I’m in dire need of accommodation anywhere in the Island close to Onikan (Obalende).

I just got a job in Onikan, Lagos Island and I stay in Agboju with a relative who recently made an attempt to out me to my parents – basically one of her several attempts to frustrate me into leaving her place.

I urgently need a place to stay, anywhere around Obalende, Ikoyi, VI, Lekki, etc. Somewhere close enough so I don’t spend the little I’ll be paid on transportation, so I can be able to save up for my own apartment, and most importantly, so I don’t fall into this bottomless pit of trouble and depression which has been beckoning on me in the past week.

I am Ebube, 24 and I posses a likeable, fun and respectful personality among others.

I believe I can stay with anyone as long there is an understanding of boundaries and principles.

I can be reached via:

Twitter: @ebube_iam

Email: ebubeomari@gmail.com

And 09021947798 (calls and text)

I would be sincerely grateful to anyone willing to be of any assistance to me in such a time as this.

Yours in the rainbow,


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  1. julian_woodhouse
    July 28, 11:06 Reply

    Awwnn… @ebube_iam chill guy, if only I lived on the island, or in Lagos for that matter.

  2. Angry!
    July 29, 00:19 Reply


    Na so una go start with all una “I am easy going and quiet” nonsense till they bring u into the house!

    That is how I accommodated one scum of the earth last year who turned out to be some made-in-hell, sick insipid nut job bastard! Short disgusting rabid dog started giving me attitude IN MY OWN HOUSE! Lol… some of y’all stupid tibis forget U CAME TO LAGOS and WE WERE BORN IN LAGOS!

    One-hand I contacted my Oluwo and the rest is history!

    I am still priming the jazz I did to destroy his destiny!


    Chere aka horo mgbo!???

    Ps. Come at me with any nonsense talk here and I will fish you out spiritually and add u to my pot of witchcraft where the bastard Victor is already stewing!

    • Blackie
      July 29, 07:44 Reply

      Mr Angry, abeg take am nwayoo! some People will never appreciate anything in their lives but, you can only
      ship them out of your life and move on, but please do not kill or destroy!

    • Ebube
      August 01, 18:09 Reply

      Are you for real?
      Like is this real???

      You’re sad, you seriously are and I’ll advice you fix it and make peace with yourself.

      I’m not responsible for how you see others, judging from your story. But I’ll try to let you know that so many people have been through worse from the hands of those they rendered genuine help to and they’re still strong, doing better and still doing good, I for one is an example.

      I know it sounds a so cliché and all but good people still do exist at both giving and receiving ends.

      I’m glad I’ve been able to give you a platform to vent your anger, you’re on the right track. Let it out till its empty.
      As for your witchcraft pot and the rest, lol…
      Fear no dey catch spirit em dey waka for night… You only know what you know.
      Let’s be properly guided.

      You’re simply not the one to show me such kindness and help I need right now.


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