Actor Yul Edochie Discloses Identity Of Man He Claims Is Sexually Harassing Him

Actor Yul Edochie Discloses Identity Of Man He Claims Is Sexually Harassing Him

Actor Yul Edochie took to twitter yesterday to put a man, who he claims has been sexually harassing him for a while now, on blast.

According to Yul, who is the son of veteran actor Pete Edochie, he said the man went as far as harassing his family because he refused his advances. Yul claims he has no problems with gay people, just this one stalking him.

His tweets after the cut…301020304050607091011

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  1. Dennis Macaulay
    April 08, 06:55 Reply

    There is more to this story than we are seeing up there! Na here we go dey when fowl nyash go open!

    • Chuck
      April 08, 15:48 Reply

      Hey Dennis, any info on a certain House of Reps member from Kano?

  2. Mandy
    April 08, 06:57 Reply

    Yul, are you sure you have exposed everything that happened with this your ‘stalker’, hmm? Yul! Yul!! Yul!!! How many times did I call you? lol

    • mike daemon
      April 08, 07:06 Reply

      @Dennis I totally agree with you, there’s more. fowl yansh go open indeed, the yul is not even handsome enough to go through all d madness for, but what do I know, people go mad for less.

      • Dennis Macaulay
        April 08, 07:08 Reply

        Me I know where many bodies are buried. So I know that Yul is being economical with the truth. We will still hear the (real) gist.

  3. Max
    April 08, 07:00 Reply

    Why the public outcry?
    I’ve always felt there was something off about this Yul guy… His acting towards women in movies, seems forced/fake.. But what do I know..maybe he’s not naturally good with women.
    There’s more to this story than meets the eye..

  4. kendigin
    April 08, 07:02 Reply

    Abeggi yul should go sidon. Me I can personally confirm yul is…………..
    But seriously, I think celebrities shld be more careful who they deal with. Especially on social media. I always knew this day will come when someone threatens to out him.

    Infact as a general rule, celebrities shld not be on social tb sites. If u must meet smone, it shld be thru smone u trust.

  5. Mitch
    April 08, 07:02 Reply

    Hmmmm! Yul, this your story sounds too one-sided to be true to me! I didn’t call you a liar oh! I’m just saying…………………..

  6. Gentle_G
    April 08, 07:07 Reply

    I just have dis feeling dat dis story by Yul is him trying to quickly react to d guy’s threats of exposing him as being gay,so he’s trying to play d fast guy here,by exposing him first. Good he acknowledged dat he doesn’t have anything against gay pple, or else..mmmm

    • Philip
      April 08, 13:08 Reply

      Yul is no gay. You guys should stop exciting your thoughts. The guy is a well known stalker. And stalking is a dangerous act, it emotionally blind the stalker and the next will be to kill his prey.

      • manager
        April 08, 22:58 Reply

        Philip i know the guy in question….he has evidences…..

  7. Gentle_G
    April 08, 07:26 Reply

    I wish d guy is smart nd vocal enough to react to this sh*t Yul just did..then we’ll all know dat der is more to this story. Yul dis d wrongest thing ever by publicly exposing him,who does he even think he is? Majid? Mtcheew. The guy himself doesn’t have taste,Yul doesn’t look like someone I have imagined being on d rug with me nt to talk of bed

    • manager
      April 08, 23:01 Reply

      The part two is coming….watch out, yul just started a battle he will never win!

    • kendigin
      April 08, 08:01 Reply

      Not only manjam sef…all the gay sites!

      • Philip
        April 08, 13:10 Reply

        There is no Yul there. It is the handwork of the stupid stalker. He did same to Mike Ezuronye, distributing his number to all tbs of mj

  8. Bade
    April 08, 07:53 Reply

    Pinky did u get my mail??

  9. Absalom
    April 08, 08:11 Reply

    Yul’s problem is not that he is being sexually harassed but that he’s being sexually harassed by a GAY man.

    Which makes Yul a homophobe.

    Which makes him ignorant (seeing as he thinks people can “refuse” to be gay)

    So he’s stupid.

    And uninteresting…

    But then the obnoxious Steven guy gave him ammunition.

    If the claims are true, the both of them can go to hell.

    • Mitch
      April 08, 08:46 Reply

      Absie, did you sleep on the couch last night? You sound really grumpy

  10. Mercury
    April 08, 08:17 Reply

    Yul Yul Yul, hmmmmm, I know where d bodies are buried too oooo, so watch it.

  11. Legalkoboko
    April 08, 09:03 Reply

    The Yul guy couldn’t care to show us a few samples of the stalking messages between him and Ugochukwu.
    oh I get it. Just accuse anyone of being gay and stalking your pretty ass, and we all agree with you.
    Lol, I’ve seen more serious tricks before.
    Yul Edochie, let your fans be the judge. Show them your full twitter chat with the guy. Disclose all the dirt in public.

    • manager
      April 08, 23:13 Reply

      Have evidence of his chat with steve …..yul didn’t tell us the whole truth

  12. Sinnex
    April 08, 09:07 Reply

    You guys talking about buried bodies, why don’t you exhume some, let us have a look at what you have been seeing na. Why am I the last to always know.

    Besides, who is this Yul guy sef. I crush on a lot of people, but never on this guy. Look at the person that is even stalking him sef….na wa ooo…

    I thought there was a way celebrities meet their hookups or something…

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 08, 09:10 Reply

      Hehehee. Sinnex I’m with you joor. All these undertakers hoarding dead bodies here and there, exhume some lerrus analyse the decay.

  13. Silver Cat
    April 08, 09:17 Reply

    When I saw this pile of crap yday on LIB I was a bit put off by the Stalker but now I’ve had time to think, Yul’s story isn’t straight.
    I have this rage within directed toward anybody who outs a gay man against his wish or even just accuses one. I wish I could mete out some vigilante-style justice on this Yul abi Yuck.
    In other news, who else watches CNN just to stare at Errol Barnett?

    • McGray
      April 08, 09:44 Reply

      Hey guys and menses, whenever something is posted here let everyone just comment and chill his bodi, even if u don see am for we dnt really care to know nau mbok.

    • Mercury
      April 08, 09:51 Reply

      Oh Lord Geezus, that Errol Barnett is one foine brutha, I could eat him. My my my those eyes, I wanna drown in them.

      • kendigin
        April 08, 10:45 Reply

        Wot is wrong with this one? Wetin concern barnett with edochie. Smh

    • simba
      April 08, 12:01 Reply

      Errol Barnett.. He is my future baby daddy.. pls stay clear.. I am saving money for rings and handcuffs.. just incase rings fail,handcuffs wouldn’t

  14. McGray
    April 08, 09:32 Reply

    Max there’s ntn wrong with his acting towards ladies. It’s just u guys love to defend ‘our ppl’ but the thing is that many gays really love to take things too far and they never accept defeat. If a gay starts approaching u he will never stop, especially if u r cute. Dats just d point. Considering the things i ve witnessed in the hostel he MYT not be far from the truth. A guy in my hostel actually woo a guy for about two years now. Accoding to d str8 guy he had pleaded with him (gay guy) and even tried to be nice in making him stop the advances but tsk tsk tsk my dear brother wouldnt have any of the I’m-not-interested-tingy until that evening when the str8 dude alerted everyone. So i will advice us to accept No and move on.
    NB: Yul is handsome. He is worth stalking abeg.

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 08, 09:34 Reply

      All this is based on the premise that Yul is straight and his tweets are all there is to the story, right?

      • McGray
        April 08, 09:53 Reply

        Nop Pinky, but he might be saying the truth and he might also be lying. None of us can tell. But what i know is that gays never accept No for an answer.

      • Max
        April 08, 10:53 Reply

        “Gays never accept no for answer” Seriously?..
        Then you havent met this gay, yeah this gay called Max.
        I don’t even need to hear the word “NO” from you and you’re already forgotten.

    • sinnex
      April 08, 09:51 Reply

      Same way straight guys chase girls na. It’s normal to try one’s luck, just don’t take it too far. You just might end up being lucky.

    • Silver Cat
      April 08, 11:05 Reply

      Excuse me Mcgray, but have we met? I dish out “No” the way you expel air. And if I sense the slightest hesitation, I don’t even wait for your tongue to descend from the roof of Ur mouth as it pronounces the N in No.
      Some dudes can be persistent ad nauseam sha but a tree never did make a forest.

      • McGray
        April 08, 11:13 Reply

        Emmm….i dnt fink we’ve met.

  15. Pete
    April 08, 10:15 Reply

    Who are those saying Yul is not fine? He’s handsome joor. Hearing one person’s side of the story is misleading but if the guy was so persistent that he threatens Yul’s family,then he’s out of line. Even if Yul is gay, does that mean he has to find every gay man attractive?

  16. val
    April 08, 11:05 Reply

    Yul may not have given us d whole truth but the side of d guy being psycho and threatening him is not lie. The Ugochukwu used to be in yahoo chat list when yahoo chat was popular. He will always flash his dick on web cam without request and expect me to do same. He got angry and said that if I don’t share nude pics no chat for us. Once he was in his school library he flashed his dick on web cam. The guy is a psycho. I recall he mentioned something about something about visa and documents part which did not end well and he was threatening to frustrate somebody. It might be d same story.
    As for Yul, he is a market that is yet to be confirmed.

    • manager
      April 08, 23:19 Reply

      Yul should please tell the world how much he has collected from steve so far before twittn trash

  17. chestnut
    April 08, 11:09 Reply

    Yul might be straight, u know. U might have heard rumors about him,but let’s be honest, which fairly attractive male celebrities haven’t we heard stories about? Have the gay community tell it,and they’d insist that EVERY male celeb is gay.
    For some reason,y’all seem convinced that Yul is a closeted gay man; not speculation o, but actual conviction. He might not be straight (rumors don’t count,cos every celeb is gay according to d gay rumor-mill). Let me not talk much sha, b4 my opinion becomes more…”Unpopular”

    • McGray
      April 08, 11:18 Reply

      Cheeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttt!!!!! Pinky are u there? Denny come join me oooo. Chesnut i thought i had lost u. Hw i’ve missed u and ur comments. M sooooooo glad u r back. Welcome back Chestie, welcome back Chesty. *throwing a welcome party in honor of Chesnut* Lol.

  18. Silver Cat
    April 08, 11:15 Reply

    Those eyes must have been what Shania Twain had in mind when she sang, “In your eyes
    I can still see the look of the one who really loves me
    The one who wouldn’t put anything
    Else in the world above me
    I can still see love for me in your eyes”.
    Mr. Kendigin, we’ve moved on from Yul Bryner( or whatever his name is). Did U miss my “in other news”?
    As for all U guys thirsting, after Errol, he’s mine! Back off y’all. *roars dominantly*
    Can’t someone share a fantasy here without some competition?

  19. Silver Cat
    April 08, 11:18 Reply

    *chuckles* That was meant to be rhetorical but I like Ur response. Oh when sarcasm meets wit…*stiffles moans of pleasure*

  20. Jamie
    April 08, 11:19 Reply

    I won’t just support someone’s unruly behaviour because they are gay! That kind of pity sef…
    Fact here is, the guy created a female account and lured OUR Yul, asking for a nude selfie… Yul refused and catastrophe struck to him… He and his family began to be betrayed, threatened and blackmailed….not enough rubbish to take from anyone, even if it’s a pity-deserving gay, right?
    And then he begins to track the idiot down when he begins to call…!! Now he knows a lot about the stalker… That it’s a guy, and a gay. Is it by force?
    This story may have a sequel, quite alright! But what if it doesn’t? Someone here could go that far but they’d not tell you, would they? I know a lot of crazy people who can go to any length when they have a crush! Imagine at school when someone made passes at me because i stood behind a friend and placed my hands on his shoulder, reading a notice on a board… Till today he doesn’t know-he may think but doesn’t know @all- that I’m gay…
    I think that man deserves all he got, if it was basically for the reason we have. You don’t know until you know!

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 08, 12:39 Reply

      ‘Yul refused and catastrophe struck him… He and his family began to be betrayed, threatened and blackmailed…’

      You see why this story is clearly not complete? How does it make sense that someone went from asking for your dick pic to blackmailing and threatening not just you but your family?

  21. Rapum
    April 08, 11:31 Reply

    Why is everybody only interested in dead bodies and what is and what is not left in the closet? What Yul did is terribly in bad taste, and not just because he outed someone. If the guy really is stalking him or whatever, there are legal media through which he can deal with it. Splashing it all over social media and making it seem like, “Yeah all these gay freaks want is to stalk the rest of us,” is totally disgusting; especially in our country, where everybody is looking for something bad to say about gay people to back up their warped thinking.

  22. Rapum
    April 08, 11:32 Reply

    Why is everybody only interested in dead bodies and what is and what is not left in the closet? What Yul did is terribly in bad taste, and not just because he outed someone. If the guy really is stalking him or whatever, there are legal media through which he can deal with it. Splashing it all over social media and making it seem like, “Yeah all these gay freaks want is to stalk the rest of us,” is totally disgusting; especially in our country, where everybody is looking for something bad to say about gay people to back up their warped thinking. Sometimes I think we are not sufficiently angry to bring about change.

  23. McGray
    April 08, 11:58 Reply

    Rapum i believe someone hasnt stalked u, mostly whem u dnt even like that person. The texts, the calls, kai! And the worst part he would tell you ‘i know that you love me, u r just pretending *winks*’. Oh God i feel like vomitting now. He would continue to d extent u feel like feeding him to the vultures or better still slitting his throat. If a gay could feel such rage towards a fellow gay how do u think straight folks would feel??

    • Rapum
      April 08, 12:08 Reply

      And what happened to the police et al? Yul is rich and famous enough to get the right agencies working. Straight girls get stalked everyday, and even if some might use social media as a deterrent, do you see them saying, “Is it by force to be straight?” It beats me how anybody can’t see that this is really about homophobia.

      • Rapum
        April 08, 12:14 Reply

        Shebi it was on this same blog that we read of how Tyler Perry got a fine from and put a restraining order on a guy who was stalking him. That’s civilized behavior.

      • McGray
        April 08, 12:22 Reply

        Rapum there is a way something will happen that you won’t hv d luxury of caution.

  24. Jamie
    April 08, 14:54 Reply

    I think the story is very complete. This guy happens not to just be an admirer but a dated stalker…
    Now he had an opportunity to test his gay dar’s accuracy or crush-madness just another time when he got hold of the family’s travel papers asked to be delivered by him…
    Now, Yul may not have known it was this guy cos to him, it was a woman asking for his nudes… And it may have seemed something fun to do for others… Who knows? The stalker may have leaked it like Yul is leaking his absurd behaviour…
    He has everything at his disposal to threaten Yul, and if he does, the papers are ones which must include his family members into the business. What can’t one do for love?? Or is it a crush?
    Yul may have done the wrong thing, but he has every right to do it. The man started the game by going that far cos from the story, Yul has been pitying him till….this time. Now, when you’re so upset about betrayal, you can go to any extent. Yes, he has promised to track him down, and he will defend himself when, if he is caught!
    About no lady giving ”is it by force to be gay?” when asked out…they will say ”is it by force to fall in love?”. The same way a brother may not like your wife cos it’s not by force to like her… We hate whatever disgusts us! We compain if it is by force that we marry a wifey, that’s questioning heterosexuality too in the first place. And a lesbian would ask if it’s by force to be straight if a guy kept pestering them!
    The man, according to the part of the story we have, which seems very true, is guilty and deserves the disgrace he got. And if people see gays from an odd perspection now, it is his very fault. You don’t force someone! It shows he could rape someone if he had a chance. There is no justifiable reason for disturbing someone else’s life with what they are reactive to!!!

    • Gad
      April 09, 03:41 Reply

      I totally agree with this. Most of the comments above goes a long way to show how parochial people can be. Most people turn a blind eye to bad behavior because the offender is gay like them. So because Yul is not “attractive”, the crime against him is justified? Or because some think he is gay, it’s okay for him and his family to be blackmailed? Some people’s sense of judgement/fairness is amazing.

  25. Obinna
    April 20, 06:00 Reply

    How sure are we he is telling the truth!!! Deamon, Foul nyash go open.

  26. Bane Salazar
    April 21, 01:52 Reply

    dont give a fuck who is gay or who isnt ; who is telling lies between the two or who is being honest…

    all i wanna know is why is that the gay guys involved in stuff like this are ALWAYS the horrendously ugly ones?! ALWAYS! And I speak of the Ugo in particular.

    Looks like the under of my primary school jaca jelly sandals. Mscheew.

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