Cristiano Ronaldo targeted with homophobic abuse during game

Cristiano Ronaldo targeted with homophobic abuse during game

Cristiano Ronaldo was targeted with homophobic abuse during a match against Barcelona a few days ago.

Slurs and chants came from Barcelona supporters during the El Clasico game, but were drowned out by home supporters with whistles. Chants of “Cristiano come out of the closet” could be heard across the stadium.

Barcelona could face action because of the homophobic chants.

It is not the first time the world famous footballer has been at the centre of homophobia in sport either. When his team, Real Madrid, played Atletico Madrid earlier this year, he was reportedly called a “faggot” by player Koke. Ronaldo allegedly hit back at Koke by saying he was “a faggot with a lot of money, shithead.” He was given a yellow card for his part in the altercation and had not received one in any of the previous 12 meetings with Atletico Madrid. Koke refused to give a comment on the incident.

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  1. belcullen
    December 05, 08:48 Reply

    its like these oyibo ppl know something i dont…

  2. Bain
    December 05, 09:09 Reply

    he is gay…we know….leme give him mat sef….if he like sleep in the closet till thy kingdom come.

  3. Mitch
    December 05, 10:34 Reply

    Hit him with all the slurs you want, he’ll still remain one of his best players of all time.

  4. Delle
    December 05, 12:15 Reply

    These people are just so petty. Ronaldo o, pls do and CUM out IN me.
    Gracias. ???

  5. Chandler B.
    December 05, 14:35 Reply

    Other than being hot, posing semi-nude very regularly and visiting some hot friend of his a couple of times and being carried by this friend in a picture one time, what has he done to make people think he is gay?

    • Drone
      December 05, 20:15 Reply

      I too don’t understand

  6. pankar
    December 08, 15:19 Reply

    Bing, you are right, its mere speculations

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