SIX – 9

SIX – 9

“You fit me just right,” Kareem growled before he rested his head on my shoulder and affectionately bit it. His mouth felt like velvet on my flushed skin. His dick was still pulsating in me. “This is where I belong.”

I was taken aback by that and the words escaped my lips before I thought about them. “That’s one heck of an admission, mister. This is just sex, nothing more.”

We’d had dinner on the front deck of the boat and talked about almost everything and anything.  Kareem had driven the boat around until, according to him, he’d found the perfect spot to kill the engine. By this time, the sun had completely vanished in the western skies in a blaze of burnt glory. The lights from the buildings nearby and the argent rays from the night sky heightened the atmosphere of intimacy I never would have suspected would exist between us. The vast water beneath us rocked us gently this way and that in the beautiful gloom.

“I don’t want it to be just sex,” he said. “I want it to be more than just this moment.”

The cool evening breeze wafted over my bare skin as I gradually disentangled myself from his body. These things he was saying were totally unexpected. It felt like he was making a decision for him and for me, one I hadn’t asked for.

“Look, Kareem, this was just sex,” I said insistently. “And it’ll only happen this once.”

I felt him go tense at my words.

Well, it was the truth. He was not always going to be in the country and I was not ready for any emotional commitment, no matter how attractive the offering was.

“This isn’t just sex for me, Peka. This is something I want to be more.” He straightened and rose to his full height. It seemed like he was trying to intimidate me by towering over me – or maybe assault my senses into submission by his unclad sex appeal. He was still stark naked and his penis, half erect, dangled with the condom he had on.

“M-m-more?” I cleared my throat, because – damnit! – I suddenly wanted a little more of that dick. I firmed my voice and said with my characteristic sharpness, “You’ve got to be shitting me, Kareem. This is some joke, right?” He didn’t answer but proceeded to throw the used condom overboard. “Dude, you’ve only known me for, what, thirty seconds, and you’re here acting like we’re a modern day, progressive remake of Beauty and the Beast.”

“Look, Peka –”

“Ogbeni, forget that thing,” I cut him off, suddenly now and properly angry. “I’m not ready for anything emotional at all. No energy to start this boyfriend bullshit. Mi o wa cut out fun gbogbo shit yii at all.” I wasn’t having it. What was he thinking, trying to hook me into something because he dicked me down? Kolewerk!

“Peka, stop.” He held out his hands in a placating gesture at me. “Look, I understand that it’s all brash and sudden, but –”

“Don’t forget silly.” The word I wanted to use was “stupid” but I’d quickly stopped myself.

Kareem sighed. “Remember that first day we met? The day I bumped into you?” He found his briefs and put it on as he spoke.

“Yeah?” I said warily.

“I’d just gotten off the phone with my doctor an hour before that time.” His voice was now subdued. “I have a problem.” A pause. “A performance problem.”

“A performance problem? Weren’t you the one that just fucked me not too long ago?” I laughed at my joke, finding what he’d just said hard to believe.

“Peka, please hear me out,” he said pleadingly.

It wasn’t his tone that sobered me up. It was something else…Something huge that I couldn’t put my finger on. I turned a grave expression to him.

“I’ve not been able to get it up for almost three years, not even when I’m alone,” Kareem said. “I can’t remember how it started but it became a big worry for me. My doctor back in Netherlands said it was probably anxiety. He prescribed some drugs. They didn’t work.” He paused and looked at me to see if I was paying attention.

I was.

“I tried a lot of things. And believe me when I say ‘a lot’. Escorts. BDSM, Anon sex. Sex toys. A whole lot. I even tried taking it up my ass. Nothing worked. How could I, a guy with an insatiable libido, just suddenly go limp down there for no reason? You have no idea how terrifying it was. Even more terrifying was when I met you and you drenched me with your smoothie and left me standing there, and I could not believe it, but I started to feel something. Before I knew it, I felt myself growing rock hard right there in the middle of the street.”

My mouth was open at the revelation, and the image of it swarmed my mind with such clarity, I couldn’t help the laughter that burst from my mouth.

“I’m so sorry… I’m sorry, Kareem… I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s alright.” A wry smile fleeted across his face and left it grave again. “I know it’s incredibly funny and unbelievable, but it’s all true. When that happened, I almost died from excitement. I’m certain a few pedestrians noticed the bulge in my trousers that day, but I didn’t give two fucks.” I could hear the smile in his voice. “I ran to my car and placed a call to my doctor immediately and told him everything.”

“Wait, your doctor knows about your orientation?”

“Yes, he does. He’s not just my doctor. He’s a good friend too. Anyway, he asked me some questions which I answered. Immediately I got to my hotel parking lot, I jerked off right there in my car. It was so exhilarating. But afterwards, I couldn’t get it up. The following week, I drove to the smoothie shop every day, hoping you’d show up. But you never did.”

I remembered that week. I was in Abuja to cover a sports event. “Wow,” I simply said.

“I became frustrated again because I was back at square one. When I ran into you at the movies, my god, dick was erect again. Before my movie started, I quickly went to the restroom to jerk off. I went back to meet the ticketer to ask if she remembered you, but her shift was over. I didn’t go in to see my movie. I waited for you outside – the whole two hours. But you never came out.”

“Because I didn’t even get started on my movie either,” I said. “I got called into just as I was settling down in my seat.”

“Aha. And I suppose we missed each other when I went to beat it.”


“When I saw you at the meeting, you can’t possibly imagine my shock and delight at my good fortune. And when Mr. Etomi said we’d be working together, my joy knew no bounds. When I saw you at the party, I realised it was a fate. We were meant to be – which was why I danced with you at the party and–”

“Asked if we could go back to your place to fuck,” I finished for him.

I saw him nod in the moonlight.

I sighed and then began gently, “Kareem, I’m flattered and all, but this is all looking like some Twilight fantasy, with me being the Bella to your Edward. It’s all cute and shii but it’s still a no from me.”

“Is there someone else?” he said in a strained voice.

“You think if there was someone, I’d still shag you? Dude, I’m not like that.” I felt insulted.

“Well, people do it. I mean, I’m a football star. Who wouldn’t want to me to fuck them?”

“Your mother?” I supplied.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Exactly what it was supposed to mean – to get you off your high horse!”

“Take that back!”

“What are you, twelve? I’m not taking anything back. See me pitying your condition just a moment ago and you went ahead to ruin it with your egotistical nature. So because I let you fuck me now, everyone is like that, ba?” I hissed. I got up and began fetching my clothes. “Abeg, take me back to the pier!” I snapped.

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” he snapped back.

“Fine! You do that!”

“Fine! I will!”



“Fine!” I yelled again.

“Fine.” He towered over me and out-yelled me. “FINE!”

And he snatched me to him, or perhaps I was the one who snatched him to me. But before I knew it, Kareem was helping me out of the clothes I’d just put on and we were tumbling back down, caught in the throes of the most amazingly angry sex ever known to man.

Written by Vhar

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    I love drama. This is drama. Vhar, this is good.

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    I want to fall in love with this couple but I’m always reminded of one oloriburuku in waiting.

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    Hahahahahaha. Peka is my spirit animal. I love. But now that we know that a you-know-who is waiting somewhere with his devilish thoughts and psychotic tendencies, I don’t know how I am meant to bask in the moment. *sniff*

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    Which one is Oloriburuku again?
    Nice work Vhar

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    this chemistry ehnnnn……it’s rare

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    Haha a…. ??? Olupeka and shakara are synonymes…. Mstcheww… But I agree with him on the “yo mama” joke…

    This is getting hotter and hotter…. I’ll try reading this on a bus next to an attractive young man. Why? I might know afterwards.

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