The Bi-Curious Man Who Has Some Concerns About Losing His Anal Virginity

The Bi-Curious Man Who Has Some Concerns About Losing His Anal Virginity

NervousA bi-curious Reddit user by the name of wormsaregreatlovers is thinking about jumping into the man pond, but he has a few questions before making the plunge. He starts out by writing:

“So, I’m bi-curious with no gay experience and I am thinking about popping my bum cherry. I’ve played with myself anally here and there but now I’m thinking about the real deal.

Question is I like the way I am now (character wise) I’m abit of an ‘alpha male’, I’m confident in myself and I like the state of mind I am in.”

He continues:

“If I submit myself will my personality change in a way that’s more feminine? will my personality change in general? will I like gay sex more than straight sex? ultimately I’d still want a wife and kids and to live a straight life. help gaybrahs please (apologies if it’s an ignorant question, there’s no where else I can really ask this question besides reddit ;| )”

Reddit user MattDM92 wastes no time answering the question in the clearest way possible: “Your personality won’t change if you get Rodgered up the bum.”

But jet_silver doesn’t totally agree. “Your personality will change a little,” he argues. “You’ll know what it feels like to have a cock inside you and it will make you a little proud and happy.” Then he adds: “Having a cock inside you does not mean you are submissive. Having a cock inside you is fun.”

“Generally your personality is what it is,” ilikestripes says. “Also there’s no reason you can’t still be ‘alpha male’ and enjoy anal sex.”

(Word. It’s called “power bottoming.” lol)

Tinapasadena would like more clarity from wormsaregreatlovers, writing: “Your question seems to be more focused on anal sex vs the attraction to a same sex partner. Is this a bisexual question or an anal sex question? If it’s simply a desire to have anal penetration, then let me suggest pegging…Good luck and don’t forget to breathe.”

Meanwhile, ConsideratelyYours keeps it real: “If a potential shift away from alpha maleness is such a scary thought for you that you would rather bypass the pleasures of buttsex for it, then you should probably not engage in buttsex. Sex partners don’t need that kind of insecurity/baggage.”

(Sounds like someone’s been burned before.)

Ferny530 then chimes in, drawing from his own experiences as a once bi-curious male: “I was in your shoes not to long ago,” he writes, “I had never done anything with a guy before only with girls. But when I did it was the greatest experience in my life so far. It felt so right and so natural. It didn’t change who I am at all.”

But perhaps Nizzle-Mcfly has the best advice of all, telling wormsaregreatlovers: “You only have to worry if you come glitter, then it is too late.”


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  1. chestnut
    April 07, 05:40 Reply

    I think he should start easy first; try fucking an ass first, b4 jumping into the…er…”difficult” stuff; that way,he’ll know which one he actually prefers.
    Lol@ “cum glitter”.

    • chestnut
      April 07, 09:17 Reply

      @sinnex: I bet u do,lol. In the immortal and eloquent words of Pinky: “My dear,if u like don’t goan fuck…”(I forgot the rest,but that’s the part that really left a mark on my sanity)

  2. Handsomely Inclined
    April 07, 09:43 Reply

    We both are in the same boat….i ask those questions myself too……haven’t really gotten a reasonable answer from the few peeps,I have met……

    Its gonna to take a while before someone mind is made up…..

    The writer just went straight to my thoughts exactly……Lol

    • Gad
      April 08, 05:38 Reply

      Why not get your answer from the list of answers already provided in the post? Or do you need a practical?

  3. tobby
    April 07, 10:11 Reply

    Go get fucked and see if it changes ur personality. You never know until you try. And if ur personality changes, u might enjoy getting popped so much, It wouldn’t matter to u anymore

  4. Teflondon
    April 07, 11:29 Reply

    Taking the “D” up the Ass always changes your personality at some point… Think I mentioned this here once.

    i guess his never going to find out his ans.. Till he tries things out.

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