Rhyheim Shabazz may have (finally!) bottomed, and Twitter can’t handle it

Rhyheim Shabazz may have (finally!) bottomed, and Twitter can’t handle it

Rhyheim Shabazz is everyone’s favourite porn newcomer, who shot to prominence over the past year mostly through his own OnlyFans and JustForFans pages, and amassing over 300,000 followers (reportedly the second highest for a black porn star) under the Twitter handle @SRyheim along the way.

For the past couple of weeks, he has been promoting on social media his most recent work: an orgy with a bunch of (predominantly Latino) performers in Rio, which include Lucas Entertainment’s Ruslan Angelo, Andy Rodrigues, Caio Rodrigues and Estevao Oliveira.

Clips of these orgies have been getting published online, one of which drew the instant overwhelming attention of Gay Twitter. With over 7,000 likes and 2,000 retweets, it was the clip of what appeared to be Andy Rodrigues smashing into Rhyheim. Rhyheim is lying on the table with his legs spread wide apart, while holding onto Rodrigues’s head as the Latino star thrust back and forth against his crotch, giving the impression of someone topping Rhyheim.

This video was especially startling, because Rhyheim has only ever been the Top in his onscreen performances, and appears to be aware that his fans all seem to have one question: when is he ever going to bottom?

He once teased a bottoming scene in one of his videos with fellow porn star, Jay Alexander, during which Alexander was moving on top of him and he held on to him, moaning with each of Alexander’s thrusts – before shoving him off with a laugh directed at the camera. A clear indication that he was merely trolling his fans.

Of course, with the emergence of this video, it was only a matter of time before Twitter reacted.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @DRESTEALZ reposted the video with a distressed caption: “All the SO-CALLED TOPS ARE BOTTOMING NOW! LORD, ITS TIME US BOTTOM START RUBBING PUSSY TOGETHER. NO MORE REAL TOPS.”

And the comments following after the post varied from people lamenting alongside him, those pointing out that the bottoming couldn’t be real, and those lecturing on the unreasonableness of labels.


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  1. Tj
    February 11, 06:52 Reply

    Rhyheim is my favorite pornstar and watching the clip yesterday was really a surprise but i really loved it. That scene was so hot that i had to wank twice to that.

  2. Tristan
    February 11, 10:25 Reply

    The fact that he bottomed even made him more adorable and attractive to me. The clip looks like a sham though. We need proof?

    • Tristan
      February 11, 11:08 Reply

      I didn’t know Andy Rodriguez was this short until this group pic. Lol.

      I love that dude.

      • Persimmon
        February 11, 20:59 Reply

        OMG!!! Said exactly the same thing!!! He looks so tall in the vids on his Twitter ??‍♂️

  3. Mandy
    February 11, 11:24 Reply

    LMAO. I can understand the distress though. I mean, Rhyheim is just a KING. He’s all shades of very masculine representation. You look at him and you can’t even picture him backing up on a dick. The day he’ll bottom for real eh, gosh, I’d love to know who’ll get that honour.

    Meanwhile, he shouldn’t bow to fan pressure and bottom onscreen the way faves like Knight and Krave Melanin did. And their appeal just got washed down the toilet.
    It’s okay for there to be strict tops in the porn industry. Just as I’m sure there are strict bottoms.

    • Delle
      February 12, 22:23 Reply

      ‘LMAO. I can understand the distress though. I mean, Rhyheim is just a KING. He’s all shades of very masculine representation. You look at him and you can’t even picture him backing up on a dick. The day he’ll bottom for real eh, gosh, I’d love to know who’ll get that honour.’

      Mandy, you actually typed this? This is the real distress call.
      Is this not pure emasculation of bottoms? So because he is the picture of masculinity (whatever these words of deception means), he cannot be even be thought of as one who will take dick?


      Very disappointing.

      • Mandy
        February 13, 00:18 Reply

        Lol. Oga, it’s not that deep. I was going oh no into the stereotype that explains the outrage. You don’t have to climb a soapbox on my matter.

  4. Shadow
    February 11, 20:28 Reply

    Lol finally bottomed? You guys obviously don’t pay attention to details because he obviously have been playing buttom for a while but not on camera.

    • Pink Panther
      February 12, 03:21 Reply

      So what details have we been missing considering he’s not been bottoming on camera and we’re not part of his life off camera?

          • CHUCK
            February 12, 11:10 Reply

            I don’t know how to post photos here but you can go look yourself. His hole shows signs of constant dick use.

            • Shadow
              February 12, 11:45 Reply

              Thank God I’m not the only one who noticed his hole ?. Immediately i saw it i was like Nah!!! This nigga definitely plays buttom.

  5. Franz
    February 11, 21:43 Reply

    Not to look down on anyone but this is why I’m over gay men and our ridiculous obsession with sex. Look at how we are writing and reading about a pornstar as if we are talking about celebrities.

    That aside, lol @ the fact that a man that is being paid to have sex on film for our pleasure is who we are casting into a sex position. Do you know if his ass is a canal in real life? So because he has only filmed top scenes it means he is a “real top”? This is why I laugh when I meet guys that say they only date strict tops (set awon absolutely no vers). Dear, it’s either your strict top is just waiting for the man that will flip him like a pancake and pound it out or he finds anal sex painful. Get over it.

    • Mandy
      February 12, 03:28 Reply

      The sheer elitist bullshitness of your comment is just out of this world.

      First of all, gay men have a ridiculous obsession with sex because we’re talking about porn stars as if they’re celebrities? Are you kidding me? News flash, oh respectable gay, they ARE celebrities!!! And this attitude where you’re acting like sex and sex work is beneath you would be believable if you yourself didn’t also come to this comment section to drop your own two cents on the subject.

      And the nerve, to come here to act like you’re somehow better than everyone simply because this post was written and people are actually commenting on it… Well, interesting that on the post about Luke Evans that’s about a celebrity who’s not a porn star, your comment isn’t there. On the story about Pink Panther’s childhood first time, your comment isn’t there. But nooooo, we’re just a bunch of horny ridiculous gay men for commenting here, even though this is the only comment section where you yourself are.

      GTFOH with that mess.

      • Franz
        February 15, 04:52 Reply

        Oh wow lmao, please unknot your panties. There’s nothing elitist about my comment and you did not eat anyone up. Get over yourself.

        I don’t comment a lot but I felt the need to because of this particular post. It’s something a group of gay friends and I talked about recently and seeing it here brought it up for me again. Notice I said and OUR aka including myself. I can still think it’s sad even while being party to it, no?

        Once again, I think it is sad that we gay men consider PORNSTARS THAT ACT BLUE FILM TO BE CELEBRITIES. If they are to you that’s fine but I’m sorry I will never consider a sex worker to be a celebrity/star. Get over your woke nonsense. So I should scream for Blacky Shaun and his cohorts as I would for Genevieve or Rihanna? Because they can fuck, I should be so invested in their lives? NO NO NO!

        Do you aspire to be a pornstar? Beyond the porn he’s acting, do you care about his life? Love life? Future? No. He is a star to you because he has a big dick and excites you in porn movies. Dear, that’s nice for you. I don’t care if he is the most followed person on Twitter, I still think it is sad and ridiculous. It’s not because I think I’m better so get over that abeg. I am allowed to think it’s ridiculous that gay pornstars are revered as celebrities, HO HA!

  6. Leks
    February 12, 11:27 Reply

    There’s no big deal if SRhyheim bottoms, as far as I know he doesn’t possess 2 heads neither is he better than others…. You guys shd just quit labels for once….

  7. Eh
    February 13, 02:24 Reply

    Lol let love and live
    We crave acceptance and understanding
    Let’s actually be about that life
    Nobody is just one thing
    But on another note totally related to the topic
    Haven’t y’all seen profile on that yellow app saying strict top i f***k only bttms no verses two days later I’m done experimenting role bttm we should accept all joor ? pls don’t drag me I’m sleep deprived?

  8. NewGuy
    February 15, 07:19 Reply

    I might be wrong but I don’t think there are any strict tops or bottoms.

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