“What’s The Best Part About Coming Out?” Marley Santana Has An Answer For That

“What’s The Best Part About Coming Out?” Marley Santana Has An Answer For That

The African American community is largely homophobic. Reasons for this include the image young, black males are expected to convey in the public sphere, that homosexuality is seen as antithetical to being black in the African American community. African Americans are more opposed to LGBT civil liberties than their white counterparts, and this makes it even harder for LGBT people of colour to be out and proud than the white gays.

So, what good can come from being black, gay and out?

OnlyFans content creator and exhibitionist, Marley Santana had an answer to that in a video he posted on Twitter a few days ago. He summed it up toward the end of his video when he said, “For me, the best part about coming out was my greatest fear: that I was losing all of my credibility and all of my friends, so called.” According to Santana, being out made him realize which friends and loved ones truly cared about him and those who were just part of his life for what they could gain from him.


What about you? if you’re out, was there a best part about you coming out? And what was it?

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  1. Mitch
    August 28, 12:56 Reply

    Taking charge of my life, my definitions and my path in life.

    Being closeted, it’s really easy to bend over and let yourself get fucked all the way to perdition by family, friends, society and all the other nonsense expectations every mosquito and housefly has of you, all because you do not want to be outed. So, you keep letting yourself get shoved around because you don’t want to shake things up, for fear of your ‘secret’ coming out.

    Coming out changes that.

  2. Black Dynasty
    August 28, 13:02 Reply

    The freedom, peace of mind and sense of relief I didn’t know I needed.
    Sure, not everyone accepted but I was never after acceptance and I got to a point where I wasn’t going to be miserable just to be in someone’s life.
    I also realise I’m in the privileged position as a gay Nigerian who’s parents were largely accepting and continued to love even if they didn’t fully understand, something i do not take for granted.

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