You know that kind of gay man who comes to your place with nothing to lose and every intent of embarrassing you into giving up more than you bargained for so he doesn’t embarrass you out of the closet?

Well, here’s one such person.

His latest victim hooked up with him via Grindr and when he came over to the victim’s house at a time that was too late for him to leave, even though the guy didn’t like him on sight, he let him stay the night. The next morning, as the ghetto rat that he is, this hoodlum was able to, through threats to the victim’s closet, extort some money and make away with his phones in the confusion that ensued.

The enemy is not always the homophobic Nigerian targeting us. The enemy also dwells among us, looking for a way to use fellow community members to better their lives.

Check on his pics below and know him with caution.

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  1. dale
    December 23, 08:23 Reply

    when the guy was going out after collecting the phones,why didn’t the victim scream ole?knowing fully well how nigerian respond to that word.then cook up one lie like that? oh well!

    • Francis
      December 23, 11:26 Reply

      ? ? ? You dey talk like say you no know say thief better pass homo for this country

  2. Delle
    December 23, 09:15 Reply

    From his looks, one would know he is a street urchin na. How do you let such a person sleep over at your place? Sigh.

    No ID on this guy?

    • pete
      December 23, 15:22 Reply

      He looks like regular guys on the street. Let’s assume he looks like a street urchin, people have fetishes. Quit with the victim blaming.

      • Delle
        December 23, 22:24 Reply

        Get off my case, please. Always looking to perch.

    • Wale
      December 23, 22:31 Reply

      I know the dude he’s on my Facebook and we have some mutual friends that I know where they live,he tried hooking up with me but I declined him.

  3. quinn
    December 24, 00:11 Reply

    All these pipo doing kito. Just know that if you cross my path I’ll kill you. I’m not joking

  4. quinn
    December 24, 00:12 Reply

    Behold the “real” face of foxydevil. ?

  5. Edge
    December 28, 00:30 Reply

    Sad but very true. Had the same thing happen to me mid last year with this same guy. I still recognize his grindr profile though he’s changed the name and picture severally. But it’s the same profile info more or less. As I pen this comment, his profile activity shows he was online 14 minutes ago (he’s almost always online). I think it’s high time he met his Waterloo. He operates mainly around Ajah.

  6. glow
    July 08, 21:44 Reply

    He is Jerry Moses on Facebook

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