Three People Were Kito Victims This Week

Three People Were Kito Victims This Week

It’s been 3 people this week.

3 people who know about Kito Diaries and the kito alerts we put up.

3 people who know about how some parts of Lagos, especially Ojo and its environs, are no-go areas for hookups.

And these 3 people went on to get victimized in Ojo-Iyana Iba-Iyana Ishashi by people we’ve already posted about.

3 people who could have easily, VERY EASILY, not have suffered what they did if they had bothered to do the due diligence.

I don’t understand this.

It is one thing if one is totally clueless about all these horrors and then falls victim to these scum.

It is another thing entirely for one to know all they know about kito situations in Lagos – and still blindly follow their libido into trouble.

One of these 3 people said he went to see the guy in Iyana School because the guy was nice.

The second said he went to see the guy who set him up in Ojo because he felt he was genuine.

The third said he knew about kito alerts but had never paid attention to them – until after he got set up and realized that we’d already posted about the guy he went to see.


You think these kito scum aren’t nice? That they won’t say the nicest things to you, even offer to pay for your transport money, just to get you to their lair?

And how on earth does one get the feeling that someone is genuine? Is there a halo you expect to see around their head that tells you that this person must be genuine?

And finally, WHY IN GOD’S NAME do you even bother to follow the kito alerts page if you won’t bother to pay attention to the content?

These victims then end up shelling out upwards of 100 thousand naira to these low lives and causing problems between themselves and their families who had to bail them out – a situation that will not happen if you’ll just take a moment, just a moment really, to VERIFY WHO YOU ARE GETTING TO KNOW! (MY GOD, THE ALERTS ARE THERE FOR A REASON!!!)

To keep in mind that no matter how attractive a person may be, once they tell you they stay in Ojo, you should simply BLOCK THEM AND MOVE ON!

To remember that the inbox of Kito Diaries is available BEFORE you go off on your hookup, instead of AFTER you’ve been set up! (You can just slide in to ask questions about who you intend to meet, instead of sliding in to tell us about who you went to see that set you up).

They say experience is the best teacher, but really, do we have to wait to experience kito before we can become wise enough to be mindful of our safety?

At this rate, Kito Dairies might as well stop making anymore kito alert posts, seeing as community members are just going to do what they want to do, and get into trouble for it.

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  1. Black Dynasty
    July 24, 08:55 Reply

    Sadly, most people choose to learn the hard way and there’s little anyone can do about it. Life will continue to increase the lesson’s severity until we decide to learn.

    Do continue the kito alerts, you’d have saved countless more people than you could possibly imagine who wouldn’t say anything.

    To the victims, sorry you went through what you did but hopefully you’d now actively share kito alerts to your friends and warn them too.

  2. Zoar
    July 24, 09:48 Reply

    Human beings are the most difficult animal to lead and direct.

    This is exactly what I think God is doing with us because we think we know it all when He has already given us a template to follow but we still decide to do it our own way and on our own terms. So He’s just looking at us and doing absolute nothing as you’re about to stop posting about Kito alerts now because you’re also tired of humans.

    It’s really well.

    He that has ears let him continue to hear with it.

    And he that is adamant because of Prick and Ass. Let him continue to face the consequences of his carelessness.

    That’s all I can say

  3. Lopez
    July 24, 09:57 Reply

    Our coconut heads. I swear I’ll never hook up with any random person in Lagos and Kano, in fact anywhere. Is it by force to shag everybody out there. I swear I’m tired, when are going to understand it is simply not safe out there. If you don’t care about your own safety please stop breaking our hearts. This post have absolutely ruined my day. Haba

    • Zoar
      July 24, 10:22 Reply

      It’s not even about the victims again.

      But about their families and friends that they eventually bring into the Quagmire and thereby reiterating the notion that everything about LGBT+ is bad and dangerous.

      • Lopez
        July 24, 12:48 Reply

        Exactly, your closing sentence says it all.

  4. Ken
    July 24, 10:40 Reply

    You can’t stop putting up kito alerts just bcos some people decided to play dumb and ignore the alert. Bcos for every person who ignores the warnings and alerts, many more have been saved by this site.

    Its like when cbn warned people about mmm and many ignored it. Later they had themselves to blame. But that didn’t stop cbn from continuing it’s monitoring job.

    You can’t control what people do with the info u put out. All u can do is put the info out there and allow those that want to be saved do so. Cheers

  5. Gbolly
    July 24, 16:34 Reply

    I pity them
    At least control the konji now
    That “iyana iba”
    Has even cast
    No go area
    Sha sorry

  6. Royal Knight
    July 29, 01:57 Reply

    No matter what you do there will always be casualties because some people are doomed, best to leave them to their destruction. Thank you for the work you do! For every one kito, you prevent at least ten more from happening. Besides, how would people take these issues seriously if we don’t have perpetual examples?!

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