Gay teen gets his heart broken by older man in a new music video

Gay teen gets his heart broken by older man in a new music video

Anyone who has ever had any romance with a married gay man would relate with this music video.

The song, Afterglow, is the latest track from California-based singer-songwriter, Christopher Sorensen, and its music video doesn’t pull any punches in its depiction of a young gay man’s introduction to the hook-up app culture.

Christopher Sorensen released his album, Balloon, in 2017. He says he actually wrote Afterglow in 2016. The song came to fruition after he met Australian producer Arizon through Soundcloud.

Balloon addresses issues around bullying, but the Afterglow video is the first time Sorensen really opens up about his sexuality.

The video shows the relationship between a naive, closeted 18-year-old and an older man he meets on Grindr, exploring the culture of casual sex in the gay community and its emotional impact. Sorensen says it’s a subject close to his own heart.

“The video is definitely based on my real-life experience,” he told Gay Star News. “The only difference being the man I was with wasn’t married. I lost my virginity when I was 19 to an older man I met through Grindr, and at the time, had no one to confide in because I was closeted. I was pretty naive and trusting and let him pressure me into things I wasn’t comfortable with.”

He says he realizes his story isn’t unique. He recently talked with another man “who said he lost his virginity to a married man he met off Craigslist when he was only 16.”

“I think gay men can relate to the video,” he says, “because many of us didn’t have the option of exploring romantic relationships normally. For me personally, I had sex the same time I had my first kiss.

“I hope that as society continues to become more open, young gay men will be able to explore their sexualities without having to put themselves in dangerous, potentially harmful situations.”

Asked if he had advice for any other gay men exploring the sexuality for the first time, he says, “Practice self-preservation. If you can, always tell a friend where you’re going. Don’t cloud your judgment with alcohol, so you can always make sure you’re protected. Also, if you ever have any doubts, even if you’re already at the guy’s house, don’t go through with it. You never have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

Wiser words have never before been said.

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  1. Mandy
    November 22, 07:24 Reply

    Damn. That ending was mean. Dude be rushing to come shack up with his older man lover, only to discover there’s a missis and a daughter. If na Naija, such a crazed teenager go kuku vex wear the man kito. Such nonsense.

  2. Quinn
    November 22, 08:16 Reply

    …mehn being gay is really hard sometimes, all this kind unnecessary baggage and society making it worse, we’ll be alright sha lol. Boy can siiiing sha. Those lips too lol….One time with a married guy and I’m never going there again.

  3. Canis VY Majoris
    November 22, 08:30 Reply

    MGMs are poison…nothing good ever comes out of being with one.

    Lesson learned…

    • Mafiaso
      November 23, 04:33 Reply

      Talk for yourself . A lot of MGMs are equally trapped due to societal pressure and our homophobic clime . MGM or not ,love will always find a way.

  4. Black Coffee
    November 22, 09:44 Reply

    Whoever attaches his heart to a MGM? Wo, simply play along no too much drama abeg.

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