“Only Jealous Boyfriends Call Me Gay.” Pop Star Shayne Ward Says

“Only Jealous Boyfriends Call Me Gay.” Pop Star Shayne Ward Says

ShayneWard-NEWS1‘I get called gay all the time. Normally, from a jealous boyfriend of a girl who’s a fan or a group of guys in a pub shouting at me because I’m a pop star. It doesn’t bother me. I am very thick skinned and can handle situations very well. Plus half of the idiots shouting abuse are probably hiding in the closet and fancy me as well. Ha! I’ve always known I was straight, thanks to my brother’s collection of magazines. I love boobs. If I were gay, my family is amazing and wouldn’t shut out anyone. They’d never have a problem if any of my family said they were gay. Only welcoming arms full of love!”

–Pop singer and X Factor winner Shayne Ward in an interview with Attitude magazine

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  1. Lord II
    January 04, 04:02 Reply

    True I guess. Yep he has a point coz we do that too.

  2. Mr Kassy
    January 04, 04:29 Reply

    WTF! This broda is sooooOOoooooo!cute and hot.Having and watching those pink lips wrapped around ur d**k is called being in 3rd HAVEN.Lord II don’t you agree?Dennis and gad v I spoken ur mind*keep ur tea pls dis is a serious issue*

    • gad
      January 04, 10:25 Reply

      For me it’s a no. Oyibo people are not my thing. Any day and time,its Black intelligent and well behaved guys

  3. Max
    January 04, 04:49 Reply

    Gay or straight, who cares?

  4. KyrxxX
    January 04, 06:22 Reply

    I don’t blame the boyfriend shaw, Shayne can b very very intimidating! U r way too handsome, tall nd can sing *faints*. U need to see my sis screaming over this guy whenever his songs come on air! Am always like “……..biko shift abeg! Am way hotter nd sings better! Y squeal over him when am here…..”. Lol!

  5. A-non
    January 04, 06:57 Reply

    The eyes, lips and chest hair….

  6. Deola
    January 04, 07:09 Reply

    Nigga no one cares, gay, straight or whatever, you’re from xfactor meaning your five minutes would be up soon anyways. Just ask leona lewis and Alexanda Burke dem go gist you how market be. Mtchew.

      • Deola
        January 04, 07:19 Reply

        Dear I read this line and I just went ballistic ‘‘I get called gay all the time. Normally, from a jealous boyfriend of a girl who’s a fan or a group of guys in a pub shouting at me because I’m a pop star’.
        Pop star oshi wo niyen.
        I smell a diva-ish attitude and if there’s one thing that irritates me, its newbies like this forming diva.

        • pinkpanthertb
          January 04, 07:21 Reply

          Hahahahahahahaa!!! Dude has to blow his trumpet nah. Apparently you dont like the music the trumpet is making…

      • Deola
        January 04, 08:43 Reply

        Upon carrying out further research, My findings show that he won the second series of Xfactor, which was in like 2005 and he had a couple of ‘hits’ and slipped back into obscurity like i guessed.
        Well, it would seem that just like every tom, dick and harry in Hollywood he is trying to use the gays to stay relevant.
        Not this time mister.

    • Peak
      January 04, 09:05 Reply

      Lol @ deola oba research! Ongba yeye ninu research. Was about to tell u he won the X factor b4 leona, until I realised that u ve covered ur bases with a quick research. And he is a one hit wonder. After “Breathless” (it was huge back in the day) no one remembered him again
      The guy fine shaaaaa

    • Metorsexual
      January 04, 09:15 Reply

      We should order more lighting on this blog tho’… Twld soon get darker than 3am…Lmao

  7. Ace
    January 04, 07:39 Reply

    Congrats Shanye Ward! You are in the news. Now do well to crawl back to studio and attempt another hit. Thank you.

  8. Khristopher B!
    January 04, 07:40 Reply

    It ain’t his fault almost all gays think that any handsome man they come across is probably gay! We spreculate way too much!

      • chestnut
        January 04, 08:04 Reply

        Yes Dennis, “Spreculate” is a verb,which means to “SPRay your EjacuLATE” all over the cute face of an X-factor winner. (You can thank me right now) *goes back to polishing shoes for church*

      • Dennis Macauley
        January 04, 08:27 Reply



        And you are getting ready for church? You now see why heaven may not be a reality for you?

      • Deola
        January 04, 08:31 Reply

        ROTFL!!! Chestnut where you go? Two days.

      • trystham
        January 04, 08:33 Reply

        *notes meaning in dictionary for later use* Though it sounds way too much like some ppl wud pronounce it

      • chestnut
        January 04, 09:03 Reply

        Lol @Deola: my dear,I’ve been somewhat occupied (that’s all I’m at liberty to say for now…)

  9. Metorsexual
    January 04, 09:21 Reply

    That’s the thing with music reality shows… They give you the fame, and if you don’t work hard after that, you would disappear faster than a footprint in the desert….. But he’s really good at what he’s doing ( or can I say, what he did )…..and he’s quite a looker too…

  10. Brian Collins
    January 04, 22:57 Reply

    Atleast he shone when he had the chance. Can someone tell me where DJ ‘lola’ Switch, our first xfactor winner is? Or Christian from Naija sings or all the other Glo Naija Sings winners?
    Sha me I will do this guy and collect change sef. Total ‘la hot bobo’

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