Mr Ideal Nigeria Crowns A Winner For 2015

Mr Ideal Nigeria Crowns A Winner For 2015

11136738_854490154636457_885005631152798053_nAfter months of hotly contesting for the coveted position of the Number 1, Mr Bayelsa, John Iwueke emerged as MR IDEAL NIGERIA 2015.


The first runner up is Mr Akwa-Ibom, Kenny McKenzy, who is Mr Ideal Nigeria – Earth, and the second runner up is Mr Delta, who is Mr Ideal Nigeria – United Nations.Pictures

Congratulations to these hot, hot gentlemen.

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  1. kendigin
    April 07, 05:32 Reply

    He’s cute….and not in the arrogant way.

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 07, 05:36 Reply

      Don’t even start!
      Someone is still recovering from the sting of that other model what’s-his-name sef

    • trystham
      April 07, 06:20 Reply

      Dennis, Is it too much to hope you won’t know him??? Wa ti ba ile je gaan iwo bobo alagbere yi

  2. McGray
    April 07, 05:36 Reply

    That winner is just cute. Looking cool and innocent. He deserved what he got.

  3. Mercury
    April 07, 05:38 Reply

    Twinks with six packs, ewwwww, call me weird but male pageantry really puts me off. I won’t be caught dead in any of those events…… If I wanted to be in a convention of gay boys, pride week seems like a better option.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      April 07, 05:39 Reply

      Be speaking mkpo mkpo oyibo!

      Your mama dey mold man? Abeg siddon one side!

      The boy is HOT!!!

      • Mercury
        April 07, 06:02 Reply

        Of course he is, I’m speaking for myself, I don’t want no skinny niggas with six packs.

      • Mercury
        April 07, 07:28 Reply

        Lol…..I said I didn’t want, how does that make me an ashewo biko?

  4. Absalom
    April 07, 06:00 Reply

    Whoa. Fuck me.

    …Wasn’t swearing.


  5. Max
    April 07, 06:06 Reply

    I don’t know the other contestants, but I think they made a pretty good choice..
    Pinky, you want boys to start thirsting this early morning abi…

  6. trystham
    April 07, 06:25 Reply

    I dunno, heavy crotches more than thick muscles impress me. *stirs Sugar into my akamu*

    • Mercury
      April 07, 07:31 Reply

      My dear thrystam you like what u like…..these particular muscles are just wrong, I’m sure he flat back der self.

  7. paul
    April 07, 06:26 Reply

    He is very cute n looks innocent but I don’t c him standing a chance and going so far on an international level.(I pray I’m wrong)

  8. Absalom
    April 07, 06:32 Reply

    *accepts crown from Max, waves at audience* 😀

    Dennis, hurry!

  9. Khaleesi
    April 07, 06:46 Reply

    Cute kid! He has the look of someone who’s still growing into his awesomeness, check him out in 3 or 4yrs, he’ll be a drop dead gorg stunner … #CrouchingCougarInWaiting

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 07, 06:59 Reply

      Look at Khaleesi. You are still waiting. Mscheeewwww! #CougarSnappingHimUpNow

  10. JustJames
    April 07, 07:10 Reply

    He’s cute.. But I like Mr ideal United Nations better.

  11. Sinnex
    April 07, 07:31 Reply

    Although, he is good looking, I can’t help but wonder who he slept with to win the competition.
    Now, I am not hating, I have it on good authority that a contestant dropped out from the competition because Mr Twitch kept on pestering him for sex with the promise that he’d fast track his stay in camp; unfortunately, the guy is straight….

    • trystham
      April 07, 09:09 Reply

      DENNIS!!!! Who is ‘Mr Twitch’ mow abeg?

      • Dennis Macaulay
        April 07, 09:35 Reply

        The guy who runs the pagent.

        Why are you asking me in particular?


      • Chuck
        April 07, 12:07 Reply

        I mentioned this a while ago – these contestants must really want the fame. Anyway, many gay men don’t think anything of sex for favors, same as straight men or women. Nigeria kwenu.

  12. Mercury
    April 07, 07:32 Reply

    Y’all are just cradle snatching hoes!!!!

  13. ocee77
    April 07, 08:35 Reply

    Wow,wow,wow,wow.All 3 be better market……………………na wa.Dear Pinky,thank u so much for this.

  14. Teflondon
    April 07, 11:26 Reply

    Eya sorry my very cute frnd Austin (Mr Ekiti) couldn’t even make top 3.. Told him he ain’t going no where without his ass being popped. Nigga tot I was joking..

    For these lots up here.. The top 3, Welcome to the ever fabulous ‘Gaybourhood’

  15. Ace
    April 07, 11:31 Reply

    I know it is wrong. Indeed very wrong. But I would like to organize one of these pageants cos of the endless desperate man candy that’ll do anything for the crown.

    • mike daemon
      April 07, 12:13 Reply

      @Ace you promised to help on nostrings, but neva did!

      • Ace
        April 07, 13:55 Reply

        I am so damn sorry dear. I haven’t be consistent with my blog visit like I used to. I am sorry. Will definitely catch up soon.

  16. Heiress
    April 07, 11:41 Reply

    Hmm yummy yummy screw screw! They are hot!! Dennis, the D!! Lol

  17. D-boy
    April 07, 15:29 Reply

    Out there, some declan is crying over this post.

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