2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 300,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 13 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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  1. Deola
    December 30, 17:31 Reply

    Thanks for this blog dear pinky, each topic and its comments have been all kinds of entertaining and enlightening. Dennis, Mrs M, Chestnut, Vhar, Max, B.A.D, Gad, King, Ace,Chuck, Enigmous, Chizzie , the mother of dragons Khalessi and so many other commenters…y’all are awesome in your own way.
    Cant wait for more fun on here in 2015…Happy new year guys.

  2. A-non
    December 30, 17:39 Reply

    Pinky, this goes to show how much reach your blog has enjoyed – all under one year of its launch…congratulations a million times over.

    This blog has affected me positively in more ways than space and time would allow me and I am most grateful!

    The commercial side of me is also wondering how you can translate these viewership figures into naira…my only reservation being that which Nigerian brand will willingly sponsor here and it’s competitors get a hang of the news and turn it into a PR war?

    But in all, kudos bro and may this be the beginning of a true wonderful journey for you.

    Have a greater 2015!!!

    • Ace
      December 30, 17:47 Reply

      Pinky, I am proud of you. This blog will go down in history as the stonewall of Nigerian men. The place were they freely could be themselves. Can’t wait for 2015. Thanks again PP.

  3. Absalom
    December 30, 17:58 Reply

    Dennis baby, with 1224 comments to your name, you have a lot of proving to do to your friends that you’re employed! #Hugs

    • chestnut
      December 30, 18:42 Reply

      Hahaha. Absie,u wan start something ba? (For the record,I’m not jobless o! lol)

    • gad
      December 30, 19:47 Reply

      Absolom, send your email address to DM so he could scan and send his appointment letter /last month,s pay slip to you for sighting after which you forward to FK for vetting.@ DM, pls do the needful

  4. Rapu'm
    December 30, 18:05 Reply

    I didn’t know there were so many gay guys in this country. *faints* And, congrats Dennis on your being all over the place. Jesus! *hugs bro*

  5. Deola
    December 30, 18:24 Reply

    Ehen Pinky Come Hia, hope this evening post no mean say we no go see fresh one tomorrow ???

  6. Vhar.
    December 30, 18:34 Reply


    You let me have “a” Voice.

    Your words cut, encouraged and inspired.
    Thank you.

    I love you.

    • Absalom
      December 30, 18:57 Reply

      Vhar, we love you too. #YesHomo!

  7. chestnut
    December 30, 18:39 Reply

    Wow! Pinky,Congrats! This isn’t bad at all, for less than 12 months!

  8. Dennis Macauley
    December 30, 18:48 Reply


    Chai I am so jobless!

    I need to get off my mom’s couch, loose weight, shave my hair, buy cool clothes and do something productive with my life!

    ***Big Smile***

    Chestnut hun, we need to start sending out Resume’s! Clearly we need jobs!

  9. Vhar.
    December 30, 18:53 Reply

    Oh well, Dennis Macauley.

    Your been jobless inspires us to be like you.
    And as for the beards, leave ’em.

    I’d like to add your name to my list of

  10. FKA Chizzie
    December 30, 19:08 Reply

    here’s hoping Dennis gets a real job in 2015, cus the facts show that he lacks one.

    and 300,000+ views is not bad at all, especially for a new blog. Kudos Pinky!!

    Meanwhile Pinky…Ive been trying to send u a mail as regards dt stuff, my network is abit rubbish at the moment so its still stuck on sending. hope it reaches u soon cus its no where near completion and I need ur help..

    • Dennis Macauley
      December 30, 19:25 Reply

      Sweetheart, you need to give up this obsession with DM at some point. Its not good for your health!

      It’s almost 2015! Stop bothering over my life and live yours! Cos honey I am having a blast!

      And yes Plenty pun intended!


      • FKA Chizzie
        December 30, 19:40 Reply

        why should I be obsessed with you?

        you are 28, with the most comments on a blog, and giddy about starting an online journal

        I feel bad for you.

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 30, 20:38 Reply

          Chizzie, LET IT GO. Please! For heavenssakes! Is there no way you can begin typing a comment without Dennis being its focal point.

          Here’s what I’ll do. Any day you post a comment that has anything ugly to say about Dennis (who you don’t know and really should shut it where he’s concerned), that comment wont survive. I am done letting your poison fester where he’s concerned.

          You don’t like him. We get it. Now get a new hobby.

      • Dennis Macauley
        December 30, 19:52 Reply

        I’m having the time of my life in a very happy place!

        This fight is DM is the highlight of your day. I am moving on, I don’t have time for your vitriol! Cheer up hun! Life is good!

        Erm sorry, how many times in the last one year have I ever posted a comment about you? And how many times have you posted a comment about me?

        What were you saying again about obsession?

        Honey! Take a chill pill before you hurt yourself!


      • Vhar.
        December 30, 19:56 Reply

        Dennis Macauley, say not a thing again.
        Don’t spice up his Suya.

        When a child lactates with stupidity
        Its obvious the end is near.

      • Deola
        December 30, 22:07 Reply

        *Humming LET IT GO from frozen while passing by*

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 30, 19:27 Reply

      *sigh* Does the network seem as tho it’ll improve as the night wears on? Abeg o. Whatever gods may be, they should tweak this network in favour of us.

  11. Vhar.
    December 30, 19:17 Reply

    Chizzle my frizzle

    You’re just a Veritable Viper’s Nest Of Bad Habits.
    Be Perspicacious.

    In other words… Wise.

    • Dennis Macauley
      December 30, 19:36 Reply

      Unhappy people spread unhappiness!

      First he was after trystham

      Then that got old he moved to Just James

      Then on to me!

      He will soon get bored of pouring vitriol on someone who doesn’t ever think of him and move on to the next person

      • Vhar.
        December 30, 19:46 Reply

        That One?
        Lil Kim wannabe.

      • Deola
        December 30, 22:05 Reply

        Vhar which one is perspicacious again…hian. So because we want to read comment dictionary must dey one side abi?? Okay. Continu.

  12. Lord II
    December 30, 20:25 Reply

    Yes pinky now what would I be if I didn’t say anything hmm.

    It was a friend that sent me the link and I took one read and I just knew I had to be part of this ‘home’. However, the differences I have to admit this was my obsession and addiction at one time.

    I am not too surprised that it was ALL about me that made the highest hits on this blog…its my natural place everywhere I go…(I say this without being condescending) Its just that some misconstrued ME and yes I can easily say the person did it for bad but TRUST God I always get the CROWN.

    Now because of my passion for Christ I could probably sometimes sound standoffish but really my heart is in the right place when it comes to you guys.

    Over the time I was here I noticed 4 groups of commenters that stand out above…all.

    1. English group
    2. Intellectual group
    3. Class group
    4. Friendly group

    Eh..sorry FKA Chizzie I couldn’t find a place that suited your kind…

    But I still crave one more group which is the highest and without which we would just be “another” gathering…the LOVE group. Those who would STILL love IRRESPECTIVE of the taunts that could come out of any self centred ‘mouth’. I can point out here that over time I have strained and prayed to stay in this class.

    Pinky you work so hard and I know it first hand…Thanx for this ‘home’

    Finally Gad you said something just recently that peaked my interest and that’s about coaching some young guys to read about comments on this blog for ‘their growth’ and that just excited me much. Like it or not WE have an obligation to the silent readers here to portray a better culture and I know by GOD we will….dat is if we haven’t began.

    For the SILENT reader I say this to you….grow stronger and COMMENT…one day…it would liberate you. in other words tell your story somehow and though it might be flung back at ya face…don’t cower…you are stronger than dat…believe me!

    Happy new year guys. Have a blast and don’t forget spend the crossover IN CHURCH….get a higher word for the new year….


      • Chuck
        December 31, 03:54 Reply

        I’m not going to church at night on December 31. I sleep, and I’m not superstitious.

    • Deola
      December 30, 21:45 Reply

      ‘Sorry FKA Chizzie I couldnt find a place that suited your kind’…this killed me!!!
      Such wonderful words. Happy new year Lord II.

    • Chuck
      December 30, 21:49 Reply

      I’m not going to church at night on December 31. I sleep, and I’m not superstitious.

    • FKA Chizzie
      December 30, 22:13 Reply

      maybe I’ll start taking ur opinion of me more seriously when they start making sense. And a gay man…who tells other gay men to attend church should really just shut up.

      • Deola
        December 30, 22:30 Reply

        *muffled laughter * I knew he was coming!!!!!

      • lebeaublanc
        December 30, 22:40 Reply

        Its almost new year and I think you need help. Drop your inner self battles with jealousy abrg leys rest…. . .

    • gad
      December 31, 10:56 Reply

      King what happened to the group (the verbal bombers) headed by Max my brother. Are you marginalizing them or scared? *puts on bullet proof and takes cover*

  13. Dominic Obioha
    December 30, 21:02 Reply

    Pinky himself sent me a link to the first story I read on this blog after our hook up and bad sex. (yes I spilled it) and I have not stopped reading since then. I do read other blogs like the popular LIB but I just cant get pass the first 3 comments there cos the comments are mostly insultive, childish and stupid. But here on KD the comments are more matured, funny, witty, informative and highly intellectual. Thank you all for adding such spice and colour to my life. I look forward to reading comments every evening after work. I wish above all for eveyone that you dreams come true. We are here, we are queer and we are the most fabulous. Cheers to a happier 2015 guys! Congrats sisi Pinky

    • Anonymous
      December 30, 21:53 Reply

      Who would’ve thought pinky capable of bad sex.

      • JustJames
        December 30, 23:54 Reply

        Who says its pinky’s fault it was bad?

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 30, 23:55 Reply

          LOL! I didn’t want to say anything to that Anonymous fellow.

  14. JustJames
    December 31, 00:00 Reply

    I’d love to say a big thanks to pinky for not shunning me when I requested a place on the blog to develop my writing skills by putting up a journal. It was a shaky start but with words encouragement and even a few harsh words I dare say I’ve gotten better. I’ve also learnt to not take the comments of strangers who know nothing about me seriously *nods at chizzie* that’s probably the biggest lesson this year for me. I’m glad this place exists…. It is (in a very weird way) like a family… A highly dysfunctional one though.

    • gad
      December 31, 11:03 Reply

      Bia James, are you saying that you used us for experiment? Chai!! Well, reading your diaries has been worth the while. May you be more famous than my mentor, Chinualumogu Albert Achebe.

  15. Khaleesi
    December 31, 00:10 Reply

    Kitodiaries is like my no1 addiction. . Once i wake up in the morning its my first port of call and several times during the day, am eagerly racing back to most importantly read the comments. The level of intellectual talent thats displayed on this blog leaves me reeling with pleasure and reinforces my belief which was recently echoed by the Catholic Church, that truly gays have unqiue talents abd qualities to contribute to society … Dennis Macaulay, Chestnut, sensuous sensei, Rapum’m, Absalom, my kindred spirit – Max ***blows you a big kiss***, Vhar, Colossus, Chizzie … and many others too numerous to mention, y’all rock, am full of pride to live in the same gaybourhood as y’all..
    To our inhouse religitards – Gad and King II, I still love you guys, sortakinda but I’ll nevertheless keep my voice raised about the deep mental harm you suffer from your relentless sucking at the opium pipes….
    To our Chief vitriol merchant – Chizzie, gurl you’re amazeballs, you rock! ***bumps hips***
    To our crown Princess Pinky, Nne you too much! Thanks for birthing this blog, you’ve changed hearts and minds and lives, when our story is told in a more sane time – whenever that time comes, rest assured that you’ll have a prominent spot in the entire narrative. I dont know how you manage to get posts up without fail 98% of the time … may you never tire, may your nights be filled with energizing passion …
    To all the silent readers, may you in 2015, find your voice and contribute as richly abd selflessly as you always have …
    ***down with homophobia ***

  16. Dimkpa
    December 31, 16:13 Reply

    300000 people in 181 countries!
    Well done Pinky!
    About that my story…

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