Six Gay Men Allegedly Arrested in Edo State

Six Gay Men Allegedly Arrested in Edo State

While Italy is granting its LGBT citizens the chance to be with their loved ones in recognized unions, back here in Nigeria, six young men accused of being homosexuals have been arrested by the Edo State police command. According to the Nation, the young men whose names were given as Festus Osagiede (24), Hyacinth Imahanrebhor (20), Itama Omon (25), Onwukwe Prince (28), Monye Chukwuma (23) and Osadebe Kelvin‎ (26), were paraded by the Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Zone 5, AIG Musa Daura at the state police command headquarters in Benin City yesterday May 12th.

According to Daura, the suspected homosexuals were arrested in different parts of the state. The AIG said leader of the homosexuals, Festus Osagiede, lured one of the suspects, Itama Omon into the act after attending a night club in 2006.

“After the third suspect (Itama) got drunk, Festus Osagiede invited him to his house and forcefully had carnal knowledge of him. Since then, they have been committing the crime with others at large until May, 2016, when luck ran out of them and they were swooped on by zonal detectives,” he said

All of them are presently being detained by the police and would soon be charged to court.

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  1. Keredim
    May 13, 11:24 Reply

    So Festus in 2006 aged 14, got Itama aged 15, drunk in a night club. Then took Itama home and fucked the shit out him for the next 10 years!??

    Meanwhile, Light no dey, no fuel for over 10 years.
    No one is parading the people responsible for that.????

    • Mandy
      May 13, 12:02 Reply

      Lol. Keredim, the former is a sin, the later an inconvenience. Only perpetrators of sins are paraded. Perpetrators of inconveniences are given fatter salaries.
      Don’t you just love this country.

  2. Delle
    May 13, 11:24 Reply

    The ‘victims’ are the ones worsening their problems. Making it seem like the Osagiede guy forced them into some kind of cult rampage or something.

    I hate this country.

  3. ambivalentone
    May 13, 11:35 Reply

    “the leader of the homosexuals…”? Is this like a cult or coven with branch heads and shit? I am yet to meet the overlord of my region o.
    I’d really REALLY love to see the premise within which they worked to solve this ‘crime’ and ascertain for sure these guys were gay

    • bruno
      May 13, 11:49 Reply

      i would like to be a leader of homosexuals. sounds prestigious

      • Mandy
        May 13, 12:00 Reply

        Lmao. Sounds like such a hoe-ly position Bruno.

    • Lorde
      May 13, 22:26 Reply

      Azin… I dnt knw wether to laff @ d ignorance of this IG or b offended by it “the Leader of the homosexuals…lured into the ACT(what we r is now an act)…perpetrators of the crime” this is just awful, very awful

  4. Tiercel
    May 13, 12:17 Reply

    Daura again?

    Btw,what crime was he talking about?

  5. Cho
    May 13, 13:13 Reply

    Sounds corny. I wonder what evidence the police has got against them. Poor guys.

  6. Khaleesi
    May 13, 15:23 Reply

    Such a fantastically and hopelessly stupid corner of the world, spending valuable law enforcement resources on capturing gays while other countries are moving forward … Tufiaaaaa!! The commentary that history will pass on Nigerians will be heartbreaking to read about … Smh

  7. Law
    May 13, 17:53 Reply

    Am sad for my country. Just so sad.

  8. bubble butt
    May 13, 19:37 Reply

    When the government should be finding solution to this inflation in economy,they are chasing men

  9. @wystainlex
    May 14, 11:45 Reply

    This guy festus is the most foolish person av ever heard of, ,,what a dirty pig,well that save them right by the time they are out of jail their mate have gone far in life,,,idiotic humans, ,,,guys do you know this guy sale credit card opposite my working place he has rape bobizua son before they deal with him he came out from it and still continue, ,,i just pray they should all die inside prison, ,,gabage pls guys add me on fb @Michael stainlex,,,follow me on Twitter @wystainlex

    • teeboi
      May 15, 10:59 Reply

      Abeg, Who be This, Yaba left patient in the Building, What Are We Saying what are You Vomiting

  10. Trey
    May 15, 22:07 Reply

    Rotfl…crazy comments…God help them through their trying period. Amen

  11. Cross
    May 20, 15:45 Reply

    give us our right am gay and love guys dont judge me. only the poor are victims in nigeria the rich gays will never be seen on news. nigeria police are evil they even make it worse for gay guys they dont understand the law so act any how. oh ma goshhhhhh

  12. bobo
    January 10, 00:44 Reply

    police are just wasting their time for unrelivant things if they say dey should caught theif they will not be able to look at the USA they have legalised gay marrage they are progressing . nigeria should work on there law the guys did not hurt or kill any body they look each other that is why dey fuck each other

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