I happened upon this post titled ‘5 Signs That Says He Is Gay’ and I decided to share for our MGM and MBM, you know, things you should or shouldn’t do so the woman in your life stays oblivious to your secret (Yes, I’m nice like that, lol). Anyway, here are supposedly five ways a woman can tell that her man is gay.  According to the original article, it is not only females; some men wonder if their colleagues, friends, teammates or brothers are gay or not too.

5. Bathroom Fixesgay1This might come off as stereotypical but this is quite true; gay men take a lot of time in the bathroom to get ready. If you want to know if somebody is gay, just take a look at their bathroom rituals. They will spend hours inside that room trying to get “ready”. They will shave, use hair products, facial products, and fix their hair and their dress several times before coming out. Sure, it is good to make an effort to look good, but if he owns more grooming products than an average lady, then he is gay.

4. TV Showsgay2Gay men like TV shows that has a female touch to it or has a lot of things that are somewhat gay. They will take great interest in shows like beauty pageants, any kind of shows that deal with makeup do-overs and glamorous stuff. Gay men also love shows that have a lot of drama in it and over-the-top flair added to it. If they are watching a show that has iconic gay men in it, then be sure of the fact that he is gay.

3. Eyesgay3No matter how committed a man is, they will check out another lady when out in public. It is like a human instinct; you cannot help it but give a glance. However, if you are with a gay man, then notice him carefully; he is likely to look more at men than at woman. In fact, if a really hot looking woman stands in front of him, he probably wouldn’t even notice it. But if there is a hot, well-built man walking by, watch his eyes follow that man from side to side.

2. Complimentsgay4If you are really confused as to whether a guy in question is gay or not, listen closely to the way he compliments you or anyone else. A straight man will probably say something like “you look good” or “that girl looks hot”. A gay man, however, will go the distance and make sure you really know what it is that he liked about you. He will say “that shirt really brings the color out of your eyes and goes perfectly with those skinny jeans but those nails need a bit of varnish to go with that Smokey eye look.” Yes, believe it or not, they will say something like this. Gay men are often the fashion gurus themselves and they don’t hold back when it comes to style.

1. Viewsgay5A straight man would probably not care about gay rights and all that. In their words, they just don’t understand a gay person. They think a man should be attracted to a woman and that’s how it should be. They really don’t have anything personal against gay men. But a gay man, however, will talk about gays in a different manner. They will talk about their rights, the troubles they go through and how the society should accept them. If somebody talks like that about gay people, then be sure that person is secretly gay too.

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