A CELEBRATION OF DIVERSITY (An Anniversary Note On Kito Diaries)

A CELEBRATION OF DIVERSITY (An Anniversary Note On Kito Diaries)

The universe, in all its ramifications, expresses an overabundance of diversity everywhere you look. On Planet Earth, there are about 8.7 million (give or take 1.3 million) different species – with 6.5 million on land and 2.2 million in the oceans. Within each species, we encounter seemingly endless variety in form, colour, behavior, identity etc. Beyond biodiversity, there is geodiversity, referring to the variety of materials such as minerals, rocks, sediments, and fossils etc., which constitute and shape the earth.

The universal language of diversity is also evident in every part of the observable universe. The NASA-supported ANGST survey studied a small region of space which contained just 69 galaxies (a small number compared to the 100 billion galaxies estimated to exist in the observable universe) and noted a rich diversity among the studied galaxies, which included differences in shape, color, content and a lot more. “With these images, we can see what makes each galaxy unique,” said team member Benjamin Williams of the University of Washington.

Diversity is necessary for the existence of biological life. The more complex the life form, the more diverse its constituents and operations. Even the ecosystem is made up of diverse species, thriving together in an environment rich in diversity. We could go on and on.

It would not be farfetched to say that the universe, by its expressions, speaks volumes about diversity as inherent in its nature and necessary for its existence.

“Diversity is a vast fact of life, deeply embedded not only in humanity but in natural systems and in the very fabric of the universe.”

Sameness on the other hand, is the exception not the rule. As a matter of fact, no two things in the universe are perfectly identical – not even identical twins! It therefore appears that a universal law is encoded into everything that exists, and can be stated thus: Everything is unique and must be.

Sadly, I would say the greatest enemy of diversity is man. This is most apparent when one weighs the impact of human activity on biodiversity which has driven several animal species extinct.

Only the self-styled Homo sapiens, most intelligent of all species, can kill another, not because another brings harm, but just because it is different. Victims of racism, discrimination on account of sexuality or sexual identity, sexism and tribalism are guilty of just one crime. Being different! It does not matter if they are model, law-abiding citizens, who live peacefully and contribute significantly to the growth and well-being of society. It does not matter if they harm no one and mind their own business. Different and therefore guilty! (It is tragic that this attitude is even seen within the LGBT community and amongst other minority groups.)

One would have to wonder about the degree of personal or collective insecurity that plagues persons and communities who are so threatened by harmless diversity. Nature is not answerable to us. We can fight it but we will not win. You will die and nature will go on.

Our failure to understand that which is different is nothing but an indictment of our capacity to understand. It is therefore a defect in us, not in the universe or nature. Every instance, in which we appear to have succeeded in our oppression of harmless and even friendly diversity, stands tall in our past as an indelible monument in memoriam of our failures. In every instance we reject it, we brand ourselves mindless, senseless and needless antagonists of nature, pitching our tents against Hers for no justifiable cause.

Seen rightly therefore, it is the person who discriminates that is anti-nature, not the one who is different BY NATURE. We have made life on earth hellish for those who are different in ways that we do not understand. But life could be a celebration of diversity, if we so desire.

All that is required is a change of mind.

Love is the most beautiful thing there is and it is beautiful in every shape and shade that it comes. Let it be, because that which is different from you and does not harm you deserves the opportunity to express its uniqueness, just as you do. Love harms no one. Rather it is the highest happiness that people who experience it can have. While you go about living your own life, seeking and getting your highest love, remember that others have an equal right to do the same.

As we celebrate the anniversary of Kito Diaries today, we celebrate diversity in all its forms, and in particular, sexual diversity among humans.

The message to all is this: Don’t hate diversity. Celebrate it.

The celebration and appreciation of diversity we call for can be expressed in a few words.

Live. And let live.

Written by Sensei


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  1. Colossus
    April 16, 07:14 Reply

    “We seek to destroy that which is different”

    That’s the summary of man, everything is thrown out the window the moment you’re perceived to be different and it is my hope that things will be different one day.

    One day, within the community we won’t also have people going against each other because they see things differently, they fight differently. One day, the man who suck cocks won’t open his mouth to tell others not to be visible in their struggle.

    One day might not be in my lifetime but I do hope it will become a reality.

    Happy anniversary to KD

  2. Queen Blue Fox
    April 16, 07:48 Reply

    Hahaha I wish I could tag the owner of this sub o.
    Happy Anniversary to KD, it has been a pleasure being part of this movement.

  3. Mandy
    April 16, 07:48 Reply

    Sameness is the exception not the rule!


    We are surrounded by diversity everywhere, and yet man has refused to get sense. SMH.

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