What bad habits will you be dumping in 2017?

What bad habits will you be dumping in 2017?

Some people are no longer interested in looking for boyfriends; they just wanna have fun. For some, it is something as light-hearted as sex – no more “losing it with kissing the moment you stick your tongue in my mouth.” Lol. Some others want to stop being vulnerable; in the words of a KDian – “I want to stop crying over men or being overly emotional and coming off as fragile or one who needs protection.”

For others, it is more serious, like wanting too much from people or making an effort not to let depression overtake them.

As for me and my house, even though enemies of progress have already started telling me it is impossible, we shall be leaving the beds of men with wives and girlfriends alone come 2018. So help us, God. Lol

What about you? What won’t you carry over to 2018?

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  1. dale
    December 23, 08:26 Reply

    nothing that wont resurface in 2018.not my fault sha

  2. Delle
    December 23, 09:18 Reply

    Being unnecessarily emotional. Coming off as needing succor and protection. I need to be emotionally stable this coming year for my sanity.
    This isn’t a resolution (it’s mostly a farce when we put it that way), it’s more or less what I’m already working towards.

    I need to be not just gay, but totally happy (Gerrit? ?)

      • Delle
        December 23, 22:27 Reply

        Lol don’t I just love gay men ???

  3. Johnny
    December 23, 11:45 Reply

    I will stop trusting anybody. No relationship any longer , safe sex with random people. Study hard, make money and go on vacation.

  4. pete
    December 23, 15:27 Reply

    Getting into virtual ping pong with Delle ?

    • Delle
      December 23, 22:25 Reply

      *inserts overly long hiss*

  5. Hmmm
    December 23, 15:56 Reply

    Well Mr Pinky, it’s not their fault they can be with both males and females…. Some people fall for personality. Why don’t you just get married to a guy already since you’ve come of age.

    • trystham
      December 23, 21:51 Reply

      GAY, not ‘bi’. Tho one can’t even tell the difference

      • Delle
        December 23, 22:26 Reply

        Can’t you read his pseudonym? It sounds tired sef ?

  6. quinn
    December 24, 00:06 Reply

    Leaving my shame and my stupidity in 2017. Fingers crossed

  7. I.F
    December 24, 08:57 Reply

    Giving CPR to dead situations; and realizing that no matter how hard i try to make things work with someone , if it doesn’t work, it’s not my fault .
    I think i’m too nice too, that’s would end in 2017.

    • I.F
      December 24, 08:58 Reply

      Giving CPR to dead situations; and realizing that no matter how hard i try to make things work with someone , if it doesn’t work, it’s not my fault .
      I think i’m too nice too, that *too* would end in 2017.

  8. WhoIsUgo
    December 24, 13:54 Reply

    Leaving my ashawo ways in 2017. We are now looking for a nice, lightskinned igbo girl to settle down with in 2018. (We as in me and my other demons.)

  9. son of freda
    December 24, 22:53 Reply

    searching for new hatchling like me to relate with and not seeing any , meks me wanna crawl back to my shell

  10. Lorde
    December 25, 11:47 Reply

    Leaving tops who call themselves men but are too chicken to go into a fucking pharmacy to buy condoms and lube….. I’m too old to fuck with y’all…. also letting go of my emotional lability and entering 2018 like the boss bitch that I am…

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