A Letter to the Rainbow Brigade Association of Dieticians

A Letter to the Rainbow Brigade Association of Dieticians

Good day. I’ve recently become a frequent peruser of this fun virtual community and I have to say, coming on here has seamlessly weaved into my daily routine. As I’ve had a bit of spare time on my hands, I’ve gone through a lot of old posts, and beyond the posts, the comments keep me rolling with laughter. I’m a very activist-y kinda guy, so when I noticed a common thread amongst comments relating to weight issues, I could already find myself composing this random, albeit important, letter in my head. And now, here we are.

Fat guys are like the red-headed stepchildren of the gay community. Of course, a majority of us love washboard abs, bulging pecs, whipcord… Ok, you get my drift. So it’s almost an anomaly with fat guys as they have none of these so-desired attributes. Ideally, they could have a very handsome face we could live on. And then, there are the ones with bubbly personalities and witty retorts we enjoy on a platonic level. All well and good.

What I however have an issue with is the militarized, unfeeling comments I keep seeing concerning weight. Once a guy is fat, everyone around him becomes an instant dietician and commando trainer. I’ll summarize two typical comments I kept picking up on:

“If you stop eating so much, you’d lose weight.”

You don’t say. Here I was thinking the secret to weight loss is gorging three pizzas and a litre of coke in one sitting. You must be a doctor…no, you must be Aristotle to have come up with this ingenious method of weight loss. In fact, if you’re intelligent enough to come up with this brilliance, your next stop should be to find the cure for AIDS. Sorry if I sound sarcastic, but this is exactly what I think when I hear such. No one is over a certain BMI level and oblivious to it. Your statement readily implies that the person eats too much. How do you know this? Do you know what that person is putting their self through to shed a few pounds? Do you even know what led to the weight gain in the first place if they hadn’t always been big? No. You just assume they enjoy a burger before bedtime and have been waiting for you, their guiding light, to show them the way. Before you start doling out advice, gauge how well you know this person and when they started adding weight. There’s nothing wrong with you telling a friend, “Guy, o ti put on.” However, it is not your place to constantly announce to strangers how they should stop eating so much in the name of their health and then switch to yelling about not fat-shaming anyone. You sound exactly like a straight bible thumper who will yell at one to stop banging men or face fire and brimstone, but then swear they are not homophobic. Health is relative and you could drop dead for other reasons I’d rather not go into other than being fat, so look and pass. I’m sure the person already has hoards of friends and family members constantly advising him on the “secret” to weight loss.

“I cannot date a guy if he doesn’t maintain the same physique as I do. I don’t even want to be seen on the road with a fat guy.”

Congratulations. I’m sure the fat guy that was just about to hit on you has now turned around and gone home crying. No, actually, not really. It is not that serious. It is great you think so highly of yourself and feel the need to make someone feel they would be missing something fundamental by not being seen on the road with you. I am all for preference, but why be hurtful in voicing this preference? If someone you find unattractive hits on you, it is not a license to show off how rude you can be. Simply say you aren’t interested or walk on by. I remember reading a book where the author said something along the lines of “…it’s one thing to be black, another to be gay, and another to be fat. To be black, gay, and fat however is the true definition of sexual invisibility.”

Sometimes it feels like gay people have been bullied so much by society that they use this kind of mental conditioning to exert their own form of sexual bullying on fat guys. I’m not telling you to go against your preference; I’m just saying there is no need to voice out your dislike for fat guys with so much bile. An instance is when a white person constantly announces how much he hates niggers and thinks his comments doesn’t hurt black people emotionally as its not directed at anyone specifically. These people are going through serious stuff and the last thing they need is to hear how physically undesirable they are to you or to be narrated a full Oprah diet special episode because they dared to say hello.

Was going to go on but it’s 5am and I’m tired. Rant over. Let’s be kind to one another.

Kind regards,

Marc Francis of Chelsea

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  1. papasmurf
    October 28, 05:58 Reply

    Thanks Marc… I can totally relate to your write up… I’m black, I’m fat, and I’m gay. The worst part? People think that becuse I’m fat and gay, then I MUST be a bottom. HELLO STEREOTYPE!!!
    I absolutely hate it. You don’t need to make people feel bad about their weight…they already do…. You don’t need to prescribe more weight loss regimens….chances are, they’ve already done too many… At least I have.
    Now, I simply brush them comments off like imaginary lint and sashay off… I’m FAT-TABULOUS!

  2. Jamie
    October 28, 06:32 Reply

    If someone is fat (pardon if this sounds derogatory…), and feels very okay with his weight (very normal, if he/she is healthy)…then no need trying to change your look. Many people like large, soft packages…

  3. #TeamKizito
    October 28, 06:50 Reply

    In our world today the word ‘Fat’ is derogatory.

    I don’t want to comment on the orobo subject. Lots of things to say on it, though. But I don’t know how best to put ’em. I’ll just shush up.

  4. KryxxX
    October 28, 07:12 Reply

    **Face palm**


    Goodmorning Max!
    Rise and Shine cos its a beautiful day!

  5. Francis
    October 28, 08:10 Reply

    ??? @ “Guy, o ti put on.”

    Some people find those words very offensive. Me I don’t sha. Lord knows how many times I heard those words directed at me but I wasn’t so keen on losing the pounds until I had a “revelation” lol

    The koko is to say it gently and move on. Hammering on it over and over again is just plain annoying!

  6. Sinnex
    October 28, 08:50 Reply

    I am waiting for someone to come and say that it is all about preferences.

    We all can’t be slim and hot, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t eat right and exercise.

    In Nigeria the only way you can get any guy you want when you are fat is if you have a fat pocket. Some guys think they are doing you a favour by hooking up with you.

    • Femi
      October 28, 09:19 Reply

      nd guess whose problem that is? Not urs. Im sorry but u don’t have to constantly tell someone they are fat becos u want them to score tail. imagin how annoyin it is when str8 pple keep shoutin for u to repent like marc said.

      Plus hunny lots of naija gays luv big guys. becos u don’t don’t mean dey wont. “we can’t all be slim and hot” yea becos every stockfish lookin dude is brad pitt. dont flatter urself abeg.

      • Francis
        October 28, 09:49 Reply

        ??? @ “becos every stockfish lookin dude is brad pitt”

      • Sinnex
        October 28, 10:51 Reply

        Can someone explain what this guy is trying to say?

        For goodness sake, did I create the impression of being slim and muscular?

        Some people just like to look for trouble sha.

    • pete
      October 28, 09:44 Reply

      “In Nigeria the only way you can get any guy you want when you are fat is if you have a fat pocket.”

      Are we in the same Nigeria?

      • Tiercel de Claron.
        October 28, 11:23 Reply

        Nna,I read that twice to make sure my eyes didn’t deceive me.
        This same Nigeria where guys are now toro-kobo,where to score tail is as easy as saying ‘let’s hookup,my side is free’.

      • Teflondon
        October 28, 11:40 Reply

        Ask Pete!

        I’m shocked he of all people can make such vague statements.

        • Sinnex
          October 28, 11:57 Reply

          Guy, park well jare.

          You sef know say I carry.

          Anyway, I forgot to add….THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION.

  7. Max
    October 28, 08:51 Reply

    Quite a shady post, but since I’m going through a depressive morning I’m going to take a pass on what I had in mind.

  8. Delle
    October 28, 08:59 Reply

    But its not bad if someone tells his friend, who is a plus-size (let’s not use the derogatory word ‘fat’, right?) to eat right. I have a cousin who is plus-sized and I really don’t mince words when I tell him to stop eating this and stop eating that. Eggs for example.
    I’m not fat-shaming him, I’m just looking out for him.

    Truth is this, this entry may come off as a defense to all plus-sized guys, but I won’t lie, it’s a tad sentimental. Like my mum would say, ‘There is really nothing to gain from being fat’. Which is true. Plus-sized people (healthy or not) are very susceptible to illnesses and I won’t want that for a friend. Its annoying but true that some plus-sized persons aren’t attractive to others. Why would you want that simply because you feel you don’t want to seem ‘desperate’ for some skinny booty!

    Every plus-sized guy has the tendency to be normal-sized, so please go for the bait. In as much as I totally relate to this entry (I’m not plus-sized tho), I can’t help but not get over the harsh sentiments there. No good friend would tell you to eat right spitefully. That’s the truth.

    That ripped body, prominent pecs and v-lined torso can be achieved if you just try to see beyond what you feel people are doing to you or saying about you.
    Good luck honey!

  9. Teflondon
    October 28, 09:42 Reply

    ‘Marc Francis of Chelsea’ ?? What a name. Chelsea the Football club? I noticed your name and comment a while ago and took a liking. Who would have thought you would later come up with this your write up. I like your reasoning. Tbh

    Fat-shaming! Lol what can I say, it is as bad as homophobia. (The ignorant will not agree)
    Whoever is on the recieving end just needs to develop a thick skin really. (Literally too) cause it ain’t going to stop anytime soon, just as Homophobia will never be completely erased from the human race.

    My advise for Fat people.
    Do not give a toss about irrelevant people’s opinion of you.
    Love yourself and laugh always.
    Eat well and Excercise (could be long walks) when you can.
    Work hard and make loads of money.
    Drink lots of water daily.
    Surround yourself with happy people.
    Keep your skin and soul fresh by fucking regularly.
    Live your Life to the fullest. life is too damn short.

    However, though I like the writer of this piece already, I think the rant wasn’t neccesary. Lol it’s never that serious.

      • agatha moses
        October 28, 11:55 Reply

        Mark-Francis Vandelli Orlov Romanovski! Obsessed with him!!!

        I agree with Marc mehn. As gay men, we have higher risk of catching HIV. Imagine how annoying it will be for someone to keep reminding you of that fact because they are concerned? If you know it is out of genuine concern and you have seen the person actually going overboard then you can lightly say it in a way not to offend. Weight is not a hat you can just put on and off so if you are not sensitive with your approach it can be hurtful

  10. Chizzie
    October 28, 09:50 Reply

    Are you saying we have no right to remind fat people that they are fat? I don’t understand, its like saying we shouldn’t refer to purple as purple or an elephant as an elephant. I know we all want to be politically correct and diplomatic these days but really lets call a spade a spade here.

    If one is fat, then one is indeed fat. Plus fat people should put in efforts to loose weight because staying fat isn’t healthy and to be honest, it isn’t desirable. And this is coming from someone who has struggles w weight issues too. I tend to blow up very easily, I eat a slice of bread today and tmr I am a 100kg, but I know I don’t like being fat and neither does the avg gay man; So instead of say, writing a post about fat people’s rights, I watch what I eat and try exercising. I am currently on a starvation diet, it mostly evolves learning to deal w hunger pangs w/o stuffing your self with food. Plus it seems to be working as everyone ( except me) feels i’m slimmer.

    Plus another way to loose weight is to have a combination of both Typhoid fever and Malaria , works like a charm.

    One cannot afford to be gay and fat, because gay guys are all about aesthetic, its just the unfortunate truth. You might be the nicest person on the planet, but if you look awful no gay guy would want to be w u, and vice versa for mean people, which would explain why my market is still selling small with all the wickedness I perpetuate.

    So dear fat person, please loose weight!

    • Marc Francis of Chelsea
      October 28, 10:53 Reply

      I’m going to ignore your obvious self-loathing issue.

      No, you don’t have a right to tell constantly tell fat people they are fat. It is rude, invasive, and NEVER comes off the right way.

      Seeing as you did not read properly, let me restate. NOT ALL FAT PEOPLE STUFF THEIR FACE WITH FOOD. You don’t know what a person is going through that is making them add weight and you don’t know the kind of starvation diet/exercise plan they are on that they’ve fought hard to stay on. And even if they have no desire to lose weight and are stuffing their noses right now as I type, it is not your burden in life to constantly tell strangers that they are unhealthy and repulsive TO YOU. Nigerians LOVE to use “let’s call a spade a spade” before they dive into a barrage of ignorance. You do not have to call a spade a spade when that spade is not in your compound. Deal with your personal issues and stop using calling someone fat as a put down to make yourself feel better.

      • Teflondon
        October 28, 11:47 Reply

        Marc dear don’t stress.

        Don’t bother yourself about this one, ‘its’ a lost course.

      • Chizzie
        October 28, 13:39 Reply

        Oh so you can point out that some people have self loathing issues yet get offended when someone else makes remarks abt collosal sized people? Nope it doesn’t work that way

        Fat is a descriptive term, I just like short, black, slim, tall. I will use it when ever and to whom ever I feel it applies to. If you don’t like hearing it then here’s an ingenious idea, how abt you hit the gym and lo(o)se some weight, or maybe save up till you can afford gastric bypass.

        Its that simple, no need to be mad. If you want to stay overweight or fat, then fine but you aren’t entitled to get angry when people state what is actually fact.

        • Marc Francis of Chelsea
          October 28, 15:33 Reply

          Lol someone’s mad. Stay mad darling.

          The point of this article is to tell ignorant oafs like yourself that you don’t have to comment on every fat person’s weight issues like you are their personal dietician. Of course you would assume that I’m fat. There’s no discernible difference between you and the hooligans who comment on Linda Ikeji. Just like defending gay people doesn’t make a person gay, defending a fat person’s right to no be hounded and down-spoken by you doesn’t make me fat.

          Your comments reek of self-loathing. You would honestly allow yourself to get deadly sicknesses because you want to lose weight? How sad for you. Fat is a descriptive term just the same way gaylord/faggot is a descriptive term that describes gay people. Using your skewed logic, you should not be mad when someone calls you a faggot every time they see you.

          Someone else’s weight is simply none of your concern, especially when you don’t know them from Jupiter. You claim to not be doing it derogatorily yet in this same argument you have referred to fat people as “colossal-sized” and looking “awful” for their size. I don’t think guys didn’t want you because you were fat, I think it’s because you were/are ugly inside and out. And that’s an argument for another day.

          • Chizzie
            October 28, 16:15 Reply

            Nope, won’t be dragged into an argument involving a fat person, something about misery loving company.

            Remain fat hunnay and do have a nice day

            • Marc Francis of Chelsea
              October 28, 16:28 Reply

              Lmao! You’ve finished walking barefoot through the mud then you want to roll up your trousers? Bitch be gone.

              • Teflondon
                October 28, 18:19 Reply

                Marc I like your person. Wouldnt mind getting to know you better. (I rarely say that to anyone, it’s a big deal coming from me) We can do that over Lunch? Maybe. Get my E-Mail addy from PP will you? Would have collected it from PP but certain things wouldn’t let that happen. Or paste your (not real) mail here. Whatever just get in touch.. Will you.


    • Femi
      October 28, 10:56 Reply

      Typhoid & malaria? dis one brain don go finish. wen u r skinny and guys finish complimentin & fuckin u on ur hospital bed, congratulate urself. oniranu

    • Francis
      October 28, 11:17 Reply

      Instead of working on your mean self so you can stay off the market long term, you’re making do with the one-night stands that can’t be bothered with your “issues”.SMH

    • KryxxX
      October 28, 11:51 Reply

      “Plus another way to loose weight is to have a combination of both Typhoid fever and Malaria , works like a charm.”.

      **In Ron Weasly’s voice**


    • Ven
      October 29, 15:17 Reply

      Starvation diet, you lose fat yes, but also muscle tone. You’re getting few nutrients so your natural immunity is down, and you are very likely to develop an ulcer.
      As for the typhoid and malaria tip, lool, that’s clearly a joke. Tho, to make jokes about illnesses that kill hundreds, if not thousands daily, that’s not in very good taste, is it?

    October 28, 10:24 Reply

    Dear God, thank you for the skinny body, thank you for making me eat that cake late in the night and not worry about adding weight, thank you for the grace to eat those late night meals and not worry about being plus sized, thank you for that gorgeous coldstone ice cream that keeps me company in the midnight, thank you for the grace of not having to worry about my non expanding body size, and most importantly…..Thank you for not making me Plus Sized. *runs away*

    • Francis
      October 28, 11:13 Reply

      ?? Enjoyment. I like food die and I dey always envy una wey dey stuff face without adding weight.

  12. Khaleesi
    October 28, 11:00 Reply

    Beautiful piece Marc!!! to all you fat shamers, i hope you hear!! Some people are overweight because of poor diet choices while some others are due to hormonal imbalances or simply because of their phsiological makeup! its disgusting to poke fun at a person on account of his weight, if you’ve been doing it, please STOP IT!! We ought to learn to laugh not AT each other, but WITH each other!! an overweight body does not always automatically mean lack of self control and careless eating just as a slim body does not always mean lots of discipline and a rigorous exercise regimen, a lot of the time, its just down to genetics!

  13. #Chestnut
    October 28, 11:20 Reply

    After dennis wee be distturbing me to “exercise” and “eat right”…Yimu;#FatPeopleHaveRightsToo…

    • Francis
      October 28, 11:22 Reply

      ??? #WeightControlForFoodies na him thing

  14. A-non
    October 28, 12:07 Reply

    Being 6.2ft and slim as a teenager drew more negative comments to me than positives and further impacted an already severely damaged self esteem.

    As I grew older into my midtwenties, I decided to actively fill out and though I initially enjoyed the compliments that came with it, I lost track and went from a 32 waistline to a 40. Expectedly, the comments resumed and with greater intensity.

    Have done some work in losing weight especially via dieting and am glad with the progress made as I hover around 97-102kg but the journey has taught me some.

    1. Accept where you are. No one is perfect, physical features inclusive. He said no to you today because you are plus-sized. Guess what, he said no to a slim guy yesterday because he was a student and will say no to an average-sized tomorrow because he is less than 6ft tall.

    2. Understand your body. Is this genetic or by diet choices?

    3. Decide if losing weight is what you really want to do because ultimately it’s your body and the consequences of your choice will be borne entirety by you.

    4. Stick to whatever decision you’ve made. Tongues will always wag but hey, even you wag your tongue on others too on other subjects.

    No matter how it goes, loving you is your most important priority. For with loving yourself are you able to successfully live in our very imperfect world.

  15. Dickson Clement
    October 28, 12:34 Reply

    This piece reminds me of myself some few years ago. When you walk into a room and everybody seems to notice your cute slim friends and the only thing you have is that personality that at most throws you into the friend zone and doesn’t get you the cookie. The skinny bitches you call friends will take even the slightest XY that storms your path. When the one person who truely loves you for everything you are finally comes along, it’s a bit difficult to believe they are for real. I took initiative to change myself, it wasn’t easy but once the trigger came, the determination was unimaginable. I thank those bitches for pushing me! I equally give the diet lecture to close friends because I am concerned about their health and not really about their love life. Obesity has tremendous predisposition to certain diseases-hypertension, diabetes, other cardiovascular stuff! Maybe someone would be thankful later for being pushed to change, am not saying it’s right to fat-discriminate.

    • Francis
      October 28, 13:32 Reply

      Deola so you’re part of the Hmmmm movement abi?

    • Colossus
      October 28, 15:53 Reply

      Deola I’ve missed you ooo. The summer movie season ended and you just dumped me faster than it took Jurassic World to topple Age of Ultron’s movie records

  16. ikhines
    October 28, 20:05 Reply

    Using Chris Rock’s words… ‘it’s funny when fat people can say whatever they want about skinny people but when skinny people say anything about fat people it’s becomes rude, mean and unfair’ same thing applies to short and tall guys, poor and rich people etc. It’s life! Most people with the most shit(fat people) get to say the least shit. If you want to say the most shit get rid of some of your shit! One last word for FAT people, if you wanna lose weight always remember ‘Food is not your friend’

    • Ven
      October 29, 15:10 Reply

      White people say stuff about black people, it’s offensive, black people say stuff about white people, it’s funny. Men make sexist jokes about women and it’s offensive, women make sexist jokes about men and it’s funny. Notice a pattern? It may not be fair or right, but the party that has undergone more oppression gets a pass

  17. posh6666
    October 28, 21:28 Reply

    Todays comment section has been really dramatic,entertaining and educative.Khaleesi i believe will always be my most favourite in here even if we might potentially butt heads in future just knw sum1 still admires U.

  18. tarter
    October 29, 12:03 Reply

    ummm…i was on instagram yesterday when i saw a picture of that Linda ikeji’s guy Onyx,he instagramed this really hot picture yesterday!! and my o my!that guy body is the truth,so i should leave that kind of body for a guy with extra folds everywhere? smelly armpits,sweaty ass too? hell to the no,skinny people get insulted all the time,they live with it,call fat people fat they get angry and remember rights,hit the gym,get those extra folds off,fat isn’t sexy! and hope yall know being full bodied and being fat are two different things… *runs off to onyx page to drool over him* hehe!

    • posh6666
      October 29, 12:14 Reply

      Onyx body?really?lol anyways one man’s food another’s poison obviously.

    • posh6666
      October 29, 12:21 Reply

      For some reasons i actually believe this is onyx himself trying to praise himself.My dear onyx there’s difference btw being slimfit and downright anorexic,you Onyx is anorexic and sickly looking so pls stop kidding urself with the fake praises ur so called friends give you.At the end of the day you are a man and as such try to look like one.You look like a lizard just like those peeps on linda tell you and thats just d honest truth eat and put up a little weight u are actually underweight.

      • Francis
        October 29, 12:39 Reply

        You’re very wrong man. ?? Very very wrong especially with this statement “.At the end of the day you are a man and as such try to look like one”

          • Francis
            October 29, 12:49 Reply

            Well like someone here once said, you’re entitled to your opinion but that don’t mean your opinion is on point!

      • Chizzie
        October 29, 14:41 Reply

        Posh, you have absolutely no right to pass comments abt people’s looks because you look terrible yourself. Which is so ironic. Are you completely oblivious to the fact that you look like ( and probably are) a lower middle class citizen? In all fairness,Onyx looks way better than you do.

        Before you come for people’s looks, look good! it’s that simple. Wear good clothes, stop rocking cheap wrist watches, have your bath more often, look clean, maybe get a phone that has auto-correct . And for Christ’s sake enroll in fcking English classes, I don’t know how anyone can read your comments w/o having a headache. And to think that you are a lawyer? Yuck

        • posh6666
          October 29, 15:02 Reply

          Lol my God u are so predictable.Like seriously i just knew u were gonna say something.Pls apart frm d blah blah blah u just wrote up there do u have any other insults u got?you sound very lame now with the constant repetition of the same thing over and over again.It really pains me that am even replying you but am doing that just to clear up somethings.1st bitch why r u obssessed with me?u know you are a fan right?everything u do and talk about practically everyday is me,is your life that empty and boring?secondly u are d biggest hypocrite i know,like are u seriously trying to defend Onyx right now?Onyx if u are reading this right now this scum of a thing called chizzie actually has ur picture on his twitter page with the tag”is this an hiv awareness campaign”meaning he called you an hiv positive looking person so can you now see how useless this boy is?infact i do have the screenshot evidence.So Chizzie seriously give it a rest u are a crazy person u dont just know it yet but am very sure one day u will end up commiting suicide cos this ur self loathing issue and obsession with me&Dennis must be exhausting dont u get tired of habouring so much hate in ur life?For the fact that trying to piss people of is the only thing that brings u joy in ur life really shows u are sick.Well i wont be replying you again for a very long time to come u are obviously a mad person with serious mental issues.

          • Chizzie
            October 29, 15:49 Reply

            I’m not obsessed with you, I’m just revolted by you and in complete awe of how you have the audacity to come for people. I think you look despicable and I find you extremely irritating.

            You have nothing good going for you, your handle is actually an antonym, your English is horrible, you can’t express you self properly, you look bad, you have a horrid personality, you look like you don’t have money.

            What good thing have you got going? Absolutely none. And don’t even categorize youself with Dennis. Yes i might pick on him from time to time but he is better than you in every way, most people are.

            I really wish people on here could see you, and be as disgusted as I am.

            And please, work on your punctuations and spacing. Let that be the one thing you have going. illiterate

            • Brian Collins
              October 30, 08:21 Reply

              When you say “I’m not obsessed with you”, that’s how you know you’re obsessed.

    • Marc Francis of Chelsea
      October 29, 15:54 Reply

      Issue 1: All fat people smell & skinny people don’t.
      Issue 2: Fat isn’t sexy because your taste is gold.
      Issue 3: Skinny people don’t complain when they are called skinny.
      Issue 4: This post is about making you date fat guys.

      There’s no need to trade barbs with you because you obviously need to reread the post and reevaluate your statement. Have a lovely day.

  19. tarter
    October 29, 13:05 Reply

    see how that posh dude called onyx sickly and anorexic?? underweight? he’s doing exactly what Chelsea preached against,too much anger in you,calm down,its not that serious.and no,I’m not onyx. now run along kid

  20. Ven
    October 29, 14:59 Reply

    As I was reading this, I thought “there’s going to be a shitstorm in the comments section” and sure enough, it’s a category 5 shitstorm with opinions and shade flying around and nobody is leaving it without getting some in the eye. I’m fat/big boned/plus sized, whatever. Yes it is annoying as fuck to have every human in the world be a self appointed fitness consultant for you. Also, to the people that say “we’re concerned about your health”, that’s utter bullshit. You don’t know me or care about my health. I could be an asshole that the world is better off without. So why then are you concerned about my health, for all you know the world would be a better place with me dead. Nobody cares about a stranger’s health. When the person next to you on the bus coughs, you don’t care about if it’s allergies or lung cancer. Your only thought is “I hope he doesn’t give me this cough”. It’s not about health. The non fat people think they’re better and they want you to be better like them so they think they’re doing you a favour by giving you advice that could make you like them. That’s just how it is. You can’t watch “fail” videos on YouTube and laugh , then come and say you’re worried about a stranger’s health. That is some weak-ass bullshit

  21. Dickson Clement
    October 29, 15:26 Reply

    This Onyx situation got me snooping around! I was hoping to feast my eyes with a mouth watering, nerve pumping, eye popping, solid mass of sexiness! Imagine my total disappointment when I realized I have failed to detect the sarcasm. The Onxy is just too sexy for his own good, I hail him for the courage to display his wares irrespective of public opinion. Is he sexy? Yes, to some people! Is he disgusting? Yes, to some people too.

  22. Chuck
    October 29, 17:42 Reply

    Biko what do Posh and Chizzie look like? Just so I can figure out who won that fight. I’d also like to know because they talk about Onyx’s appearance but we don’t know what they look like.

    • Chizzie
      October 29, 19:41 Reply

      Really? I thought everyone by now had figured out what i look like. Ask JustJames, he’s my biggest fan on twitter

      • Pink Panther
        October 29, 20:13 Reply

        Lol! Just look how far you and James have come, eh Chizzie? Think you can mend those bridges with Dennis and *cough cough* Posh? 🙂

    • Pink Panther
      October 29, 20:14 Reply

      Meanwhile, welcome back Chuck. A few KDians have asked me about your whereabouts, like I’ve got you caged somewhere. 🙂

  23. onyx godwin
    October 29, 19:34 Reply

    Lmao.. First,as someone who has never had any fat in my life time I’m willing to do almost anything to add weight, humans can never be satisfied, you are too skinny,too fat,too short, too dark,numerous complaints! Love yourself, be confident, and regardless of how many people reject you or find u not attractive, there’s one person or persons infact that find you absolutely gorgeous.. As for u you posh and chizzie,u both need to calm down,I’ve seen how most people here look like and for real i was disappointed, very disappointed, una too make mouth,one would expect the brad pitt,Channing Tatum kinda handsome, but with what i saw,i almost shed tears,and same people insult me,issorai..

  24. Kristopher B!
    October 30, 12:04 Reply

    I traced the IP addresses. Tarter, Dickson Clement and Onyx Godwin are the same person, using different pseudonym. It’s official, the guy is an attention seeking piece of shit!

    • Francis
      October 30, 12:34 Reply

      You don’t mean it! Please how did you get their IP addresses?

    • Teflondon
      October 30, 14:18 Reply

      Kristoper Sherlock Holmes always fishing out people and feeling like an inspector.

      If true however what you said, Onxy just lost a fan in me. Shameful stuff if true.

      the inscription on the site should be changed from KD ‘we are here, we are fabulous, we are queer’ To KD ‘Queers house of commotion’ Lol Smh what won’t I see on KD.

    • Pink Panther
      October 30, 14:28 Reply

      Yes please Kristopher, how did you get the IP addresses? And could u walk us through how you went about tracing them in this marvelous piece of detective work?

    • Max
      October 30, 16:37 Reply

      Wow @Kris, I’m a fan ???

    • posh6666
      October 30, 18:48 Reply

      Lmaoooooooooooo are u serious?oh my God see i just knew it!but seriously why do people feel they need validation from others this much?like people’s life aint perfect and u probably have a better life in real life than some.Onyx Godwin i raise yansh for you oh.When i said it here a while ago that the boy’s attention seeking is on another level u guys were chastising me oh well.Onyx pls love urself regardless of what me or any other person say.For u to actually praise urself under new monickers is the most pathetic level of low have ever seen.Pls Kris can u also help us trace who mr diablo is?and does he share same ip address with sum1else in here?he suddenly dissapeared all of a sudden*side eyes* hope he didnt die sha lol.I have a very strong feeling of who the bitch hiding under that monicker is though it has been denied several times.Lol what wont i see in this life oh

      • Francis
        October 30, 19:00 Reply

        Guy abeg calm down. Kristopher is just being the typical gay Nigerian douchebag who delights in peddling false rumors about his fellow gay men.

        There’s ABSOLUTELY no way he has access to anyone’s IP address unless he hacked this blog. Even if he has access to our IP addresses, there’s no way to tell who is who as in most instances, comments made via proxy browsers such as Opera Mini come with the same IP address.

        @Kristopher please find something productive to do with your existence… YOU HEAR?

        • posh6666
          October 30, 19:15 Reply

          U sound so angry over this issue are u the rumoured boyfriend of onxy on this blog?☺

            • posh6666
              October 30, 19:33 Reply

              Oh hey sugar daddy *how u doing* atleast u be doc u should be able to cater for his needs☺

            • posh6666
              October 30, 20:05 Reply

              Btw speaking of sugar daddies pls does any one hear from Gad?hope his fine sha been a while.

      • Chizzie
        October 30, 19:54 Reply

        Must you always “lmaaoooooooooooo” before you go ahead to display how stupid you are? Please just go away from this blog,. You try too hard, no one likes you. You will never fit in. Go away.

  25. onyx godwin
    October 30, 14:39 Reply

    Someone has been watching scandal a little too much lately,feeling like huck? Please we are waiting ,oga detective

  26. tarter
    October 30, 17:13 Reply

    conspiracy and slander. to what end? by the way i sent pinky a mail like two weeks back -which he probably didn’t read.onyx sent that too? shameless lot.

    • Pink Panther
      October 30, 17:24 Reply

      Tartar, could you resend me the mail and identify it with your pseudonym. My apologies for any negligence, deliberate or unknowing.

  27. Dickson Clement
    October 31, 23:55 Reply

    Kristpher B congrats on a well done job! You can proceed to central bank now for your prize money for the accomplished work. I hope you really know the meaning of IP address? I don’t know what it is, but for the fact you said I am the same person as onyx, it’s either you are lying or u don’t understand the term you used (in which case you have been watching too much television). I won’t fight you here because I am not strong and I am british. I won’t break my nails typing bitter words like a bereaved old woman. So I will simply smile and remind you to use ‘I think’ when you are not sure.

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