The KGB Boy Origins

The KGB Boy Origins

Following the great reception of his story, The KGB Boy, Mitch has returned with an origin story for the main character in the story. Check on it:


You walked quickly from your hostel to the bathroom, your mind alternating between thinking about the final exam you’d just written as a JSS2 student that morning and plotting all the several ways that afternoon was going to be epic. Unity House Junior Hostel had, thankfully, the neatest bathroom.

You chuckled as you quietly walked towards the bathroom and saw his hulking figure standing in the shadows just beyond the doorway. His name was Kamsi and he was your ultimate man-crush. Or, at least, your ultimate boy-crush, considering how both of you were under the age of 14. He was the biggest boy in your set, the one almost every girl in your set wanted as their seatmate for prep and other extracurricular activities. He’d always been, in your opinion, much too tall for his age and your class. Add that to the fact that he was the best midfielder in your set and possibly, the school, and was usually sought out by seniors to join in their matches and it all tied his height, his hulking physique and popularity in a perfect knot.

You never believed Kamsi would notice you. Heck, almost no one in your set noticed you. You were an intelligent student, but you were neither the brightest student nor were you a sporty person. All you had going for you were a good grasp of the English language and a very decent accent. Your glasses and your excessive love for literature had marked you out, from your first day in Federal Government College, Enugu, as a geek – the new gauche word for Fedi students.

So, it had come to you as a surprise when Kamsi started to get close to you, asking you for your help with literature assignments, going out of his way to talk to you. You both began to hang out alone a lot of the time. You both sat and studied together during prep, and you went to the field to watch him play football, something you’d never done in the past. You were both practically inseparable. And, so, it didn’t come to you as much of a surprise when, one night when NEPA took light during prep, Kamsi held your hand and, after a few seconds, pecked you on your cheek. You already had a big flame for him. And so, it was only natural for you to turn your face towards his and kiss him on the lips in the darkness of the classroom. The few seconds that first kiss lasted were an initiation into heaven for you. All of a sudden, you craved his kisses more than you craved oxygen. And you both began to steal out to kiss and fondle each other; in secret spots, in shadowy places, in covert corners.

And, it was equally easy for you to acquiesce when he asked you to meet him in the bathroom during prep that night in second term. When he told you he wanted to try something new, to put his hard penis inside you, you were scared. But part of you wanted it too. And so, you both had sex in that bathroom. The pain you felt when he first tried to stab into your channel had him withdrawing. And, ingeniously, you came up with the idea of using your saliva. This turned out to make the coupling smoother. It was a quick and messy coupling, his spent penis coming out of you with flecks of faecal matter on it. Neither of you lasted long. His hand on your penis and the feel of his penis sliding in and out were too much for you to take. Within minutes, you felt the hottest and sweetest piss you’d ever had to take rushing through your penis towards the tip. And you stared in shock as you came for the first time in your life. Behind you, you heard his grunts and breathing become more irregular and he moaned, a soft and low moan that turned you on even more, as he unloaded himself inside you.

Today was however going to be different, you promised yourself as you walked into the bathroom to meet him. The other two times you’d both had sex, you’d had accidents like the first time. Accidents that made you feel ashamed even though Kamsi didn’t seem to mind. You’d decided to take some precautions this time around. So, when he told you the previous night that he wanted to “do” the next day – the day before school vacated for the session – you decided to try something you’d never done. You used your fingers to wash inside yourself during your bath till every inserted finger came out clean. You also decided to skip breakfast, to just drink the coloured water that was supposed to be tea and forgo the bread. The only meal you took was lunch. Because, you knew that, an hour after lunch, you’d be giving your man what you both wanted. And you were just about to do that.

You walked into the bathroom, taking a glance around to make sure that no one was coming. Then you rushed down to meet him in the last bath stall. You practically flew into his arms. Your lips met and your tongues dueled as you kissed. You felt his hands running over your shirt, deftly unbuttoning it. Your hands mirrored his own. And when your shirts were open, you both came together to feel flesh against flesh, hot skin against hot skin, muscles against muscles. Before long, your shorts were around your knees and his hard penis was out of his shorts. You didn’t know what pushed you, but you dropped down and took that hot hardness into your mouth. The feeling of his flesh in your mouth, filling your mouth, was divine. Consumed by your desire, you sucked hard on his penis, unable to bring yourself to stop. He groaned harshly, his fingers twining in your hair, tugging at times, making you realise he was enjoying it as much as you were.

When he pulled you up and kissed you, you wanted nothing more than to feel him inside you. And so, you turned quickly, offering up your behind to him – to part, to enter, to fill up, to make you his. You heard him spit into his palm. You felt him rub it against your puckered hole. And you arched your back as you felt the engorged head of his penis pushing against you. When he broke through the resistance of your channel, you let out a harsh cry, a cry that made him still his movements as he waited for you to relax. He dropped tiny kisses along your neck and collarbone, kisses that made you moan and unknowingly open up for more of him. He slid fully into your warmth and began to move, thrusting slowly in and out of you; one hand holding onto your waist and the other stroking your erection. Your eyes were shut to the world. You were lost in the feeling. The only thing you could do was take harsh breaths and moan out loud. You wished this feeling would never end.

But it was not to be. In the haze of your passion, you heard a strange voice scream “Jesus!” Your eyes flew open and your eyes darted about, searching for the source of the scream. You didn’t have to search for long. At the sole window of that stall, which was close to the low roof of the building, you saw a face looking in at you both.

IK Udeme, your worst nightmare in your set.

You didn’t know what was worse: the fact that IK had caught you having an intimate moment with Kamsi or the fact that Kamsi had stopped moving inside you, shell-shocked by IK’s sudden appearance. The burning accusation and utter disgust in IK’s eyes made you feel like the earth should open up and swallow you. You thought there could be no worse feeling.

You were dead wrong. Because, the next moment, you heard a deep voice nearby say, “You rat, what are you hanging on that window and peeping into the bathroom for?”

IK immediately dropped from your sight and you heard him say – even as you wished and hoped and prayed that he wouldn’t expose you and Kamsi – “Senior, I was passing the bathroom and I heard noise inside. I now say let me look and I saw…”

While he was still speaking, Kamsi pulled away from you and began to put himself in order. You followed suit, hastily buttoning your shirt and pulling up your shorts.

Then you heard IK say, “…two boys inside the bathroom. It’s like they were doing bad thing, senior.”

Almost immediately, you heard the heavy footsteps going toward the entrance of the bathroom. And you knew the game was up.

Your mind flashed back to the JSS3 boy who was caught kissing another boy during the last academic session. You remembered the terrible beatings they were both given by senior students. Even though they were now SS1 boys, they were still outcasts in their set. No one wanted to associate with them. And they couldn’t associate with each other, for fear of being set upon again.

Your heartbeat increased rapidly as you heard the footsteps enter the bathroom and walk directly to that last stall. And there stood Senior Joshua and Senior Nnamdi; IK Udeme who was behind them. You couldn’t bring yourself to answer when Senior Joshua sneeringly asked you what you were both doing in there. You could only keep your gaze on the floor, hoping that things didn’t escalate. You should have realised by then that only the direct opposites of what you wished and hoped and prayed for were going to come to pass.

Senior Nnamdi lashed out with his right hand, striking you with a heavy slap on your cheek. Even as you fell back from the sudden blow, you heard him slap Kamsi. Vile words were hurled at you by both him and Senior Joshua, words that painted a picture of your depravity, your uncleanness, your abnormality. Your sin!

Words that pierced into you and tore you apart from inside; you couldn’t fight back, you couldn’t help yourself, and you couldn’t stand to see the shame mirrored on Kamsi’s face as they went on slapping and cursing you both. When Senior Nnamdi told you both to walk to Independence House Senior Hostel, your fear rose in leaps and bounds. Because you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, the horrors that awaited you in that hostel.

Except you hadn’t imagined just how horrific it was going to be. From the moment you and Kamsi stepped into the hostel and Senior Joshua shouted out loud, for all the occupants of the hostel to hear, what they’d caught you both doing, the beating had risen to a frenzy. But, surprisingly – or not – it was only you that they were beating. Senior Ucheoma, the assistant sports prefect, had seen his star midfielder being condemned for a heinous act. He’d stepped in and taken Kamsi away to one corner of the hall, where he and three other seniors began talking to him. You could see them gesticulating as they conversed, even as you obeyed the order issued to you that you kneel.

Next thing you knew, Senior Ucheoma rushed over to you. “Bastard!” he bellowed and gave you a resounding slap that left your cheek smarting with the ringing pain. After that, it became a free-for-all bash-fest. You couldn’t speak in your defence; you weren’t given a chance to. The mob of seniors fell on you, kicking, slapping, punching, flogging you with belts and sticks and everything else they could lay their hands on. They stomped on you. They hit your head against the floor. You cried so much that the entire floor around you was wet with your tears and sweat. You begged, you pleaded, you promised to change. All your words fell on deaf ears. If anything, your cries egged them on.

Then Senior Onome walked in. Senior Onome, who was confirmed as the school’s new Head Boy a few weeks before. A boy who commanded respect both among his mates and his juniors. His entrance was all it took to stop the mob. One look at them and they stopped hitting you and stepped away. In that quiet but authoritative voice of his, he asked what was going on. You heard Senior Ucheoma start to speak but you couldn’t make sense of his words. You struggled to raise yourself to your knees. And just as you succeeded, you heard Senior Onome say, “Where is he?”

What they were talking about, you didn’t know. You only hoped it didn’t mean any more punishment for either you or Kamsi.

It wasn’t until you heard the droning of Kamsi’s voice that you started to listen.

“…to gboo ncha in the bathroom. Then he now came inside. He said he can help me out. I told him no but he knelt down and he now started sucking it. It was sweeting me and he now say he can show me a better way. Then he turn around and…”

Kamsi was speaking, but at this point, you blocked out his voice. Your heart broke as you considered how he was sacrificing you to save himself. You wanted to scream, to shut him up, to tell things as they’d truly been. You wanted to let out the pain and anger you had inside you. But you couldn’t. You only closed your eyes as tears leaked out. You played his words over and over again in your mind, each replay filling you with more hurt, more pain and anger. Your emotions filled you as swiftly as a tap fills a bottle. His betrayal wounded you in ways that the beatings you’d just gotten hadn’t.

When Senior Onome said, “I’ve heard you guys. Oya, junior, stand up and follow me,” you sluggishly stood up, hoping that your ordeal had finally come to an end. You followed him out of the hostel, your aching body struggling to keep up with him. A few steps away from the hostel, he wrapped an arm around your shoulder and drew you close to him as you both walked. You leaned into his warmth, drawing what little comfort you could from him. He led you all the way to the empty dining hall and told you to walk in ahead of him. Still trembling from the beatings you’d received, you walked in, turning around when you heard him close the doors behind him and lock it. You knew he was the kind of nice guy who’d talk to you, persuade you to change. And you were ready to swear till kingdom come that you’d change, that you’d never commit such a heinous again.

He had a small smile on his face as he turned to you. And in a cold voice that was very much at odds with the smile on his face, he told you to lie face down on the floor. Confusion sprang into your mind. Was he like you? you wondered. Did he want to have sex with you inside there? Was that why he locked the doors?

You did as he asked, these thoughts reeling through your mind.

“Don’t look up,” he said in that same cold voice. Then he walked deeper into the building. You listened to his footsteps as he went away and as he came back. The next thing you felt was water being poured on your body.

What was happening? No scenario you’d created in mind involved anything like this.

Again, you heard his footsteps moving away from you and returning. You looked up in time to see him raise one of the broken stools that lined the walls of the building and bring it down heavily on your body.

You thought you’d felt pain in the hostel. You thought you’d faced the worst in there. You had never been more wrong in your life. The pain that ricocheted through your body was unlike anything you’d ever experienced. Your scream tore out of your throat, a scream so piercing that even a rock would have been moved to mercy. Senior Onome laughed, welcoming your screams. He hit you again and again with that stool till it fell apart. Then he took the individual legs of the stool and continued mauling your body with them. All the time he hit you, he spoke about how evil you were, how you were a disgrace to manhood, how you were a devil who wanted to ruin the life of a poor innocent boy. Your screams, your tears, your pleas were useless. He didn’t care. If anything, they gave him joy. While the other seniors had been furious in their beating of you, Senior Onome was maniacal.

When he mentioned Kamsi’s name while delivering a particularly vicious blow to your buttocks, talking about how you wanted to infect him with your evil, you remembered how easy it was for Kamsi to throw you under the bus, to surrender you to the mob. In that moment, you feel something you’d never felt in your life. A blinding rage. A rage that surpassed the pain you were going through. It coalesced and settled in your heart. And while Senior Onome beat you, you felt your heart die inside, slowly turning into a shard of ice. The icier it turned, the less you screamed – till no more sounds left your mouth. No matter how much Senior Onome hit you, you simply refused to give him the satisfaction of hearing you cry anymore. After a few more minutes of beating, he ordered you to stand up. As you stood, you surveyed yourself, noticing how dirty you’d become and how bruised and swollen several parts of your body were. You looked up at him, noticing his heavy breaths, the sign of the toll his exuberant actions had exerted upon him.

“Come next school year, I promise you, what we gave you today would be a joke compared to what we will do to you. If you like, don’t change,” he said.

And he turned and, unlocking the doors, he left the hall.

You made your way to your hostel very slowly. You got in, took your bath and retired to your bed without a word to anyone. You could hear IK and several others talking and sniggering at you. You felt their judgmental gazes on you. But you refused to give them the satisfaction of seeing you curl yourself up.

The next morning, you took your bath very early and packed up your things. You wore the bulkiest clothes you had: a pair of trousers, a long sleeved shirt and a cardigan. And, just like the previous night, you didn’t join the others to go to the dining hall to eat. Instead, you stayed on your bed, hungry and waiting for noon.

By noon, you were already at the entrance hall with your bags, waiting for your parents. Mercifully, Father arrived before 12:30. You made your way to the car quickly and stowed your things away in the boot. And as soon as you both were in the car, you said, “I’m not coming back to this school next year.”

You didn’t care how he took it. You just told him. No explanations, nothing.

Throughout the ride home and for most of the holidays, both he and Mother tried to convince you to go back. When it didn’t work, Father said you’d be going back and that was final. You calmly got up from the sitting room, walked into the kitchen, pulled out a knife and went back to the sitting room.

“The only way I’ll be returning to Federal Enugu next term is if I’m dead,” you said, while you held the knife point first against your throat. “So, think carefully before you say your next words.”

And, just like that, they agreed. The next term, you started attending UNSSEC.


Written by Mitch

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  1. Queen Blue Fox
    July 06, 07:48 Reply

    Ok I’m itching for more how often will this series be coming?
    And o about Kamsi I’m thinking of all the evil things that should happen to him.

    • Mitch
      July 06, 09:54 Reply

      It’s going to be as regular as my muse allows it to be. However, the next part of this story is gonna be posted soon.

      About Kamsi, let’s see what the fates have in store for him.

  2. Zoar
    July 06, 07:59 Reply

    It’s not even the beating that’s making me mad but the betrayal from Kamzi. Humans are mysterious.

    I really feel for him. I bet his revenge will be loud.

    • Mitch
      July 06, 09:56 Reply

      I’ve come to realise that the most basic human instinct is the need for self-preservation. It doesn’t make sense,mostly isn’t nice or fair, yet, it is a thing. I think that’s what happened with Kamsi: he just had to protect himself. Even though it meant selling out the boy he was into.

      • Zoar
        July 06, 13:12 Reply

        There is no justification for such kind of betrayal dear. It shows exactly how the person can treat even his wife or blood on duress.

        That’s not the way to go about”covering” yourself for a crime you’re also guilty of.

        • Mitch
          July 06, 17:36 Reply

          I agree.
          That’s why I said the instinct doesn’t make sense sometimes.
          Still, like I said, it’s a basic human instinct.

  3. Obidiya
    July 06, 10:11 Reply

    The PTSD that reading this came with. Lord help me. From FGCKA to University, same experience. Beaten blue black, slept under the bunk, hanging from the ceiling with broken bottles under. The bruises, the pain ,the horror. Then came the blackmail, starvation, extortion and humiliation in uni. The failure and extra year after year 1(after waiting years for admission). I just wanted to die. Run into airport road, get ran over by a truck and end it all.

    Being gay God……..I need a break.

    I can’t breathe……let me live.

    • Pink Panther
      July 06, 10:50 Reply

      Oh my God. This is terrible. Just when I think I’ve gotten the handle on how much suffering a person can go through in our community, this comment happens.
      I know the trauma is ever waiting to be triggered, but I do hope you’re in a better place mentally.

    • Mitch
      July 06, 17:41 Reply

      Oh dear!
      I’m so sorry if this story served as a trigger for the repressed memories of your past hurt. Maybe you should talk to someone – a friend, a confidante, someone who truly cares without judgement – about what you feel, about these happenings. I believe that’s one of the first steps to finding peace. Repressing these memories would only serve to hurt you and keep you from living your life to the fullest.

      Take it from someone who’s been here.

  4. Scarlet_witch
    July 06, 12:43 Reply

    I kept asking myself, will I choose self-preservation over watching someone get brutalized by a pack of hateful people.

    This is so sad.

    • Zoar
      July 06, 13:17 Reply

      I believe his revenge would center on Kamsi his betrayal and not even those that had him beaten because there’s this Emotional Bitterness that should be settled with such amount of betrayal that all those beatings would be mere negligible to compare to.

      His rage would definitely be for Kamsi ?%

      • Mitch
        July 06, 17:45 Reply

        Let’s wait and see, shall we?

        • Zoar
          July 06, 17:48 Reply

          Waiting like my life is depending on it sef ???☺️?
          Let it drop fast fast abeg.

          First to do no dey pain.

          Na the reaction dey pain pass.

    • Mitch
      July 06, 17:43 Reply

      The man you are now most definitely wouldn’t.
      The boy you were a couple years ago?
      I’d bet anything he would.

    • Mitch
      July 06, 17:47 Reply


      Stay tuned for the next part.

  5. Dnightstalker
    July 06, 13:10 Reply

    I just felt nothing but hatred throughout the story and believe me if I were in his shoes I’ll be going with a big bang. It’s so bad when people act like that. Nice story though can’t wait for the next one.

  6. Bubu
    July 06, 14:35 Reply

    I cried reading this,I remembered my two kito experiences in owerri,one at Amakohia&the other at egbu by christainah hospital…I faced brutality,antagonism &hate while growing up from my peers,no one wants to associate with a boy that has the charisma of a girl…my sisters were my only source of consolation…My childhood days made me hate guys that put up excessive masculinity….its all about owning up to who you are&working on ur self esteem….

    • Mitch
      July 06, 17:49 Reply

      I’m so sorry you went through all that.
      Talking to someone about it could help.
      Writing about it too.

  7. Franky
    July 06, 17:20 Reply

    OMG!!! I’m so sorry for everything he had to go through, and the fact that its totally relatable got be shivering and it also triggered some of my memories that I had buried deep down. Unlike you, my parents didn’t even listen to me, I went back to school the next term and trust me it was awful. Believe me, I went through serious trauma that period.

    Now that my long buried memory has been triggered, I hope to write it here someday, maybe very soon and thinking of it now just makes me smile as the boy involved in my case just chatted Me up a few weeks ago after 7years, telling me he’s sorry and we should definitely hook up soon.. Lol, I guess you already know my response to it.. Hilarious… See you soon kdians.. Much love.

    • Mitch
      July 06, 17:53 Reply

      Please, do write about the anuofia of a scumbag. We’d definitely love to read the story.

  8. Bloom
    July 07, 09:36 Reply

    I need more!!!!

    This is just so beautiful. I mean the writing.
    The fear, emotions and horror that came with reading this shows how much this piece is nothing short of brilliance.

    The KGB boy is built on this and I can’t be any more excited! Please release the sequel today @Mitch

    • Mitch
      July 10, 12:10 Reply

      Hold Pink Panther oh!
      Hol’ am by the ntantan!
      Eez him darriz delaying it oh.
      Before you pipu wee send Holy Ghost thunder to faya me.

      PS: I miss you.
      We should talk. Soon.

  9. Peace
    July 09, 14:25 Reply

    Sigh… for days I kept this particular tab open. My mind has been blank or should I say numb, the memories just came flooding in……….

    • Mitch
      July 10, 12:13 Reply

      You know I love you, right?
      And you can always talk to me.
      Anytime. I’d always be available.
      Those memories are just that: memories.
      They have absolutely no power whatsoever over you except the power that you give them.

  10. Liam
    July 15, 09:38 Reply

    As much as the experience was horrible more painful than the beatings is that your supposed friend had to throw you in the bus in order be be safe, he is no feiend…. I also admire the courage with your parents because it takes love for oneself to do that,not to attempt suicide though but to choose a better option than suffering through that in the coming school year…

  11. OB
    July 19, 18:25 Reply

    I’m so angry rn… If anyone dares do that to my son unprovoked, I will definitely hire people to break specific bones in that person’s body… When I am done with those useless students, their mates will have nightmares about what I will do to them… Mad fucks!!!!

    I’m really pissed, rn… How dare anyone…? How dare anyone…? It’s then, that they’ll know that I am the possessed one… Rubbish!

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