#StopRape: Can We Talk About The Nigerian Rapists Who Threaten Lesbians with Corrective Rape?

#StopRape: Can We Talk About The Nigerian Rapists Who Threaten Lesbians with Corrective Rape?

We are in a watershed moment, when Nigeria’s rape culture is once again the focus of societal outrage. Following the rape and murder of Uwa Omozuwa, there have been intense conversations surrounding rape on the social media. The horrors keep on piling up: the rape of a 6-year-old girl, the gang rape of 12-year-old Tina Ezekwe, the rape and murder of the 18-year-old Barakat Bello. And justice is still far-reaching for these abhorrent and violent injustices.

And in the midst of all this condemnation is when a rapist who doubles as a homophobe decided to crawl into the inbox of a KDian and threatened her with rape.

I know human beings are capable of all sorts of vile expressions, but it was still jarring for me to read someone detail his intent to rape a woman so succinctly.

But then again, all over social media during this #StopRape have emerged the typical Nigerian men with their gaslighting “not all men” attempts, the rape apologists and, even worse, those who are revealing their rapist tendencies and actual incidences where they have sexually assaulted women in the past. Nigerian men who are making use of the rape-enabling nature of our society to give voice to their violently sexist behaviours.

Behold, the men who are scum:


Richard Idesenibo Chigbo


Gabby Joseph



Arthur Chukwuemeka


Ogimex Aka Obonblingz


Wisdom Chidozie


G Love Udenso


Ofe Noni


Osato Gbinigie


Emeka Idioha



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  1. Adebuzz
    June 04, 07:28 Reply

    Can’t believe all these people are walking around and pretending to be normal sane people. And there are a lot of them like that, just doesn’t have the avenue to spew out their trash.

  2. D
    June 04, 10:41 Reply

    Chemical castration is the key. That and summary execution in the event of a death. These people can’t be reasoned with, they must be brought under control or destroyed.

  3. Higwe
    June 04, 12:22 Reply

    We can also talk about many members of KD that have submitted stories where they assaulted sleeping heterosexual men .

    Rape is rape .

    It’s morally reprehensible on all counts and should be strongly condemned .

    A good start should be refusing to publish any story with rape undertones that doesn’t paint the sexual abuser as what he is – A rapist !

    I’m tired of rape being glamorized .

    Getting away with molesting people doesn’t make you smart or sharp or intelligent … you’re merely a criminal, awaiting your impending punishment either from the law or karma .

    If we must stand against rape , we need to go all the way .
    Not only picking against-us stories, while the sexual molesters amongst us keep suppurating .?

  4. bamidele
    June 04, 14:21 Reply

    I might have probably disbelieve these posts if I had read them elsewhere. These posts clearly shows the mindset of many nigerians. Ignorance and selfishness play in a lot. We also see abrahamic religions that position men over women. How about our educational system? I was reading an online news some months ago where a female school principal in Lagos, claims that women get raped because of the way they dress; that ‘no man rapes you if you dress well’. If a school principal says this, then the posts above serve no surprise to me at all.

  5. Biodun
    June 04, 19:12 Reply

    Mad people everywhere, just look at the Ofe Noni typing “He can’t wait to bang his own daughter”

  6. Dunder
    June 08, 11:45 Reply

    Some people exist for the sole purpose of disappointing God.

    Nigeria is a result of failure in families, failure in school, failure in religious houses and then the personal failure of those who have passed through these institutions. The failures from these failed systems prop up fellow failures who can do nothing but fail at doing good.

    The proof is that none of these animals would face societal or professional repercussions for owning up to such depravity. The failures that made them may not even be ashamed of how badly their failure is failing at life. A damn shame.

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