I like to think I am versatile. The problem is I have never been able to bottom comfortably. The pain is unbearable. I have tried a lot to remedy this, from using adequate lubrication to going for small dicks. Shit, I even had to take Cataflam to numb the pain once. And did I mention I did the whole meditation thingy to prepare myself psychologically.

Nothing worked, so I gave it up. For five years, I haven’t played bottom and watched my sex life dampen. I was celibate for a year. Not that it mattered; I was never a sex freak.

However, I met someone recently. I have loved him silently and patiently waited for him because he was in a relationship. After the break up, we got close, very close, and soon began to sext a lot. The attraction is mutual and I believe he likes me too… Maybe it’s just in my head.

However, during one of our naughty chats, I told him I don’t bottom. He was disappointed, but things didn’t change between us, rather it got more intense.

I finally asked him out and he politely declined. Gave me a line about liking me but not being ready for a relationship.

But I can’t help but feel he rejected me because I can’t be bottom. I am seriously considering giving it a try if it means I get to have him. I am seriously at a cross road here and I need help.

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