School stuff took me to Owerri. I’d been looking forward to the trip. I was excited. Yes. And the Eastern brothers I would finally meet. The new experiences.

O-town, here I come!

Traveling to the Eastern part of Nigeria by land can be thrilling. The beautiful works of nature you gon’ see. Again, the experience. My long legs often suffer. And my head.

Anyway, skip Shagamu, Ore, Benin, Asaba, Onitsha. Just land in Owerri. Arrangements had been made for me to stay with Mr. Callistus and his family for the first few days before I made plans to move to surroundings closer to the school, where I could start and complete the things I was there to do. We had planned for me to rent a room. But I was just going to have to squat with someone before then. I wanted to leave Cali’s house sef. Tsk. He was nice. But he wife wasn’t. (It’s not like I was a threat to her marriage)

Anyway I started calling every single person I knew in O-town. Bitches (and dogs), the Beauty has arrived! Kizito be coming through!

Will was pleased. I headed straight to his place the next day and settled for a while, kept my bags, and then headed to school to complete what it was that I’d come for. I’d see Will later. But Ekwensu had plans! He always does.

That day was terrible. The sun was terribly hot. And my sweat and shine seeped out my pores. Bad day!

And then there were issues with my registration? Bloody hell!

I lost my coordination. My brain was frying. See how many kilometres I’d travelled. Owerri. Abi God wants to punish this town ni? Chai.

Wait fess. Just chill.

No oh! Don’t chill anything.


See ehn, I was frustrated. Will had called. He had excuses. For some reason, I couldn’t stay at his place but my stuff could remain. He had ish. I had bigger ish. And likewise I couldn’t reach or stay with any other friend still. Issues. I had no option but to rent a room. Will had someone seeking a roommate. Cheap cost at least and no jaw-dropping criteria for being this guy’s roommate. OK.

I went back to the school. Frustrated, I just kept on walking. Confused. Tired. Exhausted. Hungry. Crying sef. Chai, God. Show me a sign oh!

He did.

He showed me Kene; sitting on the boot of a Camry, chatting with two guys.

God, what type of this na? What type of this!

Abi was it the Devil?

No, it had to be God. It was God.

But Kene?

And just when I was about to do an unnoticeable-about-turn, gbam! He caught me! He saw me. He looked shocked. He looked excited and happy. He jumped off the car’s boot. He called my name. I cussed inside. He approached me. He tried hugging me, I think.

“Oh my God, Kizito! You’re in Owerri really! Wow!”

I tried a smile. My face ached.

I looked exactly the way I felt. I was going to faint after the revelations I’d had that day. I planned on fainting. He inquired about everything. I told him almost everything.

“Chai. Sorry. You look haggard,” he commiserated.

It was getting dark. I needed a place to stay.

“You look very tired. Chai. Get into the car. Let me just round up with my friends…”

I wanted to protest. But my chi slapped some brain and sense of reality into me. Mumu, enter the car.

Some minutes later he got into the car and started the engine. Vroom! Vroom! He drove.

Destination? Major drama.

Written by Kizito

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