Dear KDians

I have always admired what Kito Diaries stands for and the sense of community it has fostered among the gays in this part of the world.

That said, I happened on a post from a couple of days ago, the ‘public announcement’ post where a guy declared his search for a roommate and gave certain requirements a lot of readers did not agree with. And these many, many readers went in on the comments section and they were very painfully rude and verbally lacerating. I was disappointed because, if these people understood the reality of what it means to be gay or bisexual in Nigeria, I doubt their comments would have been as decidedly mean.

I understood this fellow’s standpoint perfectly because I live alone and as far as it goes, I am a HUGE introvert. So far, only seven people have ever visited me and I’ve fucked just three guys here. However, even at that, my neighbors have started questioning me and scrutinizing my every move and anyone who knocks on my door.

That is not something I have the energy to deal with. And with all this, if I were to require a flat mate, what sort of guy would you expect I’d go for?

Guys, maybe his requirements were a tad extreme but he is coming from somewhere. This is a country where people are arrested and disgraced, blackmailed and tortured for being gay. I would know, it has all happened to me before. Not everyone is here to be a gay rights activist. Some people just want a quiet life where we can just be free to live without looking over our shoulders all the time.

If that means living in the closet, then let us live comfortably in our closets. Bearing this in mind, let us try our utmost best not to spew vile words at those of us who do so.

Written by Chuk Bass

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