Like most other things, the hookup scene over here in London is vastly different from that in Nigeria. And with each passing encounter, I get to realize that. Unhampered by the ‘Catholic guilt’ most Nigerians tend to feel when it comes to sex, it can be very easy for those living in the UK to embrace their inner hoes.

So I recently hooked up with this guy. We’d chatted a couple of times on Grindr. Then he buzzed me one day and said he was horny and playing with himself. I asked if he wanted to come over, and he obliged after we exchanged face and dick pics. That was it. There was no exchange of names, personal details, nothing.

He soon came over. The sex was good. It was long. It was hard. We went through lots of techniques. He is thuggish – acts thug, appears hardcore ruffian, but turned out to be a real softie who liked to cuddle after sex. By the time he left that day, I realized I hadn’t asked him his name, and he hadn’t wanted to know mine.

He wanted a follow-up hookup the next day, but work put the kibosh on that plan.

But then, the morning came around when a window of an opportunity for another hookup presented itself. He hollered online and after a quick mental check of my schedule, I asked him over. Knowing he’d want to spend some time together after sex, I encouraged him to come over early because I’d have to leave home by 2.

As he stepped in through my door, he began stripping. It was going to be straight to business. So we got to it. I do not know what he did this time, but he must’ve applied something in or around his pussy that was so effing tingling. Yeah, I’ve used tingling durex lube before. But that wasn’t the case here. It was either his cream or perhaps poppers. Whatever it was, my dick tingled as I rammed in behind him. It felt like it was getting rubbed with pepper. A bit uncomfortable, but I eventually got over the sensation.

He was also freakier this second time around. More adventurous. Wide spread legs, legs on chest, legs above shoulders, raised pelvis. We were both panting and our bodies were slick with sweat before very long.

Eventually, we went doggy, and then he was begging me to cum. I did and he hadn’t, but he was tired. So I told him to take his time to rest.

We were sprawled out on the bed. He lay next to me for a while, and then got up to freshen up. While he was taking a shower, I made the bed and then got under the duvet.

He came out of the bathroom and slipped under the duvet to cuddle. First it was just a cuddle, and then he started playing with my flaccid member. From there, he moved to sucking my nipples, his lips pursed over the areolas, softly sucking away like a baby. I liked it. Then he went down south again.

He was actively sucking my dick for awhile, and then the pressure slowed to an enjoyable suckle. Then his breathing slowed as well. And then I was startled to realize that he had drifted off to sleep. With my dick in his mouth! He was still sucking it, but the action had become subconscious, like he took my dick to dreamland to carry on with the blowjob there. He was asleep and blowing me. It was a weird thing to observe, and for the longest time, I simply lay there, not wanting to shake him off.

A few minutes passed, and he grunted awake. Without a word, he turned around and backed up against me. And we were at it again. I realised he liked it rough and freaky, and so it was – doggy, dragging him, slapping his bum, slightly forcing him to take it even when he felt slight pain.

I asked him if he’d cum when he started begging me to cum again. He said he had. That he didn’t know when he did, because he’d been fighting it for a while, but the pleasure was too intense and the cum had simply burst out of him.

So I stopped, because I could see that my thrusting had become painful for him, even though I knew he’d have endured till I came. He got dressed, planted a quick kiss on my lips and after briefly talking about how hooking up again, he left. His parting words to me as he left was, “I can’t wait to see you again.”

And with a start, I realized yet again that I still didn’t know his name.

Written by Sean

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  1. Francis
    April 28, 07:42 Reply

    Started romantic then kinda went into chem sex territory. Hmmmm

  2. Mandy
    April 28, 07:55 Reply

    So sleep-sucking is now something that happens… ?????

  3. Amon
    April 28, 08:22 Reply

    This is the type of life majority of gay men live and it’s out rightly scary.

    More determined than ever to belong to the 30%

  4. Simba
    April 28, 08:32 Reply

    Until he goes into a fistful sleep…. Or start dreaming of chewing kpomo… Nna guard ur kporo

  5. Quinn
    May 02, 08:59 Reply

    Hook ups always seem funny and quiet scary to me.

  6. Razup
    October 25, 21:14 Reply

    Wow! I can relate to that….only different is i know the name.

  7. OB
    November 16, 15:55 Reply

    Lol… Awww… Enjoyable suckle, like a baby … A big baby

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