Hassan had been my friend since before he even knew who Monica was. I knew they were wrong for each other from the get-go, but they insisted that they were so in love with each other. The moment they had their daughter Maliyah, it was like they became sworn enemies and I always got stuck in the middle. Every single damn time, I got stuck in the middle.

“I’m sick of her shit, D,” Hassan said as he paced back in forth in my kitchen. “She could’ve gotten me fired today!”

I sighed loudly and asked for the umpteenth time, “Hassan, what the hell happened?”

“Yo mothafuckin’ cousin came to my job showin’ her ass because she thinks I had Maliyah around some random bitch last Saturday.”

“Well, did you?”

“No! Between work, tryin’ to save money to get my own place and payin’ child support, I don’t have time or money to even think of gettin’ a new girl. I’m tellin’ you, Dorien, I done had it with your cousin. You know I ain’t got nothin’ but respect for you and y’all family, but I’m not gonna let this girl keep doin’ me dirty like this.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I never tried to take Monica to court for custody of Maliyah but I will if she don’t cut this shit out. She has a fuckin’ record, I don’t. She smokes weed and gets fucked up on Xans almost every weekend, I don’t. The only reason why I ain’t turned her ass in is because she does take care of Maliyah and I have her every other weekend. I know she don’t do none of that shit in front of my daughter, but I swear to God, I will turn her ass in and lie that she does if she doesn’t cut this shit out! One drug test and an unexpected visit from CPS while she got some wannabe thug nigga in her house and she will lose custody.”

“Hassan, just calm down. You don’t even have to do all that. I will talk to Monica. Better yet, I’ll get my mama and her mama to help me talk to her. She knows better than to show up at your job on that bullshit.”

“So, you believe me that it is BS?”

“Yes. I can tell by the tone of your voice and that look on your face that you haven’t gotten any pussy in a minute.” I laughed a little but stopped when I saw he wasn’t laughing.

“This shit ain’t funny, D. I’m not one of these niggas out here playin’ games and not takin’ care of their responsibility. I take care of my daughter. I spend as much time with her as I can. And when Monica needs a bill paid, I pay that shit with no problem. I just paid her three-hundred-dollar light bill last month!”

“Hassan, chill. I’m gonna talk to her. And for the record, I know you work hard to take care of Maliyah. You’re a devoted father and we all know that.”

He gave me a look and then looked down at the floor as he said, “Sorry for yellin’ and shit. She just does spiteful shit and it’s fucked up. I can’t even…” He sniffed the air for a quick second and asked, “Is that barbecue?”

“Yeah, I put some chicken breasts and a few burgers on the grill and I made a Caesar salad to go with it. There’s enough for two if you’re hungry.”

He slid his hand under his shirt and rubbed his stomach while telling me, “Shoot, I can eat.”

After grabbing a few bottles of beer from my fridge, I went back out onto my balcony and he followed. We sat down and ate while talking, and then sat out on the balcony until nighttime. When it got dark outside, we headed back in and he opened his fourth bottle of beer. We were sitting on my sofa together when things began to take a different turn.

“So, wassup with you and Treshawn?” he asked before taking a sip from his Heineken.

“Nothing at all,” I said with a light laugh. “I’m really done with him this time.”

“Man, you always say that and then you go right back to the nigga. I thought you were done with him when I told you he was fuckin’ around with this dude from my job, but you gave him another chance.”

“Hassan, all he did was get head from your coworker. It wasn’t even that serious.”

“You don’t think gettin’ head is cheatin’?”

“Not really.”

“Wow! Well, I think it is.”

“You never got head from any women while you were serious with Monica?”

“Hell no. I was loyal to your cousin the whole time. Shit, I was loyal to all my girlfriends. Monica accused me of shit but you know and I know that I don’t roll like that. I keep my word.”

“True but I feel like every guy is the same, no matter whether he’s straight, gay, bi or whatever. Head is head and it’s not cheating. I got head from other guys when I was with Treshawn and so did he. We had an understanding on that.”

“Man, y’all niggas are a trip. I can’t lie though, I wish women were more open-minded when it came to that. I love gettin’ head.”

“Shit, I love giving and receiving head.” I finished my last beer for the night and sat the empty bottle on my living room table. When I looked back at him, I noticed he was looking at me with this weird look on his face. I smirked and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I was just thinkin’ about us back in high school. Man, those were the days.”

“Weren’t they though? Damn, we used to have fun with Orlando and them. I was like the only gay dude in our group and y’all never treated me bad because of it.”

“Damn right we didn’t. You were cool as fuck back then. You still are now.”

“Do you remember when we got caught smoking weed under the bleachers at that football game?”

He burst out in laughter and replied, “Yeah. You tried to use that phony medical marijuana card and when the school cop didn’t believe you, you hit the floor and acted like you were havin’ a seizure!”

I started laughing hard but managed to say, “They stopped the game and everything! That fake seizure kept us from getting in trouble though.”

“I still can’t believe you did that shit.” He was still laughing a little when he asked, “Remember the night them Kirkwood Terrace niggas tried to jump us and we had to hide out in that abandoned house until they were gone?”

“Man, I’ll never forget that night. I thought they were gonna fuck us up.”

“Me, too. I know I never told you but I was thinkin’ some wild shit while we were in that house.”

“Hmm, what do you mean?”

“Well, all I could think about was if they caught us, then they’d stomp us out and we might not survive it. You know them niggas were ruthless. I kept thinkin’ that if I was gonna die, then I should at least get one last nut. My dick got hard as fuck and I was gonna pull that shit out and jackoff, even though you were right there with me. Hell, I even thought about askin’ you to help me out.”

I laughed and asked, “Man, are you serious?”

“Dorien, I’m for real. When I get in some serious shit, my mind goes straight to sex and I get hard. I don’t know why but it’s always been like that.”

“And you were gonna ask me to do what…give you head or something?”

“Either that or a hand job.”

“Boy, you are a trip. You wish it were that easy to change who you are like that.”

It was like when I said that, his demeanor changed. He stared at me and asked, “What are you tryin’ to say? You sayin’ that because I’m straight doesn’t mean I’d ask my gay friend to help me out when I need it?”

“Not on anything sexual. Like I understand people can be sexually fluid but that ain’t you, Hassan. No offense but you’re easier to read than anybody else I know.”

He moved closer to me on the sofa and said, “That’s what you think.”

“Hassan, what are you doing?”

He finished his bottle of Heineken and sat the empty bottle on my living room table. He then lounged back beside me and placed his hand on his crotch. He smiled as he asked, “How good can you suck dick?”

“Hassan, stop playing.”

“Man, I ain’t playin’. Does this look like I’m playin’ to you?” He tugged on the waistband of his shorts, and since he wasn’t wearing underwear, his hard dick jumped out. “I’m all stressed out and shit. I need some relief, bruh.”

I sat there not believing what I was seeing and hearing for a little while before finally asking, “Is this a joke, Hassan?”

He sat up, licked his lips and then kissed mine before answering, “You want me to put my tongue in ya mouth or is that enough for you?”

Instead of trying to figure out if he was for real or not, I put my mouth on his dick and started sucking it like I hadn’t sucked a dick in years, even though I had sucked dick just two days before that. His dick smelled and tasted so good that I immediately became addicted to it. He lifted his shirt a little and pulled his shorts down to his ankles, and that was when I started deep throating his dick.

“Ah, fuck,” he moaned. “That dick taste good?”

I stopped sucking him for a quick second to respond, “Yeah.”

“Say yes, daddy.”

“Yes, daddy.”

He pushed my head down and made me suck him again. I loved how forceful he was being with me. That kind of shit usually turned me off with other guys but it made him sexier than I already thought he was. Yeah, I always had a thing for him in the back of my mind but I wasn’t expecting to ever do anything with him. That night in my apartment, it was like we’d unlocked a special secret within our longtime friendship.

“Mmm, fuck,” he called out as I licked his balls. He pulled his left foot out of his shorts and lifted his left leg while keeping the shorts around his right ankle. “Keep lickin’ down there.”

I licked his balls and then moved my tongue to his somewhat hairy taint area. He had to have taken a shower after work and before coming to my place because everything had a soap and lotion scent. When I started licking on the edge of his tight asshole, his moans got louder. He lifted that left leg a little higher and exposed all of his asshole to me. I licked and sucked on it while jacking him off at the same time. Just when it was getting good, my phone began playing Brandy’s song “Best Friend”, which was my ringtone for Monica’s number.

“Shit, that’s Monica,” I told him.

“And?” he asked while putting his leg back down. “Answer it but keep suckin’ my dick.”

I picked my phone up and answered the call, “Monica, hey.” I immediately got back to sucking him and put the call on speakerphone.

“Is Hassan at your apartment?” Monica asked.

I stopped sucking him and lied, “He was but he’s gone now.”

“He told you I came by his job, didn’t he?”

With his dick in mouth again, I replied, “Mmm hmm.”

“I’m tired of that nigga. I know he had some bitch around Maliyah. I can’t prove it but I know he did. She kept trying to tell me something about a Gigi or somebody with that kind of name.”

“Mmm hmm.”

“I got on his ass. He knows I don’t want my baby around none of his dirty hoes.”

I stopped sucking him again and told her, “Monica, I don’t think he had any girl around. And how can you know what Maliyah was trying to tell you. She just turned two. She can’t talk that good yet.”

“I know what I know.”

“Well, you’re wrong. Girl, you can’t be showing up to that man’s job. What’s gonna happen if he gets fired? His child support always be on time, right?”


“And the money be right?”

“Yeah, I can’t complain with that.”

“Well then, you need to chill. I’m gonna have a talk with you later about this. You can’t…” Hassan grabbed my head and made me suck him again, this time choking me with it.

“Yeah, you’re right, Dorien. I guess I do need to chill. It sounds like you’re busy so I’ll talk to you later. Don’t forget to call me.”

“Mmm hmm.”


“Mmm hmm.”

The phone beeped because she’d hung up and I put all of my attention back into sucking Hassan’s dick. I had finally gotten good control over my gag reflex and had his dick in my throat when he started shaking and moaning, “Ah fuck! You gonna make me nut, D!”

I kept sucking him to let him know it was okay for him to cum in my mouth, and he did. He definitely hadn’t busted in a while because he released a big load into my throat. I swallowed it all and continued sucking him even though his dick was sensitive.

“Yo, chill,” he said with a laugh. “Chill, baby!”

“Nah, fuck that,” I said as I kept jacking his sensitive dick. I then pressed my lips to his and kissed him while continuing to jackoff his hard dick. After a while, I stopped kissing him and started sucking him again.

“Damn, you wild as fuck. Shit, go ahead and pull that second nut out of me then.”

I sucked him even longer the second time and I had to put in work to get that second nut from him but it was worth it. I loved hearing him moan and seeing him let go of all the stress he’d come to my apartment with.

After sucking the second nut out of him, I took him into my bathroom and cleaned his dick off. We talked for a little bit and then he had to go. Before he left, we made plans to do it again someday soon and he told me he’d return the favor to me. As long as we could keep it away from Monica, I had no problem sucking his dick and eating his ass while he did the same to me. Shit, she messed around with plenty of the bisexual guys I’d been with behind my back. Either way, I was gonna provide relief for my friend, especially when he was doing the same for me.

Written by D. A. Morrison

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  1. Dickson Clement
    December 16, 07:36 Reply

    D.A Morrison – You write well and I look forward to reading a piece set in Nigeria!

    Back to the story,how in the world will you even give a head to a guy who you have known that long? I mean,I probably will be seeing him as a brother already!

    • Omiete
      December 16, 14:04 Reply

      Did you miss the part where he has always wanted him?? Lord knows that I wish a lot of my straight friends will beg me to give them relief especially the ones who love to show off the boys.

  2. Tristan
    December 16, 09:31 Reply

    Somebody is tempting me this Sunday morning. Morrison, it’s going to take a lot of sermon and deliverance to cure me of this Konji you just caused.

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