Why Using the Bible Against LGBTQ People is Irresponsible

Why Using the Bible Against LGBTQ People is Irresponsible

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Christians will go to great lengths to get God to consent to their prejudices. It’s actually quite astounding and equally sad.

Every day I watch and read fellow followers of Jesus attempting to use Scripture to discriminate against, marginalize, and condemn people who identify as LGBTQ. They engage in the most protracted, passionate, theological gymnastics, arrogantly and confidently tossing out chapter-and-verse grenades in an effort to make the case that God has a problem with being gay and that the Bible is proof. They do this with great authority, unwavering confidence, and very little tolerance for dissent.

This is one of the most irresponsible things Christians have ever done.

In truth, only a literal handful of the Bible’s 31,102 verses mention what could be translated as homosexuality (an English word first coined in 1946), and in even those few cases the reference is solely to a sexual act, never to anything remotely resembling what we understand as gender identity or sexual orientation. The reason for this is quite simple: such complex ideas were beyond the grasp of the writers, just as the shape of the planet or the inner workings of the human body or the nature of gravity were. This is understandable. They had no knowledge of how the brain worked and so they could only observe behavior and imagine that was the extent of sexual identity.

This is the greatest flaw in attempting to use the Bible to address the intricacies of human sexuality—that it is woefully inadequate for such a task. The Bible did not drop from the sky and it isn’t a product of Divine dictation. It is a sprawling library of 66 books, orally preserved and then written down over hundreds of years by dozens of disparate and largely unknown, very human authors in multiple languages, during which time the concepts of gender identity or sexual orientation were formed at only the crudest levels.

The Bible is a product of its time and culture and contains the inherent limitations of its writers. It isn’t an attack or mutiny to admit these things; it is simply being honest with our sacred text. Even fundamentalists and Conservatives understand this. We see it in the way our orthodox Christian understanding and approaches to slavery, women’s rights, mental illness, and divorce have all evolved with what we’ve learned over time. It’s the reason we no longer stone adulterers or accuse paralytics of moral failing or imagine Hell sitting below a flat earth.

This is why arguing incessantly about a handful of parsed out lines of Scripture, as if these verses answer the complex questions of sexuality is such misguided time and such a misuse of the texts themselves. Using these few bits of text to justify discrimination and bigotry is reckless and irresponsible. We don’t rely on the Bible to understand gender identity and sexual orientation for the same reason we don’t rely on a 2,000 year old medical text to understand the circulatory system, or use ancient hieroglyphics to understand the Cosmos. We know that these things are not enough because time has taught us.

When we put our bodies in the hands of surgeons, we want them to bring every bit of study and experience and historical learning to bear, because of the complexity of the task. We wouldn’t accept that what we knew in the first century was at all adequate. In fact, we’d demand that anything antiquated, technologically or intellectually be discarded. That is the only responsible decision when life is in the balance.

In this and in so many other ways, God has given us time as a gift in which to gain understanding about the world and about our bodies and our brains, that we didn’t and couldn’t know two or three thousand years ago. We gladly and wisely use this experience without giving it a second thought, without exception. In every other sphere of life, this is how we live; allowing new revelation to help us make better decisions and to override information when it proves to be incomplete or erroneous.

The damage the Church has done and continues to do to the LGBTQ community by trying to claim the writers of the Bible understood things they simply couldn’t have understood about sexuality, is one of our greatest shared sins. We need to allow all that we’ve learned to inform our faith perspective. We can go to the Scriptures for wisdom and guidance and inspiration, but we should never go to them as authoritative textbooks on biology or anatomy, and never as an excuse to ignore what we’ve discovered since they were first recorded.

If we don’t see and consider the Bible’s limitations regarding the complexities of gender identity and sexual orientation, we will continue to try to use God to reinforce our fear and sanction our prejudices, and we will continue to engage in behavior toward the LGBTQ community that makes our violence and mistreatment feel righteous, while not at all reflecting the love of Jesus.

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  1. Mandy
    November 06, 07:24 Reply

    This John Pavlovitz speaks the kind of Christian truth that makes Christianity seem so redeemable, like all hopes are not lost on Christians. He truly SEES! Which is more than I can say for the Nigerian fellowship.

  2. bruno
    November 06, 07:31 Reply

    so to summarise the post, the bible is irrelevant in this day and age. thanks john.

    • ambivalentone
      November 06, 07:37 Reply

      Looool. So the “…heaven and earth…” maxim is all for naught? I can’t weep

  3. Peak
    November 06, 08:41 Reply

    Even in academia, you are advised to think outside the box and do additional reading. This is why there is a thing called research and it’s never ending circle.

    The Holy books are there to serve as guides, not as absolute or insurmountable answers.

  4. Bain
    November 06, 10:04 Reply

    “The Bible did not drop from the sky and it isn’t a product of Divine dictation. It is a sprawling library of 66 books, orally preserved and then written down over hundreds of years by dozens of disparate and largely unknown, very human authors in multiple languages, during which time the concepts of gender identity or sexual orientation were formed at only the crudest levels.”

    iv explained this to people……the Bible didn’t fall from heaven so you shouldn’t expect it to be 100% accurate….informations too are lost in translations…. now lgbts HV to suffer…smh.

  5. .•*Sugaar.•*
    November 06, 16:51 Reply

    Let he that hv ears,,,,,,, hear what Brain had said…
    Somethings in the Bible sef no get answers if one should be asking… Cos it’ll just look foolish to ask those kind of questions!

  6. Jide
    November 07, 09:31 Reply

    The comments on the original article just gave me some serious braingasms.

  7. captain robert
    November 10, 16:20 Reply

    I feel like contributing to this post.
    The Bibles authenticity aside, homosexuality was only explicitly condemned in the old testament, nothing whatsoever was said about it in the new testament. This matters because christians no longer live by most of the rules in the old testament. Rules like killing people that work on the Sabbath, killing people that worship other Gods, killing children that insult their parents e.t.c
    No Christian would live by these barbaric rules and all accept these rules as annulled by Jesus, atleast they do until it comes to the subject of homosexuality.
    This is pure bias, and the condemning homosexuality based on the bible is inherently flawed.

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