November 25

This is Thanksgiving weekend, so I’ve decided to make part of this post about what I’m thankful for.

First of all… Bend down low…

*clears throat* Sorry…Lapse in judgement there.

First of all, I’m thankful for everyone who believes in me even when I find it difficult to believe in myself, especially Pookie, Bruno, Simba and JSU. And I’m very grateful for y’all who keep coming back to read this ole journal and offer words of encouragements from “I love this” to “nice one”.

I’m also thankful for the naysayers – or naysayer, as the case seems to be. May your future be as bright as the shade you sometimes like to throw my way, and may doors as wide as your nostrils open up for you in the coming days. Much love???

I’m thankful for Pokémon (the main games and not that sorry excuse that’s called Pokémon Go *shudders*), and how they keep improving. Sure, it’s not PS4 graphics, but with each new release, it’s a joy to play. Anyone who doesn’t agree can eat a smelly sock.

I’m thankful for family. Sure, they fuck up oh so many times, but I’m glad I’ve got the pleasure and displeasure of having them in my life.

And finally, I’m thankful to God for chicken. He didn’t have to make them, but make them He did. So yea, I’m thankful for the wonderful gift of chicken.

Now enough with that…

I created a nuclear family whatsapp group because why not, and I also just wanted a place I can say good morning to everyone in the family and not have to worry that some or the other hasn’t heard from me in a while.

I’ve been using this forum to push the gay agenda. Lol. I’m kidding. I’m however quite controversial there. I’m sure they worry about me. They also probably think I’m atheist now, because I believe in questioning the Bible and ask weird questions like why it was okay for the Israelites to kill during war but then, the 10 commandments said: Thou shalt not commit murder. My younger brother was of the opinion that Christianity requires blind faith and shouldn’t be questioned, and I was appalled that he was so comfortable with this notion. I mean, that should be a red flag for any situation, having to believe whatever is prescribed and not being able to be questioned. It was weird that he was exhibiting typical Nigerian behaviour when it comes to religion, but then again, I don’t really know him.

I don’t believe the Bible always requires blind faith. You can ask questions as a Christian and believe you’ll get answers. It’s a rather interesting concept, and can be explained with how perception changes everything people see.

But I won’t go into that because me sef, I’m trying to work out some things in my head.

However, I’m not an atheist. I believe in God, Jesus, the salvation story et al. How I reconcile that with my sexuality and perhaps some common sense takes a lot of mental gymnastics. But I am quite satisfied with where I’m at now. And I hope a certain someone I know will be too. He knows himself.

I mean, people should not swallow everything other people try to put down your throats. Go and seek out answers yourself. Don’t be mentally lazy. This is the 21st century for Pete’s sake! Free your mind and the nyash will follow…

Oh wait, it is ‘free your mind and the rest will follow.’

Eh well, y’all know what I mean.

This week has been one of examinations, and though my exams have been pretty awesome, things have gotten a bit heavy for me. Shout out to Bruno for calming a nigga down. And on that note, I’ve gotta go study now. Peace out, ma niggas and niggresses.

And remember, anus-thing is possible.

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